The Curious Case Of Mesut Ozil….

“Come at me…”

Howdy, strangers,

There was a period in history when I used to do this all the time – bloggy blogging, I mean. Some might even have referred to me as reliable or prolific with whispered tongues, huddled around the respective camp fires of Arsenal discussion. Or perhaps, they thought of me as that lanky, Bristolian imbecile who rattled on incessantly about nothing in particular. Either way, I’ve not been seen upon the screens of your devices for quite some time. During that period, much has changed., ranging from my area of residence to my employment status and responsibilities. Both of which have contributed greatly to the lack of anything resembling a printed word popping up here.

But that, delicious readers, is set to change. I’m now settled and ready to park my backside back upon the proverbial horse of blogging, and, by the trident of Neptune himself; you’re in for a delight…

Or not.

Moving on…

The one topic of note that’s caught the attention of yours truly the past couple of days is the treatment Mesut Ozil receives across the media.

For reasons unfathomable to myself, I like to listen to TalkSport during my daily commute. I don’t particularly like the station, nor do I have the stomach for it’s ‘lad’ culture and general neolithic attitude. Yet, I’ll always tune in, perhaps in a manner similar to passing a car crash on the motorway – you know you shouldn’t look, but something inexplicable inside compels you to do so. Point being; it’s one of the main places you’ll here complaints about his body language and attitude on the pitch.

Mostly, the bone of contention amongst some of the ‘personalities’ (I used that word as loosely as is possible) is Mesut isn’t the type to “go to war for the team” nor does he show the ‘passion” needed to guide a team to title glory. And it’s this opinion that riles me. Admittedly, the majority of what you hear on TalkSport is purposely inflammatory; radio presenters with little or no redeemable qualities and teetering on the precipice of being obsolete utilise striking opinion to get themselves noticed. Controversy, in this day and age, sells far quicker that being rational or thoughtful. I know all this when I listen, yet, being a touch hot-headed and silly, I allow it to irk the sh*t out of me. And it does so because it is a thoroughly idiotic opinion to have, whatever the reason for having it may be.

When we purchased Mesut Ozil, I thought to myself about what he’d bring to the team; guile, intelligence and the ability to create chances. That is what we paid the money for. At no point did I hope he’d become a modern day Terry Butcher and be seen upon the Emirates pitch, barking orders, flying into tackles and organising the midfield all whilst a rag stemmed the heavy flow of blood from his head. Simply, he isn’t that type of player, he never has been and he damn sure never will be. We didn’t buy him to do any of those things and it is, quite frankly, ludicrous to expect them of him.

He’s in the team to create chances for the team. That is what he does. Yes – his attempt to defend the cross which lead to Ashley Williams’ winner on Tuesday night was feeble. But what the f*ck do people expect? He isn’t a defender. He won’t be winning challenges in the box. It’s not what Mesut Ozil does. It’s not what David Silva does. It’s not what Neymar does. It’s not what Eden Hazard does. It’s not what Christiano Ronaldo does. I’m yet to see an example of journalists creating a storm of sh*t because one of the aforementioned hasn’t thundered into a 50/50 challenge in the centre circle then pumped their fist at the crowd.

But Mesut Ozil is an easy target for lazy radio personalities because he does carry that air of petulance about him. At times, I do wince when I see that unmistakable teenage shrug of dissatisfaction when a pass goes awry, but that initial pang of resentment disappears quickly as I immediately think, “That’s just who he is, and the guy is f*cking brilliant on the ball and with what he can do that I don’t especially care”. Neither should you.

That’s all for today, folks. Maybe you’ll leave me a comment in the handy section below. Maybe you won’t. I shall spend the next 7 hours eagerly refreshing the page to see what happens. The excitement may be too much to bare.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

5 thoughts on “The Curious Case Of Mesut Ozil….”

  1. Good to have you back and blogging!!
    The media journos have a pet pecking order for those to be criticized and top of the list is
    White foreign players and managers
    no 2 is colored foreign players and managers
    no 3 is White UK players and staff
    With the mostly untouchable being colored UK players and especially non white UK born managers
    So basically the stick it to Ozil for not kicking people up in the air every game and to Shaka for having a poor disciplinary record and for kicking too many players up in the air??

  2. Thank YOU for this. What was Özil doing in the middle of the press of bodies during that corner kick anyway? His place should have been at the edge of the box (where Alexis was standing, actually). For me, if the moment calls for it, Özil can solve problems in any outfield position, even in defense. Ive seen him corral opposition attackers to a safe place until help arrives. Also he has a style of tackling that may not be conventional, but it’s effective (and no one ever gets hurt). He can play quite well in the Cazorla role, if called upon. And he can remain creative on either wing. He has only one flaw: defending free kicks. He’s no good in a wall that’s standing in front of the goal and he’s no good at defending a corner kick in the box. It’s amazing why anybody is still surprised at him flinching when the dead ball is kicked.

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