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Last Chance Sagna And Flamini On Ozil.

BFFs have a cuddle.

Evening, folks.

Apologies for the lateness. I had originally planned today’s entry to be a new Goonersphere Podcast, but those pesky gremlins inherent to the programming of the matrix (…) have conspired to ruin our audio. All things going well, that’s a troublesome moment that will be rectified tomorrow.

So, instead, I figured it would be best to have a brief look at some news.  Since the beginning of the year my intent has been to ensure at least 1 post a day and that’s a record I intend on keeping intact.

Bacary Sagna’s contract still dominates a lot of discussions I come across. Continue reading


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Arsenal Splash £100m, Sagna, Arsene And The Summer

They offered how much?

Howdy, peeps.

I hope this latest instalment of mine finds you well, nourished and enjoying life.  The weekend still lies on my memory. One thing I’ve often found as a Arsenal fan is that my general mood and enjoyment of daily activities is greatly diminished when the team lose. When they win, the opposite comes into play. Coupled with the joys of spring time, winning a NLD finds me the picture of ebullience today. I’m probably bloody irritating to be around, such is my chipper and spirited mood.

A lot of the talk in newsworld surrounds the summer. When all the hullabaloo dies down about the NLD – especially a certain Mickey Hazard’s hilarious comments accusing Sczsesny of attempting to start a riot by taking a picture on the field at White Hart Lane – things get back to a degree of normality. As the stories being blown out of rational proportion die out, they speculative ones emerge. Such is the nature of news, and Mickey Hazard, who, let’s be honest here, has always been a bit of a cry-baby. Continue reading


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New Contracts For Everybody!! Well… Almost…

Signing your life away…

Morning, folks.

My absence yesterday was due to preparations for the latest Goonersphere Podcast, but luckily my little Scottish friend, Dyllan Munro, was on hand to fill in with with his unique brand of hilarity and unquenchable rage. Big thank you to Dyllan and be sure to keep an eye out as he will be guesting again for me in the future.

Right, without further ado; Arsenal stuff.

It seems there has been an explosion of news about contracts in recent weeks. Previously, much debate has raged between Arsenal fans surrounding the merits of Bacary Sagna and Arsene Wenger and their proposed extensions. Elsewhere, John Henry at Liverpool has opted to make public his bizarre admissions regarding the release clause that, according to his own words, did exist in Luis Suarez’s contract. Liverpool may have set an alarming precedence by choosing to completely ignore such a thing.

Any Suarez deal is a thing of the past and the chances of us purchasing him are long gone. Whilst not entirely legal as I understand, in an environment where players can force moves at their will there is a part of me that agrees with the stance taken by Liverpool; they didn’t wish to sell a vitally important player and simply chose not to do so. Continue reading


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Arsenal Lose Battle to Sign Magnificent Startlet as Cat Explodes and Weather Worsens.

“I’m sorry, come again…”

Afternoon folks.

Apologies for the lateness of today’s entry. Many things have conspired together to prevent my usually punctual posts. To list the many reasons would be pointless. I could, but I’m not going to. Suffice to say I have my reasons, none of which are especially valid.

News today is a baffling bunch of balderdash and delight. Most of what you read is utter tripe. It’s the silly headlines that are designed to lure you in that get me. We all know what’s on the other side of that link is likely to be complete lies, yet we still click away regardless. I’m as guilty as anyone of this, only to find the link takes me to Caught Offside, meaning I have to very sharply exit that site and then head to the shower to wash away any particles of tripe I may have been infected with.

I purposely used one of those headlines for my title today, albeit an incredibly stupid variety of that which I lament. Why? Continue reading


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Bacary Sagna’s New Contract.

Bacary can move the ball with the power of his mind.

Afternoon, folks.

I have a few moments spare today. Free time is often something of a rarity to such an extent that when some presents itself, I’m unsure what to do with it. Ordinarily, I might use these moments for something shockingly inappropriate or sleeping as I don’t do enough of that particular pursuit. Today, I thought I’d offer you up an extra special blog post. Well, a blog post.

Bacary Sagna will be a free agent in the summer as his contract is entering its final months. There is much debate and speculation around the sprawlingly diverse Goonerverse at present regarding wether or not giving him one is a good idea. I think it is, but I can also understand a few of the reasons some think it is not. Continue reading


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Sagna out, Wenger in, Vermaelen gushy and the importance of bouncing back.

“What? I haven’t left anything on the carpet. Or in your shoes”

Evening folks.

I’d like my current relationship with Arsenal to the one I share with my cat. I love that silly cat. She’s adorable. Then she shits on the carpet and I want to bloody throttle her. Against Bayern and Blackburn, Arsenal well and truly shit on the carpet, and there’s going to be a great deal of purring and cuteness required in the coming weeks for the nagging desire to strangle that overwhelms me at present to subside.

With such focus on the manager, eyes have wandered slightly from the importance of our up coming fixtures. Before we make the frightening trip to Germany in search of an act of God, we face Villa, Everton and a trip to White Hart lane. Expecting anything from Bayern would be like me waiting patiently by my front door for Penelope Cruz to show up naked, but the league fixtures are as important as they come. 9 points from those 3 game won’t just put us back on track, it’ll make the shining trophy that comes with 4th place a distinct possibility.

I’ll be previewing the Villa game tomorrow.

Elsewhere in news, a few stories has caught my beady little eye. Firstly, captain not-quite-so-fantastic, Thomas Vermalen has predictably lent his support to Arsene in these trying times. With the guns from fans blazing, our manager – rightly or wrongly – has made it abundantly clear he won’t be stepping down from his position.

Arsene said, when asked if he had considered quitting:

“No. Not for one second.

“Of course we had no euphoria because we have gone through a disappointment on Tuesday night but apart from that we are responsible people who know what it is to fight.

“We live in a world of emotion, of excess, and it is down to people who have responsibilities to put that into perspective and keep solid and keep guiding the club in the right way.”

You can almost hear the plethora of keyboard warriors temporarily suspending excess masturbation for the day to flock to message boards with harsh words to say. I admire his stubbornness, his refusal to quit when the chips are down. But there is a part of me that thinks, for his own sake as much as anything, that the time to do exactly that may not be too far away. Nothing lasts forever, and even the greatest of things has to be replaced.

Lastly, Bacary Sagna has been warned that Arsenal will only sell him if they want to - he has no say so in the matter with a contract until 2014. Perhaps that’s stance we could have considered last summer when Manchester United came calling. I’ve long been a fan of Sagan, but in recent months his form has dropped drastically. Once you could rely on him to give you a consistently good performance, these days he’s huffing, puffing, and look utterly disinterested with it all. I personally wouldn’t have a problem moving him on in the summer, and he’s not quite the huge name departure the media are sure to make him out to be.

And that’s yer lot for today, you beautiful bastards. Thanks for reading, and, as always, head over to the comments and pour your little hearts out. I always like to hear from you.

I shall return tomorrow.

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Theo, Sagna, Ramsey, Gervinho, January investment, and a woeful performance.

Southampton 1-1 Arsenal: Szczsney’s lunge proved futile. Thanks, defenders!

Afternoon folks.

Everything was plodding along nicely. Talk of ineptitude and crisis had taken a welcome hiatus, and 4 wins from 4 saw Arsenal rise up the table. The team had taken the shame of a loss to Bradford and used it to improve.

And then yesterday happens…

I’m not going to be super critical as we didn’t actually lose the game. The history books will recall an away draw, and away draws tend not to be catastrophic. However, given our recent burst of good form, I am hugely disappointed to see another performance so bereft of energy and ideas, especially given the regularity they have appeared this season. I had, perhaps rather foolishly, hoped all that was behind us.

The result itself isn’t the real problem. The manner in which we went about the game is. Southampton, for all their brave endeavour and enthusiasm, are a team we should beat.

Sagna looked weary and uninterested, Gervinho and Ramsey are hardly impact substitutes, and Theo was as bad as he was good against Newcastle. No one player can take the blame, however. Doing so is simply a cheap way of venting one’s fury. The collective attitude towards the game is the real issue, and that includes managerial staff. We simply weren’t good enough yesterday, and little can be said or done to disguise that fact. Arsene Wenger himself was less than pleased, and had these uncharacteristically harsh words to say in the press conference:

“It is two points lost if you look at the overall target we had for Christmas. It is frustrating and disappointing as we didn’t create a lot today.

“Our game lacked purpose, penetration and speed, all qualities we have usually but we didn’t see that tonight.

“Maybe we thought we scored seven against Newcastle, we thought we would score again today.

“I felt that we lacked purpose in our game and it was more mental than physical.

In the same interview, Arsene went on to rule out a Thierry Henry return, and express his desire to enter the transfer market.

Investment in the squad is needed. We have a strong first 11 that’s very good on paper. What is lacking is depth, and enough quality in reserve to be able to successfully rotate or replace. 2-3 players of experience and quality would be of a huge benefit to Arsenal.

Ruling out Thierry Henry is a good thing. Not because he isn’t up to the job, or because I want to disrespect a club legend. Because a 35-year-old ex-player who will leave in February isn’t the answer. There are far better permanent options to consider.

With Theo now looking likely to “Sign da Ting“, it would appear our interest in Zaha has fizzled away, which is a shame. Keeping Walcott on the other hand is a good thing and I hope it happens.  One option in the forward area looking quite possible is Atlectico Madrid’s Adrian Lopez, although, in typically parsimonious fashion, the Boss is baulking at the £14m releasue clause in his contract – a price that to me sounds very reasonable for a 24-year-old Spanish international.

Elsewhere it’s all just the customary collection of arbitrary names. Speculation is going to be rife in the coming weeks, and all us supporters can do is hope our manager remains true to his word. It appears we have both the desire and the finances to bring new faces into the sqaud, the only obstacle will be finding players suitably “exceptional” and a price that’s considered reasonable. That, dear reader, is where the problems may arise.

That’s all for today, folks. The comments await your views on the game, and your opinions on incoming players. How did you rate yesterday’s performance? Who would your ideal choice of transfer be? Let me know.

I shall return tomorrow. Thanks for reading.


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Sagna could leave, Henry might stay until May, and BOOOOOO!

Everyone’s got the right to protest.

Morning folks.

It’s 5am. Why I am awake at such a ghastly hour? Work primarily, but an acute inability to sleep has also contributed. As you all enjoy a rewarding slumber (UK residents, at the very least), I’m guzzling caffeine and sporting an odd look of bewilderment. This post may make little or no sense…


I thought I’d boo myself momentarily.

Booing is something of a bone of contention. In recent weeks, debates have raged between fans about the reasons why it’s done, and the reason’s why it should not be. This has lead to those that regularly attend matches branding those that don’t/can’t as “muppets”, and those branded as muppets to gloriously retaliate by changing their Twitter avatars to Kermit or Fozzy Bear. All a bit silly.

I stand somewhere between the two booing arguments. As someone unable to frequent the Emirates as much as I’d like, I feel it would be both arrogant and idiotic of me to tell those dedicated/fortunate fans that do how to behave. I have absolutely no right. If supporters shelling out obscene amounts of money on tickets feel the need to be heard, to articulate their inner feeling by using a peculiar, nasal sound, then that’s their right to do so. I certainly wouldn’t cast aspersions from here in drizzly Bristol.

But it does have an adverse effect, and is counterproductive. Tomas Rosicky agrees. He had this to say on the howls of derision around the ground:

“I can understand the frustrations, I am an Arsenal fan as well when I am not playing.

“It is understandable but we have some young guys and this is not helping. We have to all stick together, which is what we did last season when everyone was writing us off”

Booing might get a point across, and announce to the Club’s owners that there is displeasure in the air, but it is only going to effect the players, and the performance of the team. I agree with doing it, perhaps not during play, however.

Elsewhere in news, The Independent is reporting Thierry Henry has agreed to return to Arsenal next month, and this time his triumphant return could be until the end of the season.


I’m not booing Thierry, but the mendacious nature of that story. Poppycock, it is. I really cannot imagine the New York Red Bulls would be having any of that. Not one little bit. It’s alleged those that run the American team are already against their prize asset playing during the “soccer break”. Can you  imagine Arsenal proposing to rob them of Henry for a 3rd of the MLS season would be received with anything other than disdain? Me neither…

Lastly, Bacary Sagna. Our French full-back has declared his happiness at Arsenal, but those pesky rumours of his imminent departure persist. More rumours have spread about a less-than-generous contract offer from Arsenal. It all appears to be similar to the Walcott situation; there are so many stories printed about what could happen, that it is impossible to know what to believe. Just wait and see, that’s my advice.

That’s all for today. Tomorrow shall bring team news and a match preview (better than my last, quite frankly, shit attempt). Until that time, please leave me a comment with your thoughts, words of cheer, and general abuse. I welcome all three.

Thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot; BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!


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Santos, Wenger, Wilshere, Sagna, Frimpong, and Twitter turns incandescent at the drop of a hat…

“Wenger out, Wenger out!!”

Hello delicious readers.

Twitter is a funny old place. If ever you want to witness human beings and their propensity for being drawn into the mob mentality, it’s a excellent place to start. People get so angry on there. It’s one thing to feel frustrated and aggrieved when Arsenal put in a woeful performance – that’s part and parcel of being a fan. It is another thing entirely to start ploughing through the obscenities and make statements as thoroughly idiotic as “Wenger has to go” or  ”We should get Moyes or Owen Coyle as they wouldn’t put up with that kind of defeat” – I shan’t name names, but I witnessed several tweets saying exactly those things.

He has to go? The same Arsene Wenger you were praising a week ago for snapping up Cazorla? I mean, Jesus Christ… It defies belief sometimes. I’m certainly not placing myself in any ‘AKB’ camp, nor am I denying our boss isn’t capable of mistakes. But if you’re going to complain, at least listen to yourself first. As for the Owen Coyle remark, I’m not even going to attempt to discuss something that breathtakingly stupid.

Worst of all, is the re-emeregence of vitriol directed toward Aaron Ramsey. It baffles me. What exactly has he done to incur the wrath of so many? Sure, his form can be patchy, but you don’t see anything like the hatred he gets directed towards others. It really pisses me off, to be honest. When you consider what he’s been through, when you take into account he always tries and he never hides; surely he should be given a break. He’s only 21, he has bags of potential and he’ll be a great player for Arsenal. He certainly doesn’t deserve to be made a scapegoat by angry idiots desperate for someone to blame.

If it wasn’t for the many great people I talk with on Twitter, the frequency with which I witness keyboard warriors exploding with rage at the most inane of things might just cause me to quit.

But that’s hardly important. Let’s talk Arse.

More good news yesterday for Jack Wilshere, Bacary Sagna and Emmanuel Frimpong; they all completed a full 90 minutes for the reserves – a game that will certainly mean none of them feature against Schalke. It’ll be superb to have those three fellows back in contention, although Jack must be given time – we can’t expect him to stroll onto a pitch and pick up where he left off. 14 months is a long time to be sidelined.

Andre Santos has spoken out to the press regarding the growing number of rumours linking him with a return to Turkey. It’s no surprise that these rumours emerged when he was out of the team, and have been quashed now he’s back in it. Lazy journalism, I think.

The most intriguing story came in the form of an admission from our boss. He’s “worried” by the seemingly unreachable 10-point lead Chelsea have on us:

“The gap is very unpleasant.

“We had an opportunity that Tottenham could win and we could win, and we both lost. That of course makes the gap a lot bigger.

“You cannot say you do not worry about that, but what is more disappointing is that we could not score.

“After we went 1-0 down we had the ball for 70 minutes and could not score a goal”

I can’t say I disagree with any of that. What was one of the worst performances by an Arsenal team I’ve seen in a while cannot be repeated, and it’s good to hear our boss stray away from cheap excuses of fatigue. We should have had more than enough in the locker to dispatch Norwich, and to look so toothless and weak is unacceptable. I’m sure the players themselves won’t be pleased, and I’m hoping for a pumped up and reactive display tomorrow night.

And that’s about it for today. Tomorrow I’ll be back with team news and a preview of the Schalke game. Until then, thanks for reading, you wonderful lifeforms. In the meantime, use the comments below; what are your thoughts? Do you use Twitter and encounter rage like I have?

Let me know a few of your thoughts and opinions.

I almost forgot: I’ve written a piece on unsung heroes for Andy Stern’s blog, “Les Artilleurs” – you can have a read of it here.

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Wilshere and Sagna play a full 90, and Arsenal could have keeper problems.

As Bale flew through the air after minimal contact, Sagna took aim…

Morning folks.

After all that hullabaloo with internationals, isn’t it mighty fine knowing that our beloved Arse are only a couple of days away? It’s quite glorious, in fact.

You’ll have to forgive the shortness of today’s post. It’s one of those where time isn’t on my side. After all, I am only one person without a co-conspiritor or network to aid publications. I’m sure you delicious creatures will understand.

The good news of the day is news that both Jack and Bacary completed a full 90 minutes of football. The game was played away from the public eye, and Arsenal lost 2-0 to Chelsea. The result is fairly irrelevant. It’s another valuable step on the road to recovery for both players, and a greatly encouraging one if Arsene is willing and ready to play them for a game’s full duration.

Those 90 minutes mark the first time Wilshere has completed a game since he played for England in June 2011, so don’t expect any miraculously swift reappearances in Arsenal colours – the competitive type of colours, I mean.

Elsewhere this morning, The Daily Fail reports we may be looking at a bit longer with Mannone between the sticks with both Szczsney and Fabianski suffering setbacks in their battle to regain fitness.

I said it a few weeks-or-so ago that I think we need to invest in a new keeper, and I stand by that comment. Fabianksi and Mannone are reasonable back-ups, but they offer little competition for the No1 jersey. Perhaps it would be wise to get some experienced cover in. Personally I don’t think either of our deputies are potentially good enough to command a starting place at Arsenal, and I’m surprised both are still at the club.

Thats all for today folks. I shall return with match previews and all that good stuff tomorrow onwards. Until then, thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards. Drop me a comment with your thoughts below.

Lastly, I had the idea of answering a few of your questions for a blog post. Please drop them to me on Twitter, or my Facebook page. Those that I use will get the full credit. Be imaginative folks. I’m open to be asked pretty much anything. I hope you’ll send me a few.


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