The entire Arsenal first team is injured on international duty.

The medical staff welcomed Laurent back to Arsenal.

Morning, folks.

Injuries. International break. Inevitable.

Yesterday, there was one of those injuries, and it befell Laurent Koscielny. At the time of writing this – last night for today – actual details of the severity of Laurent’s ailment were far from clear. He was carried off by the French medical staff having received a heavy blow to the leg in a challenge with Ribery and his grotesque mug. Once the news broke on Twitter, the details filtered out like this:


Quickly followed by:

“Don’t worry. Koscielny’s injury is thought to be only a small knock”

And the informations swiftly reverted to:

“Koscielny! Out for months! Bad knee! He’s hurt! Damn you, France!”

It’s really difficult for anyone to say how bad it is with any degree of accuracy just after it’s occurred, and most of the larger tabloids report it’s not his knee, but his calf that’s the area of concern – have a look here. Of course, it does serve me with great reminder of just how much I despise the international break, and why. We’re forced into sending our players out to feature in pointless games that nobody really gives a shit aboutbe honest: do you really concern your self with international qualifiers at all? There always seems to be one that comes back hurt.

The same things seem to happen to Arsenal with painful regularity. There are times I assume we’ll be seeing an injury list as long as my arm once the good stuff begins again.One day, I imagine the official site will report a list of ailments sustained whilst away such as this:

  • Koscielny: knee
  • Cazorla: ruptured brilliance
  • Giroud: Gaelic fatigue
  • Vermaelen: over-chiseled jaw
  • Gibbs: dismemberment
  • Diaby: implosion
  • Walcott: slightly chaffed undergarment line.
  • Gervinho: expanded forehead
  • Podolski: calcium overdose
  • Mertesacker: fell from sky above beanstalk
  • Sagna: killed by Danny Glover

All sustained playing for their respective countries.

Of course, there’s nothing we can do about it. The club, the fans, the cleaners; we may all wish it could be outlawed and banished for good, but it’s always going to be there – lurking in wait for Arsenal to hit form. I’m sure you’ll all join me in hoping there are no more to follow, and hope that Kos’ damage is minor.

Other than that, the world of Arsenal news is again at a premium. There’s not much at all floating around that warrants discussion or mention. As the days plod by, as football of note appears once more on the horizon, fragments of interest will emerge to tantalise us. Until that happens, column inches will be taken up with speculation, drivel, and national papers discussing whether or not John Terry and Ashley Cole should play for England – as if there is any discussion to be had regarding the two most deplorable human beings ever to disgrace the sport we love.

That’s all for today, folks. I hope you forgive my silly attempts at humour and propensity for blathering. Below the comments await you. Yes, YOU. Feel free to open a discussion, drop me a line, make insulting remarks about my blog, or just say something humorous and inventive. Whatever your choice may be, I look forward to reading it – maybe not the insults. I have a heart, you know…

Thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

6 thoughts on “The entire Arsenal first team is injured on international duty.”

  1. The entire Arsenal first team is injured: Such a stupid headline! Don’t you have sensible subject to write about? Then shut-up.

  2. why oh why do we have to have international brakes most people i talk to or know think the same way as me about them there just a waist of time and energy i have never bothered watching the international games appart from the euro finals or the world cup finals i think they would be better of closeing the gaps in our league program and finishing a week or two earlier then playing a group of games 4,5,or 6 games mid week and weekend for 3 or 4 weeks at the end of the season that way you could get team spirt and a fitnes and understanding in the team that you dont now the group would stay together for a few weeks and hopfully it would be the same team not like now with the time between games it always means changes because of form and injurys i think it would be better for the international teams as well as for us fans because we all sit longing for the normal league football to resume praying that we get no injurys while our expensive players are away on internationals

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