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Watford (A): Team News, Starting Line-Up And Contract Updatezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Morning, folks. Isn’t it a greatly satisfying feeling knowing all that nonsense surrounding international qualifiers has taken a back seat where it belongs? I know some of you may claim it’s unpatriotic to have little enthusiasm for the fortunes of…
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Lacazette, Monreal, Alexis, 3 Points and Player Ratings.

Morning, folks. As far as standard wins go, last night was pretty standard. We dispatched West Brom in standard fashion with minimal fuss. Bar a few nervy moments in the first half in which Tony Pulls’ side certainly should have…
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WBA, 3 Points, Wenger, Alexis, Ozil And A Plethora Of Chatterings.

Greetings, Earthlings. I’m a little unsure what stirred the desire to write in my creative loins. The notion of doing so has fluttered around my conscious mind for quite sometime, but the actual inclination itself hadn’t shown up until today….
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