The Madness Of Balotelli At Arsenal, Irksome Celebrations And Other Bits.

Look at his innocent face!

Afternoon, folks.

Sunday is a touch on the tedious side. Once football is over, I find myself utterly at a loss. This time last week we found ourselves embroiled in the glorious spectacle of triumph. A mere week has passed and all that’s left is a few beautiful remnants and the aching sensation of boredom.

This is were I struggle to find topics of discussion and descend into the murky abyss of the Internet in the vein hope of finding something both fascinating and illuminating. Invariably, I fail miserably and today is no exception.

What does pop up regularly is gossip. When I say, “reguarly” I mean interminably, unstoppably. The moment the season finishes, ITKs and all their ilk seemingly dash towards caves and begin their snarling tweets/posts of misinformation. The vast majority is hokum that deserves no further mention, but sometimes a rumour begins to build of head of steam and refuses to be flushed away. 

The talk of Mario Balotelli moving to Arsenal is very much in that category. He’s unquestionably an extremely talented footballer, the question that floats around my brain whenever his name is dropped in slobbering anticipation is simply, “is it a good idea?”.

Nope. I don’t think so. He’d certainly bring a lot to our striking options but I’m not at all convinced that any of it would be worth enduring the carnival of silliness and mayhem he brings with him. His antics were amusing when viewed from afar, but I could see him scoring a brace against Spurs only to follow that with a failed attempt at bombing a local Morrison’s and some hair-brain scheme that involves firing Santi Cazorla from a rocket.

Okay – admittedly he would be utterly entertaining and in an age of relatively insipid footballers he truly warrants the term ‘character’ being used. However, there are better options out there and I find it practically impossible to justify brining him in when it’s obvious that it’s impossible to control him. I don’t see Arsene Wenger relishing a risk like that for the money it would take to persuade AC Milan to let him go.

Incidentally, I was remined of Balotelli when I saw Ronaldo’s celebration in the Champions League final last night. What an absolute tw*t. He may be insanely gifted as a footballer, but he’s also wretchedly conceited and there was no better example of that when he strutted around the stadium shirtless having dispatched a penalty that was essentially meaningless.

Had that strike won the game in the dying moments of extra time, you could almost forgive it. That fact it made the scores 4-1 shows that all Ronaldo truly cares about is Ronaldo’s ego.

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All that remains is for me to point you towards the handy comments section and ask the following question; do you feel Balotelli would make a good addition or is there another player you’d prefer to see instead? Let me know your thoughts.

I’ll be back tomorrow with something different as tomorrow is a special day. As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

6 thoughts on “The Madness Of Balotelli At Arsenal, Irksome Celebrations And Other Bits.”

  1. Imagine when Ballotelli meets Podolski! Two crazy guys setting the dressing room on fire…they’ld have an entertaining competition…

  2. We would probably be pulling our hair from our head for the wrong reason if Mario came to arsenal, he could just explode and try strangle wenger , when being substituted in a game. In the Ronaldo case i just felt he had some deal with a magazine or entertainment house to do that celebration if he scored, plus he was in portugal(his home), outscored messi( who he is still fighting with for the greatest title). He also does not feel respected enough in the football world(which is crazy with the money earns). It really does not matter it just looked stupid in my eyes when the game was already won. Congrats to REAL and to ATL. MADRID who almost had a perfect season well done

  3. I would take vela Over ballotelli any day of the week. But ideally we need a player from the top drawer. For me that means one of Messi ronaldo suarez cavani falcao or ibrahimovic. They are the best 6 strikers in the world and we need one of them. Anything after that is about as good as what we already have, ok there are quite a few better than giroud but not much better. I think we could end up with one of those, benzema, costa, mandzukic, martinez, dzeko, negredo, kiessling, lloret, vucinic but to be honest I think wenger could well go cheap with remy and vela, who can play all across the front 3 and even make quite a formidable front 3 with giroud on occasions.

    1. You dont think Benzema, Mandzukic are a class better then Giroud? Theres a reason that Bayern München and Real Madrid went for those players and not for Giroud.

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