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Santi’s bright future, Usmanov and Arsene want Rooney and tumbleweeds.

Morning folks. First of all, I’d like to point you in the direction of my ask.fm account, which is a very handy application I discovered for answering your questions. Feel free to drop me a line should you wish to…
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Beckham at Arsenal, Villa no and Usmanov says all the right things.

Afternoon, scrumptious creatures of the interweb. At a time we all yearn to hear definitive transfer news, we have got some. Instead of that news causing euphoria and dancing, I’m afraid what we have is simply a conformation of players…
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Theo packs his bags, Usmanov ups the ante and Robin.

Howdy, partners! It’s not much fun writing about the Arsenal at the moment. With Robin’s bombshell, news is now floating around about little Theo. Allegedly (not ‘apparently’) our speedy winger is ready to pack his bags too. His contract and…
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