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Wilshere and Alexis Impress, Arsenal Draw, Ozil Gets Abuse.

Morning, folks. That was a very good game of football we witnessed yesterday. It ebbed, it flowed, chances were created, goals were scored. Had I been watching from a neutral’s perspective, I would have enjoyed it immensely. Of course, I’m…
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€8m striker on the way, Captain’s future and a big weekend of football.

Morning, you splendid little badgers. You’ll be pleased to know my stomach has settled down and reached some semblance of normality today. No longer am I enduring any discomfort. Not today. In the interest of  keeping up my reputation as…
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Man City 6-3 Arsenal: Ermmm….. Okay then. Bad day at the office.

Afternoon/evening, folks. Hmmmm. Not entirely sure where to start today. I’m disappointed. Doubtless to say, I’m far from the only Arsenal fan feeling that way at present. Yesterday did not go as planned. Before matches, I’ve a habit of playing…
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