The 2 Year Contract Extension Of Arsene Wenger.

Arsene wasn’t best pleased with my blogging today, felt it lacked top quality and I should make more of an effort in future, despite being f*cking tired….

Howdy, delicious readers.

Those of you unfamiliar with how I manage this blog will be unaware I invariably write posts the night before and schedule them to go live the following morning. So, as I’m typing it’s late Sunday evening, but you’ll be reading this early Monday morning. The reason I’m sharing this is because I’m utterly f*cked. I had one of those days at work where Murphy’s Law applies and the 7th circle of Hell opens its flaming doors to unleash bloody mayhem upon the world – or me in this instance.

According to the FitBug wrist band I’ve been wearing the past few days (that’s not a plug, I got one as a freebie and I’ve just been trying it out), over the course of 6-8 hours, I walked 14,245 steps and burnt 1200 calories. That’s sounds like it’s pretty impressive and I felt like it was worth sharing with you all. My dogs are barking, of that I can assure you.

Moving on…

The above actually has pertinence, as the horrors that unfolded at work served to be the catalyst for this post. Once things had died down and I was home, an idea swept over me – what would the reaction be like amongst fans should Arsene announce his intention to sign a new contract as has been alleged he may, recently. Would it be like the day I suffered; all sweet Hell breaking loose? Or would there be an unexpected turn?

My God… When there’s little or no Arsenal news about, other than Granit Xhaka which I covered yesterday, it’s actually quite tricky to know what to write about, other than totally extraneous blathering on my part. For instance, my girlfriend had me sit through Moulin Rouge for the first time last night and it was an experience I could best liken to being shot repeatedly in the face with a camp machine gun. That’s totally irrelevant, but hey – I like to share.

I could rattle on for a bit longer, but I’m going to throw down a challenge to everyone who reads this blog today. In the handy comments section, I’d like you to describe your feelings should Arsene extend his contract by another two years as has been reported. However, I want you to do it with only 3 words. Not 4, not 5, not 500. Just 3. 3 little words to summarise you innermost feelings and thoughts.

The best will get a wonderful prize (not really).

We all know how polarised our fan base is at present. With actual fighting taking place between the excruciating f*cking labels (AKB, WOB) that separate the supporters, I can easily see this descending into a farrago of naughty language. But it is worth remembering that, regardless of how you may feel now, Arsene Wenger is a man that’s given Arsenal more than anyone. He doesn’t deserve the kind of abuse I’ve seen him get on Twitter.

So, because I’ve other things to do today, I’ll leave this up to you guys. Play nice with each other.

I’ll be back tomorrow with something a great deal more substantial as time will be on my side. Until that moment, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards

16 thoughts on “The 2 Year Contract Extension Of Arsene Wenger.”

  1. If wenger signs a new contract we will be better team next year with a few signings and less long term in jury’s when you lose players for long time it’s the back up you got to redress a injury less season would be a nice change its a long time since we had a season like that so hears to next season

  2. To all arsenal fans when we won the league in 1953 we won it for the seventh time since then we have only won it another six times but in that time we have many times won cup finals in the years I’ve followed them . Seen them win the fa cup nine times and I wouldn’t swap those cup wins for anything.yes I would love them to win the league but it is a lot harder to win with the injures we have had in recent times. I’ve only supported them for 59 yes

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