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Alexis To Miss Spurs Game: A Comprehensive Report.

Alexis misses the big game.

Morning, folks.

By now, you’ll have all heard the news; Alexis Sanchez is not deemed fit enough to face our irksome rivals on Saturday. As the title of the post suggests, I have decided offer you all a thorough report into the impact his absence could have on the team and cast light upon a few of the unseen factors that also apply.  Continue reading

Alexis Is Injured And The Future Of Abou Diaby.

The rarest of sights; Diaby in an Arsenal shirt.

Morning, folks.

I write to you today feeling refreshed, currently sat behind my iMac basking in the glory of a richly deserved lie-in. As there are many pressing concerns for me to attend to today (I need to buy a new bed, which I did break due to sexy time with my lady friend) I intend to keep my offerings as minimal as possible.

With that in mind, I shall cut short my customary preamble and head straight into the meaty goodness of the news.

Alexis Sanchez has a hamstring problem and is likely to miss the game with Villa on Sunday. At this stage, it’s thought any omission will be entirely precautionary due to the barrage of fixtures throughout February, but it’s worrying nonetheless. Arsenal’s history with injuries reads like a litany of misfortune and lengthy injuries often appear to materialise out of thin air.

At this stage, pointing out the Chilean wizard’s contribution would be pointless. Any remotely intelligent being in possession of a pair of eyes can see Alexis has been nothing short of magnificent in an Arsenal shirt and hugely influential. Continue reading

Pass Debuchy To The Left Hand Side. For Three Months…

Not so chipper at present…

Afternoon, you gorgeous bunch of scallywags.

Having not been able to post recently due to limited time and other ‘exploits’ taking precedence, it is with glorious fanfare I return to your screens – I should note that those ‘exploits’ aren’t quite as saucy or debauched as it might imply.

Since that howler in Germany on Tuesday night, we’ve had a lovely little 3-0 victory over the course of a weekend that saw great hilarity. Amongst many results that favoured us, my personal highlight was the ‘Gaalacticos’ quite wonderfully blowing a 2 goal lead away at Leicester.

All is fine and dandy at the moment with Arsenal. And then comes a little bit of bad news, welcomed like I’d imagine I would an ageing prowler brandishing frozen trout with a menacing glare (That’s not welcome at all, just to clarify). Continue reading

Debuchy Could Be Out For Months.

Could be missing for sometime…

Morning,. folks.

Quick one today, as it’s my day off and I fully intend to indulge in a few choice pursuits – mostly hedonistic, but nothing sordid and ungentlemanly. I am, after all, a respectable English gentleman. Kinda…

The news today centres entirely around Mathieu Debuchy’s injury and the defensive pickle we’re left in. The early rumblings, albeit unconfirmed, universally agree the injury Debuchy sustained on Saturday is a serious one, the only variation is the duration he’s set to face only the sidelines – the average guess seems to be between 2-3 months, which is a huge blow if true.

Unless he makes a miraculously recovery or the severity of his injury defies all expectation we are looking at the alarming possibility of playing all 3 of our senior centre backs (Koscielny, Mertesacker, Chambers) at the same time with little or no cover should any join Debuchy is the medical centre.  Continue reading

£25m bid for Griezmann and Jack misses 6 weeks.

“6 WEEKS?!”

Afternoon, folks.

There’s some extra bits of news today I thought, seeing as I have a little burst of free time, I’d share with you, if you’ve not already read of the events (you most probably have).

Firstly, the injury curse that has struck Arsenal with such maddening regularity has once again reared its hideous face and removed Jack Wilshere from the team. Whilst on utterly pointless international duty with England, Jack sustained a hairline fracture to the navicular bone in his left foot and is expected to miss the next 6 weeks of football, a spell that sees us face several very important fixtures. Continue reading

Replacements for Theo and adding insult to injury.

From afar, people gathered to watch the Internet explode.

Morning, all.

Remember what I was saying yesterday about an unexpected and huge news story appearing out of the blue to give us something to talk about until Monday’s game at Villa? It happened. I wish I hadn’t said anything.

By now, all of you will be fully aware that we’ve lost Theo Walcott for 6 months through a large piece of misfortune. At times like these, there are many choices of word or phrases that are apt. For example, a Gooner reading the news for the first time might exclaim, “dash unfortunate all this business” or perhaps, “Shame, poor Theo“. After a few moments careful consideration, I came to the conclusion that only two very simple words serve to perfectly summarise the collective feeling amongst supporters of Arsenal:

“F**king hell….”

Bloody typical, isn’t it. Continue reading

BALLS: Theo Walcott faces 6 months on the sidelines.

See you next season, Theo. Get well soon.

Evening, boys ‘n’ girls.

I don’t usually dedicate posts to news as it happens, but this one felt like something in need of reporting. I’m sure you’ve all heard the bloody awful news of the injury to Theo Walcott’s knee that will see him out for the rest of the season and quite probably the World Cup in Brazil.

It’s a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament to his left knee sustained during Saturday’s 2-0 win over Spurs, and it’s a terrible shame. Having just regained a starting place in the team and getting regularly amongst the goals, Theo’s season has been cut short just when it started to show signs of great promise. From an Arsenal perspective – I’m not all that concerned about England – it means we carry on our push for the title without a player capable of scoring very important goals. Continue reading