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Legend? Judas? Injury-prone lummox with a grossly inflated price? Robin van Persie; here’s what i think.

Afternoon, lovelies. Well, it’s happened. I’m not going to try and make out I’m the least bit surprised. It’s kinda difficult for me to sum up how I feel. Of course, there is an element of disappointment at losing a…
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Song, Song, blue (and purple), Sahin, RvP, and a few new season thoughts.

Well hello beautifuls…. As the days pass, Alex Song’s rumoured departure has gone from a few unsustained bouts of idle chitter-chatter, to what seems to be crushing inevitability. Foolishly, I had thought we might go through a summer without our…
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Wenger out! Sack the board! Murder the entire first team squad! Arsenal crisis!

Afternoon, you happy souls… Sunday was a bitter, bitter disappointment, wasn’t it? Of course that question is entirely rhetorical. The game was poor, with the exception of a select few, our performance was poor. Worst of all, worse than losing…
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