The Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain device, Rosicky, rivals for Giroud and England.

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Morning, folks.

Today, it’s England again. Will I be joining in with the pre-match anticipation? No. Will I find myself struggling for a vantage point amidst the jostling jocundity of my local pub? No. No, no and no. I’ll be stuck at work preparing a meal for some people who’ve decided to get married – the inconsiderate swines!

Having not been all that bothered by what befalls my nation’s football team previously, I now find myself oddly swept away by Euro 2012 – I say ‘oddly’, because those of you that know me personally will be fully aware of my disdain for international football and lack of patriotism. Those traits seems to have been put to one side, and I’m not only looking forward to the game, but hopeful of a favourable reslut, too.

Of course, with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain set to feature again, it’s fair to say my interests have been aroused by the influence of someone Arsenal related. I have heard a few rumours in the press and on the radio that The Ox could be replaced by the inimitable Stewart Downing, but I consider such a notion utter madness and refuse to believe it’s true. The Ox started 5 Premiership games last season, and still managed more goals and assists than Downing.

Thomas Rosicky seems to agree with me that The Ox’s selection for England will have great benefit to his Arsenal career:

“For a boy his age it’s vital to get experience like that. So Arsenal can profit from that.

“He’s not the finished article, he has lots to learn but he is an amazing prospect and I just hope that he will work and he will grow.

“As I know him, he has both feet on earth and he’s very confident.

“Even if you are like that, a tournament hits you anyway a little bit but that’s what you expect.

“He’s a very young boy and it’s great that he’s here and he can gain experience like that.”

Chamberlain is a player I have enormous hope for. Referred to as “The Oxlade-Chamberlian device” by The Tuesday Club, he truly has the potential to be a huge star for Arsenal. He’s grounded, he plays without fear and has every attribute needed to be a success. I’d start him again for England as he has the ability to produce something from nothing, and that’s an element my national team can be found sorely lacking.

I hope he gets the nod tonight.

Elsewhere in news, Arsenal have a rival for the signature of Olivier Giroud, and it’s said that competition has forced our hand. Allegedly, Borussia Monchengladbach are keen on the Frenchman, but consider themselves a distant second in the race with Giroud said to have his heart set on a move to the Emirates.

With a bit of luck, he’ll officially be a Gooner sooner rather than later.

That’s all for today, folks. Thanks for reading, and please don’t be shy when it comes to leaving a comment – unless you’re one of those spammers leaving posts about free Gucci bags or weight-gain procedures – you guys can piss off; you’re wasting your time if you think I’ll ever approve any of that.

I shall return tomorrow, hopefully buoyed by an England win and a Chamberlain performance .

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