The Armchair Gooner quiz: win £40 iTunes voucher.

Ian loved to download music.

Evening all,

I like to think I’m a generous soul. So, it’s quiz time. It’s absolutely free to enter, all you need to do is answer the question and I’ll pick a winner at random.

The lucky victor will receive £40 worth of iTunes vouchers which I have decided to give away instead of spending myself.

Good luck to you all, and here’s the question:

I love Arsenal, and I love movies. I try to combine elements of the latter when blogging about the former. Flick through my previous 7 posts (not including this one) and tell me the film from which each headline picture is taken. 

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4 thoughts on “The Armchair Gooner quiz: win £40 iTunes voucher.”

  1. I had a dream-vision last night that you were going to presented me with a gift. You dey craze ko? You no fit dash somebody that kind money sef even if you get am.

  2. June 21st- THE PRESTIGE
    June 22nd- INCEPTION
    June 24th- CB4??? [not sure]
    June 25th- 500 days of summer
    June 26th- THE AVENGERS
    June 27th- TWELVE MONKEYS.

    arsenal and movies are my passion too.. so its not that hard. But you do some good blogging here by blending those two.. good job.

  3. Twelve (12) Monkeys
    Avengers Assemble
    500 Days Of Summer
    CB4 – don’t be wastin’ my electricity on that rap mess
    Bruce Almighty
    The Prestige
    The Taking Of Pelham 123
    Midnight Run
    The Dark Knight

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