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No Coq In The Arse, The Return of Ozil, “Gobsmacked” Bramall And Sanchez Happy At Arsenal

Morning, and in the immortal words of @JokmanAFC: “Word to your respective guardians”. Before we delve deeply into today’s bumper bucket of news, let’s address the title… Yes – I am incredibly childish. Whilst I would dare any of you…
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Transfer news so earth shatteringly amazing, your head may well explode if you click this link (not really).

Morning everyone. The title is a joke. I thought I’d point that out immediately in case anyone missed “not really” in brackets. – “But James, why would you write such a mendacious headline?” Because it perfectly captures what surrounds us…
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Arsenal’s starting XI for the game against Newcastle (match preview and round-up)

Morning folks! You know those fans that say they have a “2nd club”, or a “soft spot” for another team?  I’m not one of them. I’ve always seen it as Arsenal are my team, and all the rest are simply…
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