The One Defensive Midfield Entity Arsenal MUST Secure to Right All Wrongs.

Yes, he can truly eradicate all known errors….


I’m sure you’ve missed me. Perhaps some more than others. Perhaps others more than some. Perhaps no one at all. Perhaps I find myself now having completely sunk into a self-induced oblivion. Perhaps…

Regardless of that, with a bright new season approaching, I have decided now’s the time to get back into blogging. I’m a rejuvenated man, an arbiter elegantiarum (of sorts… Okay… not at all, but it sounds fancy and I like it) and here to do my absolute best to inform, entertain and bamboozle.

*cue rapturous fanfare and ticker-tape*

So let’s get down to business….

Having not been to my beloved Emirates for a criminally long time, I was able to head down over the past weekend and catch The Emirates Cup. Without the benefit of hindsight, the chosen day was the Sunday. Bloody typical. I had a 50/50 chance and ended seeing the drab 1-0 defeat instead of Yaya Sanogo scoring 4 goals in the same game, a feat I’m certain will never be repeated.

Aside from that, it was a thoroughly enjoyable day, made so by the company. Those of you that listen to The Goonersphere Podcast will have heard my dulcet tones alongside Daniel Cowan, Jokman and Fonky Chris. That fateful day in smoggy, glorious, muggy London our collective paths crossed and it was a blast. The result meant little, meeting up with some folks I can call my friends with great pleasure was, and perhaps always should be, what football is about – bringing people together.

That day I noticed that many people from varying locations descended upon a football ground to share a common passion. For all its glaring flaws, the Internet has enabled fans from across the globe to get in contact with each other and enjoy Arsenal together. Whether it be Twitter, Facebook or sites specific to countries such as making and meeting up with new compadres has never been easier.

One pertinent issue gleaned from the day was the feeling amongst pretty much everyone I met that Arsenal, for all their fine acquisitions, are still one remaining piece away from completing the team jigsaw. That position, as I am sure you’ve guessed is the much-vaunted defensive midfielder.

William Carvalho is the name on everybody’s lips – he’s big, talented, imposing and has an undeniable touch of the Vieira to his swagger – from what I’ve seen, that is. He could be bloody useless for all I know, watching clips on YouTube is hardly the most accurate way to scout a footballer. I could make one of myself and edit it correctly, add some pounding techno music and come off looking like the Bristolian Rivaldo.

Regarding the supposed issue itself, I personally think it’s impossible to say what we need or indeed wether we need anything at all. At this stage, concerns about our strength in midfield are justified given the team’s propensity for catastrophic performances away from home against the bigger teams. However, we are now a different team with different attributes and one blessed with the confidence of eradicating a pesky trophy monkey residing on our backs for 9 years.

An imposing figure patrolling the centre and adding competition to the ageing legs of Arteta and Flamini certainly does not sound like a bad idea. Having seen our midfield passed by with relative ease on numerous occasions does indicate a deficiency in that area. But I find focusing too much on the negative aspects takes away from the great good that’s been accomplished. We have a exciting side bolstered by Alexis Sanchez’s arrival and many talented players we can hope to see a great deal more from.

We can only support what’s in front of us.

That’s all for today, folks. I’ll return with more tomorrow and a guest post from Dyllan Munro about the upcoming season as he sees it. Keep and eye out for that. Until then, why not pop a comment in the box below? You’ll enjoy it, trust me.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

6 thoughts on “The One Defensive Midfield Entity Arsenal MUST Secure to Right All Wrongs.”

  1. Welcome back, how dare you take the summer off. I read legrove, a cultured left foot, arseblog and your good self, I have missed your humourous writing! You mention we need a defensive midfielder, but surely an additional centre back is also urgently required? I think the thing that is bugging me the most is our season after season ability for us to continually let our opponents score from set pieces.
    I am not a great fan of zonal marking and believe this does not help our cause, what do you think?

  2. u’ve been missed!… anyway can’t see carvalho coming to the emirates at such high price. think chambers will shine in the \\\cdm . but who knows wenger may surprise us all by singing the BVB star Marrrrco Reuuuuss!!!!

  3. Welcome back chap! Great post as usual and I agree that we need one but is it Carvalho or Khedira, even with his high wage demands and injury history simply because of the fit with our German contingent, Ozil specifically?

    1. The new fitness coach who worked with Khedira in the German national team advised Wenger not to buy him because of his injury-proneness

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