That David Villa rumour…

If only…

Evening, chums.

If you’re an Arsenal fan, and you spend even the remotest amount of time on Twitter, you’ll probably be accustomed to tall tales and speculation. I love Twitter. I love being able to interact and chat with some really great Arsenal folks on there. However, it does become a chore wading through all the speculative nonsense at times.

Those of you that do frequent it’s Tweety goodness will probably have heard the story of a deal being considered by Arsenal and Barcelona that would involve Robin van Persie and David Villa trading places.

The story is, doubtless to say, complete hogwash.

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t waste your time with something lacking any substance or fact. It irks me no end when I read such things. The reason I’ve brought it up here is because I think it’s a good example of the type of deal we should do when moving Robin on. It’s unlikely to happen, but having someone of the calibre of David Villa come in would certainly take an enormous amount of the sting out of losing van Persie.

Most importantly of all, it would take huge steps toward restoring optimism. Wouldn’t the new season be unable to get here quickly enough if we were salivating at the prospect of Wilshere and Chamberlain linking up with Villa?

Point being; the club need to act. Podolski and Giroud – take nothing away from them – are excellent additions. But only one of them – Giroud – is likely to be deployed in RvP’s position. We’d still need another striker at the club. Too often we’ve allowed our superstars to leave without purchasing adequate replacements. Too often we’ve entered a new season with a cloud of shit hanging over us from the summer months.

This time, I’d like to see the powers that be take charge and put down a marker – show our intent to win trophies and compete. We aren’t a million miles away from having a squad capable of doing that. All we need is that one extra step.

Just a quick one tonight, folks. Your comments and views; let’s be having them!

12 thoughts on “That David Villa rumour…”

  1. Good shout, dzeko would be a great addition , but I’m afraid none of this will happen! I can see it now , will spend the next two months saying who
    We should or might get! But we will land up with no one ! We didn’t replace Campbell ,vieira, Henry, fabregas, lehmann , nasri, clichy, what makes anyone think we will replace RVP?

    1. dzeko is too much like giroud…not needed. Need a fast technical striker, who can play solo up top to and along side a target man (giroud) to add variety. To be honest prinz poldi is a good example of this, so perhaps all we need is Dempsey (call play forward, AM, or LW/RW) and then a DM…?

  2. Sell him. Get huntelaar. Reasonably cheap. Proven and direct competitor for rvp in Dutch side.
    Rvp would likely hate that too if huntelaar does well….

  3. For me when robin is leaving, we need another good striker. Huntelaar, david villa, dzeko or someone like ibrahimovic

  4. I would go out and get Rossi from Villareal…out and out goal scorer…As for Huntelaar what did Arsene say during the Euros he doesnt like limited fowards they need to have more about them than stay in the box for tap in ala Huntelaar we need a foward with mobility and pace that can link up play

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