“The balance of power in North London has shifted. Spurs are far, far superior…”

An obvious sign Of Spurs’ superiority…

Afternoon folks!

You know the drill by now. The North London Derby is but a few days away, and their ex-players, ex-managers, and any no-mark with the ability to talk about our grubby neighbours are all using the moments to exclaim of a shift in power.

Tottenham have a far superior squad.

Tottenham are way, way ahead of Arsenal.

This season will see the balance of power shift in North London.

And so on, and so on. Every year with clockwork regularity someone affiliated with Spurs makes the mistake of declaring something before it’s happened, and every season that’s past has seen those words look very foolish indeed. You need only remember these idiots below:

“Don’t worry guys, we won’t look like complete twats in a few months…”

As things stand, the supposedly greatest squad they have assembled sits a few points higher in the table ahead of ours. What many have described as Wenger’s worst squad of players during his tenure at Arsenal, in a season stated as often as his worst, has already seen Arsenal put another 5 goals past Spurs.

You see folks, power shifts don’t happen in a season. For the tide to truly turn, a significant period of time has to pass. Even if Tottenham should finish above us and secure Champions League football, it will only be a blip. Until they’ve accomplished  that for a sustained period of time, then no power has shifted whatsoever.

Look at Manchester City as an example. They won the Premiership title last season but is there a shift of power in Manchester? No, not at all. Unless they can consistently out-perform their greatest rival, and do so for a lengthy period, the red half of Manchester will be rightly considered the most successful. The same argument even applies against us in regard to our achievements in Engalnd. We won titles, we had glory, but there was never a shift of power to us from United.

We go into the game at the weekend knowing that a victory will put the cat amongst the pigeons, but a defeat could prove extremely costly for us. Even if we do lose, the race for that much coveted fourth spot certainly won’t be beyond us. However, I for one can’t abide the notion of finishing lower than Spurs in the league.

The days that lead up to that fixture are sure to be filled with a cacophony of rants, raves and general poppycock. The media love any chance to stir up the hornet’s nest and blow things out of proporation. As it stands, Spurs have won nothing, proved nothing, and accomplished nothing. For all the trumpet blowing, all the wild-eyed comparisons made between Gareth Bale and Jesus; our feculent and rwody neighbours have no bragging rights.

The years have taught us they like to capitulate when the pressure hits. We tend to finish the season better than we start it. There’s no debating that finishing beneath them is a very real possibility. Our form and performances have been patchy at best, but even those facts haven’t enabled them any serious ground to be made ahead of us.

What is important now is that we come together as a club against our favourite adversary. The competition is welcome as it makes it all the more enjoyable when we beat them. Let’s put aside disputes, bickering, banners and complaints and focus on what really matters. The players will need our wonderful away support at their vociferous best when they take to the field.

That’s all for today, folks. The comments await below, and today I’d like to hear your favourite memories against Tottenham – best goal, best moment, greatest victory. Let me know a few.

Thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards. I shall return tomorrow.

9 thoughts on ““The balance of power in North London has shifted. Spurs are far, far superior…””

  1. The spuds haven’t finished a head of us for a very long time 95 was the last, so until the day they do it will always be the gooners who are ahead and have won more trophy’s, fair enough we haven’t won a trophy in 8 years, but we have built a new stadium, we changed our policy to sign youth instead of experience but were slowly getting to where we want to be, we have a good side not a great side at the moment, but if its trough that were getting 70m pound to spend in the summer, we will be amongst one of the best teams in europe once again, wenger knows he has to bring in world class player’s now to compete with the rest to win titles, so don’t be surprised if we put in a challenge for the league, and get to a cup final next season. we need prob 4 or 5 key players with proven ability to match the united’s and city’s, NEXT SEASON ARE YEAR HAVE FAITH IN WENGER HE KNOWS HE HAS TO DELIVER!! COME ON YOU GOONERS!!

  2. Great post.. Loved the bit regarding Gareth Bale’s comparison to Jesus (priceless).. My favorite memory against our petulant neighbours was when we won the league at Shite Hart Lane with a 2-2 draw.. It was brilliant to see them heading for the exits like rats of a sinking ship at the end, leaving us to rejoice on their home turf.. Your right they love to blow their own trumpets ahead of these games, and more often than not end up with egg on their faces, which makes the ritual piss taking afterwards all the sweeter.. I hope we get a result on Sunday, but if we don’t it ain’t the end of the World and it certainly would not signify a shift in the balance of power, as you said they would need to dominate us for at least 7 or 8 years to even begin to have that bragging right…

  3. These lot are gloating because of beating a team yesterday by 1 goal in the last minute of the game…..but in general they played shit. Bale is their only real danger and he hasn’t really effected any of our games apart from maybe the odd goal. I had to laugh at Ademoneywhore he couldnt even score in front of an empty goal, he made it easier for the gk to scramble back and pick up the ball, i think even gervinho would have scored that. They do this every season you’d think they’d learn by now.

    I mentioned to one of my spud loving friends who seems to also love manu (seems a common thing those 2 teams love-ins) he was going on about how the Manu team feel they are more special and better than us so it has to be the case……….you know what said to him (his face quickly changed and he had no reply to it) I said they don’t think you’re better you clown they pity you, you are like the picked on little kid of which secretly they are the ones doing the worst job on you behind your back and when you are there they act matey and like they have your back. Then proceed to say think about it………….you are of no threat to even us and you keep on gloating about our trophy drought but you have done nothing of significance for years, then what do manu do when you finally get somewhere with a player……THEY STEAL THEM, Berbatov and Carrick come to mind………….and i said you gloat about us and RVP what will you do if they try to steal Bale because it is a possibility and they have done this with you in the past.

    This is the thing, we will NEVER forgive RVP or Manu for screwing with us, but the spuds get angry for a few months then go back to sucking dick and i said that is why they are always cool with you, they steal your best players you have no threat to their ambitions and they know they can do this all the time and you might get angry but soon go back to kising ass, at least i know where my loyalty lies Spuds barely support their own team anymore they are a hybrid of Spuds/Manu scum and that is the worst kind of scum Spuds scum is bad enough but a gloryhunting scum that has 2 scummy teams they support (1 for glory because they know they will never win anything being a spuds supporter) i just cant take that shit.

  4. I think Bale is blowing smoke up his own arse!

    If the spuds can stay in the top four (above Arsenal) for at least 5 years I will accept it. Until then, shut up!

    Anyway, Bale will have gone to Spain next year so you’re not going to win a thing. Without him the spuds are just as average as they’ve always been!!!!

  5. Love spurs Delusions…………..they are saying, if Bale goes he will go for at least £60m and if they get that they will bid for Falcao or Cavani or at worst they will get Daimio and Isco. As if those players are gonna jump up and be like YEAH i want to go to spurs, those losers couldnt afford their wages anyway.

  6. “You see folks, power shifts don??t happen in a season.”

    2011/2012 – Arsenal finish 1 point above Tottenham
    2010/2011 – Arsenal finish 6 points above Tottenham
    2009/2010 – Arsenal finish 5 points above Tottenham
    2008/2009 – Arsenal finish 21 points above Tottenham
    2007/2008 – Arsenal finish 37 points above Tottenham

    AND Spurs aren’t as good as they were last year. The pendulum swings.

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