The Preening Self-Importance of Cristiano Ronaldo.

“God damn you, Gareth… Put the bloody thing in the net!”

Morning, folks.

There is little or no Arsenal news. Bugger all, as a matter of fact.

Thankfully, for the sake of me having something to write about, there is the small matter of a Champions League semi-final. Having witnessed Barcelona’s inevitable progression at Bayern Munich on Tuesday in batches – I was doing around 4 other things whilst the game was on – I decided I’d actually sit down and give Real Madrid against Juventus my full attention.

I lasted around 10 minutes before that attention started to drift. If Arsenal aren’t playing I find it very difficult to stay with a game in it’s entirety as I prefer to have it on the background and watch when a raised commentator’s voice piques my interest.

I’m writing this entry whilst the game plays in the background and Juventus have just spurned a guilt-edged chance to go 2-1 up on the night and put things to bed with a second away goal. As it stands the game has just entered the final 10 minutes and the cameramen seem more inclined to focus on Ronaldo every time Gareth Bale cocks something up in the hope of seeing our Portuguese friend throw one of his notorious hissy fits. 

I rate Ronaldo as one of the greatest players I’ve ever seen play. His skills and attributes are beyond question and he boasts a goal scoring record that’s so impressive it defies belief – in two of Europe’s major leagues, no less. However, he is irrefutably an absolute c*nt.

The age old debate of Messi vs Ronaldo usually comes down to this for me. Both players are from another planet in terms of ability yet one seems quiet and reserved and the other a complete tool. Because of this, I find it very difficult to muster any affinity for Ronaldo. Yes – I’d probably like to see him in an Arsenal shirt. Probably… Actually, I’m not so sure. He really is a douchebag of nigh biblical proportion and having to cheer his every over-exuberant, midriff-flashing celebration would leave an acerbic taste in the mouth.

I dislike him to such an extent I’m now willing Juventus over the finishing line just to see those crocodile tears he likes to shed when a lens is shoved into his face, not to mention that god-awful ‘look at me and how sad I am’ face he pulls in moments of adversity. 4 minutes of injury time and counting…

And that whistle has just blown for the Old Lady of Italian Football. Real Madrid and all their millions have been unceremoniously dumped out of the competition. Given that the majority of El Classico games feature supreme shithousing, I can’t begin to imagine the levels that would be on show in the final of Europe’s most prestigious competition. Also, I think Juventus will offer Barcelona a better game of football and one that won’t be surrounded by farce.

I really do admire Juventus’ midifeld. It might even be my favourite midfield in Europe. Vidal, Marchisio, Pogba, Pirlo… Some  truly wonderful, wonderful players. Not one of them is anything like the other yet they form a fabulously effective unit. Pogba especially stands out as a player who’ll be immense in a few years time. Ohhh, to have him at Arsenal…

Anyway, I’m really just rambling today (last night). I’m bloody tired and I think it’s time to go to bed. I’ll leave you with my customary nod toward the comments in which I hope to read a few of your thoughts.

With a bit of luck, there will be some Arsenal news to talk about tomorrow and it’s then i shall return. Until then, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

One thought on “The Preening Self-Importance of Cristiano Ronaldo.”

  1. Thank you god for sparing us from another all-Spanish final.
    i agree with you about Pogba; I would love him to join us.

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