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Mega Contracts Ahoy; Ramsey, Cazorla, Zelalem and Maybe Koscielny.

Morning, folks. Yesterday, like a bolt from the blue, there was joyous news. Not entirely unexpected enough to warrant my use of the phrase “bolt from the blue” but a pleasant surprise nonetheless. It was confirmed by Arsenal that both…
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Coventry Dispatched, Podolski, Zelalem and a Desperate Draxler.

Morning, folks. One of the perils working as a Chef is the frequency with which you’re required to handle very sharp utensils. Yesterday, whilst handling the aforementioned, I managed to slice through a couple of fingers on my right hand….
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FA Cup: Spurs (h) – team news, thoughts and predicted starting XI

Morning, folks. Do you ever get hit with terrible nerves before games? I do. It happens quite frequently, as a matter of fact. The feeling of discomfort, unease and weakness of bladder especially occurs when the big games against our…
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