The cost of being a football fan in 2013.

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I have quite a few contacts around various places, and I get sent a fair few things to use on this site. Ordinarily, I’m fairly picky about what I publish, but this info-graphic from Net Voucher Codes struck me as very interesting. Below is a comparison of costs between England and Germany’s price for supporters, and other elements put side-by-side between Premiership clubs.

Revealing stuff, and it shows just how high prices are at Arsenal.

The Cost Of Football ?? An infographic by the team at

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4 thoughts on “The cost of being a football fan in 2013.”

  1. I am no expert so my opinion might be crap…but here goes….The German league is set up differently to the PL and funds are spread in a different way. Arsenal Tottenham and Chelsea being London clubs will always be dearer than elsewhere. Arsenal also have had to finance their stadium therefore Tottenham and Chelsea would no doubt put their prices up to fund a new stadium. I could go on but that’s the basis of my opinion.

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