The new Arsenal kit (awful), Jack back next week, Diaby eager to repay Wenger and Chamakh’s in the dog house.

"Are your bags packed? The way out's this way"

Saturday morning greetings! Sorry about the absence of a post yesterday. It’s been a busy ol’ couple of days for yours truly. Fear not, I shall be back to normal posting now.

It would appear that Chamakh’s smokey antics have landed him in the Arsenal shithouse for naughty behaviour. Our Moroccan hair-gel enthusiast hasn’t exactly covered himself in glory on the pitch this year, with a paltry 1 goal in 17 league appearances. Now he’s making calamitous blunders off it. It would appear – if you read between the lines – that Arsene Wenger is at the end of his tether:

Will he stay at the club next season? It’s too early to say,’

‘We want him to focus completely ?? without smoking.’

Sounds to me like somebody’s going to be shown the exit during the summer. Given just how ineffective he’s become, it’s hardly the end of the world.

Another player maligned in a similar manner is Abou Diaby. I’ve made no secret of my admiration for him as a player in the past; if it weren’t for all those niggly injuries that stemmed from a terrible challenge by a call centre moron, I truly belive his Arsenal career would be an entirelly different story. He has talent in abundance. If he could just get a full season under his belt, I believe he’d come good.

He’s been talking on the official website about how he intends to repay Arsene Wenger and the club for the infinite patience he’s been shown. Wenger stated Diaby has the potential to be a ‘massive player’ for the club. In return, Abou said:

“I just need to carry on and stay focused every day in my rehabilitation, I feel in a good way now.

“Football itself has motivated me, because it’s the thing that I love. There is also my family and team-mates, manager, medical staff – they have all helped me.

“It is a big motivation for me that the boss said about me [being a “massive” player]. I want to be thankful to him and show him that he is right.”

It was reported that Jack Wilshere would make an appearence for the reserves on Wednesday, but it didn’t happen. There was no rush to plunge him back into any sort of action, so the right descision was made. It’s rumoured he could feature at some point next week in another ‘behind closed doors’ match.

Lastly today, there’s the ‘new’ Arsenal kit. I’m not sure whether this is 100% legitimate, but it has been reported across the vast majority of the larger sites with the insider knowledge of these things. Here it is:

Image from Le Grove (where I stole it... tee hee).

My initial reaction was this: “BLACK?! since when is an Arsenal strip in any way associated with that colour?” A few hours later, I stand by that reaction. It’s extraordinarily shit-awful, isn’t it? Let’s hope it’s a fake…

That’s all from me today. With a tedious week out of the way, the excitement for the City game on Sunday is building nicely. Tomorrow, I’ll be bringing you a preview of that game. Until then, thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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3 thoughts on “The new Arsenal kit (awful), Jack back next week, Diaby eager to repay Wenger and Chamakh’s in the dog house.”

  1. Nike the Goddess of Victory … well it seems not! Is the black to mourn our parting? I certainly hope so on this offering!

  2. I have never in ma life seen Arsenal putting on such a kind of jersey. BLACK??????????????????????, not good enough 4 the gunners.

  3. I have never and never again in ma life seen the Gunners putting on such a jersey, (BLACK) IS NOT A GOOD COLOR TO BE INCLUDED ON OUR NEW SHIRT.

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