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The Dangers Of Alexis Sanchez And World Cup Wonderment.

Trapped, alone; it all got too much for Alexis Sanchez

Morning, delicious Earth creatures.

It’s nice to be back. As I always state when addressing you all after a prolonged absence; things have been hectic and troublesome for me in previous weeks. Such is the jarring regularity of irksome occurrences, my personal life has descended into an obstacle course in which I need every faculty at my disposal to avoid frequent bouts of madness and frustration. To cut a meandering story short; it has been a tough couple of weeks.

But, hey – you’re not here to read about my problems, nor do you particularly care. You fine folks are here to immerse yourself in Arsenal related offerings. Along with the World Cup, across the glorious Twitterverse much debate rages on about transfers. It’s always bloody transfers, isn’t it? Transfers, transfers, transfers. Bloody transfers. Even that word has become a little annoying, such is the regularity with which my peepers peruse stories of its ilk. Continue reading

Hansen, Gerrard, Jimmy Saville; Your Boys Took One Hell of A Beating.

Michael Thomas. Hero.

Greeting, fair peruser.

Today marks the anniversary of Anfield ’89.

Beneath the plethora of tat I’ve accumulated over the years on my travels lurked the DVD of that very event and I watched it in bed last night (without the accompaniment of masturbatory bliss, before any of you nefarious scallywags makes the assumption…). There’s so much that stands out; the swagger of the Liverpool players who assumed they’d won, that fabulous away kit Arsenal wore, my wincing every time the ball was passed back to John Lukic as I’d completely forgotten the pass-back rule wasn’t introduced at that time.

Most of all, I recall the sensation that match gave me as a child. Utter breathless euphoria swept over me once Thomas had “charged” through the midfield to snatch victory from Liverpool’s grasp in the most spectacular way.  Continue reading

Fabianski, Ozil, Sanogo and The Ox Shine as Arsenal Progress.

Oxlade-Chamberlain is a little pleased with himself.

Morning, folks.

When I saw the team sheet for yesterday’s fixture, I wasn’t entirely sure how I felt about it. I knew the rotation was coming, with Bayern coming to town on Wednesday a few changes was inevitable. Call me a soppy old romantic, if you will, but the FA Cup still holds significant sentimental value for me. I didn’t really feel too glum about the selection or those involved, just a little disappointed by the absence of a few players. As it turns out, other than Szczesny, the changes were largely forced upon Arsene.

The team that took to the field might not have been out strongest 11, but it was an exciting team with a few eye-catching performances. Yayo Sanogo made his full debut and whilst still very raw, certainly caught the eye with an impressive debut. He’s a big lad with a decent touch and he gave Agger and Skrtel all kinds of problems, comfortably out-muscling both on numerous occasions to such an extent they began to resort to cheap fouls. Continue reading

FA Cup: Liverpool (h) – Thoughts, Team News and Predicted Starting XI.

Bad, bad, bad day at the office.

Morning, folks.

As I might have mentioned a few times in the past, my gainful employment puts me in close proximity to 3 fevered Liverpool fans. The previous week hasn’t exactly been a barrel of laughs. Far from it, in fact; the taunts are interminable and predictably insipid. They’ve been relentless, and maddeningly so.

Arsenal should be out for revenge today; to put right one of the worst performances in recent history; to progress forward in a cup competition we stand a very good chance of winning and to make my working life immeasurably more bearable – being able to return some of the “bantz” would be extremely enjoyable at this point.

Shortness of time and the desire to have some breakfast before heading out means I intend to make this little preview relatively short. I touched on some of the team news yesterday, and not much has changed since then. Continue reading

van Persie returns, Mourinho’s Snide Blathering and Early Liverpool Bits.

News explosion!

Morning, folks.

Yesterday there was an eruption. It was an explosion of news and most of it was of the silly variety. There were no fabulous moments of blinding clarity or life-affirming statements from ethereal creatures ordained by god to share their message of enlightenment. This is the world of Arsenal on the internet; it was mostly balderdash and stuff that irritates.

We’ll deal with the balderdash first.

You know those folks who claim to have insider knowledge and say things like:

“I’ve got huge news about Arsenal. Will tell you all in 3 days. It’s a mega exclusive.”

They get right up my arse. They really do. I know, I know – allowing anything that’s said online to wind you up is essentially an act of monumental futility. Where possible I try to just ignore it, but sometimes I can’t. Continue reading

Balotelli to Sign (Rumours), Daley Blind, Velociraptors and Stuff.

“Errr, Help…”

Morning, folks.

As we wind down from disappointment and look forward to an FA Cup tie with Liverpool on Sunday, the news in between invariably drops off. Sometimes, I kinda like this; having nothing of any particular note usually brings out my creative side and gives me the freedom to write pretty much anything I please.

I’m fully aware that upsets some folks, but, hey – there are plenty of Arsenal blogs out there that are serious and provided statistics and such things. This is one of the sillier publications I’m afraid. On that note, I’m going to discuss the latest ‘big name’ rumour doing the rounds – these stories don’t stop, regardless of the time of year – Mario Balotelli’s representatives are alleged to have met with Arsene Wenger to thrash out a deal. Continue reading

Tasic, Travel Troubles and Win an Anfield ’89 Shirt.

It’s up for grabs now.

Morning, folks.

Ahead of the monstrously important fixture with Man United, today is a relatively quiet day. The minutes will tick by in their customarily ticky-tocky fashion and the odd nugget of intrigue is certain to appear as the day progresses. As things stand, it’s tumbleweed central.

With that in mind, I shall keep today’s post relatively brief. One little snippet that caught my eye was the news of Arsenal being impressed with the recent trial of  15-year-old winger Filip Tasic from Swedish side Djurgardens. He popped down to the Emirates to strut his stuff, met his Idol, Mesut Ozil, and left having impressed everyone enough to be offered another chance to visit the Club. Continue reading