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Happy NYE, you beautiful bastards!

Afternoon folks!

Winning on Saturday was splendid. For all the bouts of frustrating play, Theo showed us what he is capable of up front when he’s on his game. In the past, I’ve not been his greatest advocate or staunchest of supporters. There have been many times when I’d have happily throttled him as I watch seemingly easy passes bounce off him and to the opposition.

However, I’m not the type to refrain from admitting if I’m wrong. And I believe that I am. Our speedster in the No14 shirt has grown rapidly in 2012, and is finally beginning to show signs of how good he could be as a striker. The world won’t come crashing down around us if he chooses not to “Sign da ting”, but I truly hope he does. If his improvements continue, he’ll be an asset to whichever team he plays for – I hope it’s Arsenal.

As you might expect, in the days between fixtures there isn’t too much of note about. There have been many, many transfers stories and rumours. This tweet by Bury’s Tom Soares sent Twitter into nuclear meltdown yesterday:

Does that confirm anything whatsoever? Not at all. Wether you belive the Tweet is legitimate or not is irrelevant. The only place I’ll accept news from is the Club’s official website. The rest, amusing or otherwise, is unconfirmed, unsubstantiated balderdash. The reports of Cesc attempting to persuade David Villa to join Arsenal are just the same.

And that’s about it for today. I’ve got an evening of Indian food and alcohol in front of me, and I shall probably be expelling it from both ends come tomorrow morning. With that lovely image in mind, I’d like to wish all of you a fun filled NYE, and a prosperous 2013.

I’ll leave you with a bullet point selection of my best and worst Arsenal fan moments of 2012. Feel free to discuss and add your own in the comments section. I shall (hopefully) return tomorrow with a preview of the Southampton game.


  • Thierry Henry’s Leeds comeback goal
  • 5-2 against Spurs
  • 5-2 against Spurs
  • The 2nd leg performance against Milan.
  • Signing Santi Cazorla
  • Coming back from 4-0 down to win at Reading
  • Jack Wilshere’s return from injury


  • Selling that Dutch prat to United
  • The 1st leg performance against Milan.
  • Bradford City
  • Gervinho’s selection of wonderful misses
  • Chelsea winning the Champions League
  • Piers Morgan
  • Shipping so many terrible goals
  • Walcott’s interminable contract saga

Thanks for reading!

Vermaelen, Koscielny, Zaha, Big Ted, news, rumours, and other bits.

A fully grown man who still has his teddy bear? Yes – I am peculiar.

Morning folks.

A while ago i considering having a mascot for this blog – the bear I’ve had since birth, Big Ted. Having initially decided against that idea, I’ve now changed my mind. The Armchair Gooner has a mascot – he’s a dapper gentleman bear with a deep-seeded love for Arsenal, and an unrivalled hatred for Piers Morgan . You can follow him on Twitter. Make him feel welcome…

Onto Arsenal matters.

It was confirmed today that Laurent Koscielny’s groin strain will keep him out of the first team for a period of 3 weeks – a time frame I ignore completely as, in Arsenal terms, it could mean anything from 20 minutes to eternity. It’s a shame for Koscielny, as he’s just started to show signs of his best form, and he doesn’t seem as blunder-prone as Sagna and Vermaelen do at the moment.

Most of today’s news isn’t much of anything. There’s a few brief quotes from our capatain about how the team need to improve, and the odd transfer rumour that I refuse to believe – getting my hopes up about a possible bid for Fellaini will only lead to disappointment.

With a great deal of chatter mounting up regarding Arsenal proposed bid for Palace’s Wilfried Zaha, Ian Holloway has had a bit of a pop at Wenger, who may, or may not, have mentioned his admiration for the young forward:

Holloway said to The Sun(rag):

“Why is he talking about my players? It’s not the game,”

“I will be picking up the phone to talk to him as I don’t think it is right and proper with the greatest respect. That is totally bad etiquette.

“Wilf is a big part of our season and we have such a strong contract others can go and whistle.

“He won’t be available, no matter what the price is in January.”

Poor old Ian must be suffering from a stressy-pants moment. Arsene has hardly gone the full Barcelona route and made remarks about hostages and DNA. He’s mentioned his admiration for a player – a player who I doubt Palace will keep if big money is thrown at them. Seems to me Holloway might already know this.

And that’s about it out there in Arsenal news.

It’s a brief post today. Tomorrow’s will cover the Swansea game in detail. I’ll leave you with a bit of pleasent reading – Daniel Cowan produced this splendid article on North London Is Red, and I strongly recommend you give it a read – especially if you’re one of those who likes to blame things on Aaron Ramsey.

Thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.