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Podolski Stays, Pogba And Martinez Talk And Sagna Should Leave As Soon As Possible.

Afternoon, exquisite lifeforms. Right, I’m almost entirely unsure how to begin today’s post. When situations like this arise, my solution is to simply start typing whatever comes into my head first. So here goes… I remember vividly the first time…
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Arsenal Lose Battle to Sign Magnificent Startlet as Cat Explodes and Weather Worsens.

Afternoon folks. Apologies for the lateness of today’s entry. Many things have conspired together to prevent my usually punctual posts. To list the many reasons would be pointless. I could, but I’m not going to. Suffice to say I have…
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Sagna out, Wenger in, Vermaelen gushy and the importance of bouncing back.

Evening folks. I’d like my current relationship with Arsenal to the one I share with my cat. I love that silly cat. She’s adorable. Then she shits on the carpet and I want to bloody throttle her. Against Bayern and…
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