The race for 4th and Arsene’s pleasure with a challenge.

No trophies, no prestige; still plenty to play for…

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Wednesday’s Chelsea-Spurs fixture has taken on a horrible connotation. Ordinarily, I’d view that fixture as something that requires avoiding, but I’m going to be glued to the screen come kick-off time. Worst of all, a Chelsea victory is what I’m hoping for. Make no mistake, folks; if Spurs come out with 3 points, our chances of securing Champions League football take a dramatic nose dive.

In fact, if Spurs win I might just take up blogging about the NHL and offer you available 2013 hockey betting odds instead of the football equivalent. As it happens I did follow Hockey at one point in my life – thanks primarily to the EA games on the Megadrive. Jeremy Roenick, Sergei Federov… Those were the glory days of computer gaming.

I feel dirty all over. Any self respecting football fan whose allegiances lie away from Stamford Bridge shouldn’t ever have to say the words, ‘hope’, ‘Chelsea’ and ‘win’ in the same sentence. Wanting Chelsea to have any sort of good fortune is like hoping your mother makes a smooth transition into working as a prostitute. It’s unthinkable, appalling and just plain old wrong.

But that’s the position we find ourselves in. One or two blunders in the previous 36 games have led up to this point, and we find ourselves temporarily with our future in the hands of the most feculent. You could look back over plenty of games and state, “If only we’d done that” or “We should have won that” but such things are pointless. We are where we are.

The tension is becoming almost unbearable. I consider myself a calm, serene type of fellow, yet in recent weeks Arsenal have caused me to regularly pepper the air with obscenities, feel certain my heart was going to explode, and find my first grey hairs coming through. Only someone totally perverse would enjoy the constant drama and stress, right? Well, I do. It’s far better to be competing for something than nothing at all.

Arsene Wenger himself agrees:

“It’s very tight and it’s down to the team who makes no mistake,” he said. “But I love it because it’s a lot of tension and very exciting. It’s demanding as well, because it’s not easy.

“We definitely have momentum, if you look at the points we have made compared to two months ago. We are going for it.

“Away from home recently, we’ve won everywhere – at Fulham, at Sunderland, at Swansea and at QPR. It was a derby which was difficult to win.”

We have momentum, and we have a good run or results. What we lack is form. At this stage of the season, it would be foolish to expect cavalier football and scintillating displays amidst great pressure, and if we carve out 2 more sloppy 1-0 victories to finish the season, I’ll be very happy.

That said, it would be nice to be able to feel comfortable with the outcome of a match. But that, my friends, is the caveat of being a Gooner: nothing is ever certain. Even at 4-0 up or 4-0 down, you can never know what’s going to happen. There’s a lot that’s going to occur in the next two weeks we can’t predict. I expect everything to come down to the fortunes of all involved on the final day of the season.

Until everything is over, we can only cross our fingers and buckle-in for the ride. It’s sure to be a bumpy one, but there’s every chance we’ll arrive at our preferred destination smiling.

That’s all for today, folks. Leave me a comment below; how do you see the results panning out? Are you confident of securing at least 4th? Let me know what you think.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

4 thoughts on “The race for 4th and Arsene’s pleasure with a challenge.”

  1. I can see us finishing 4th because of our goal difference advantage over spurs if they loose Wednesday we only need a win and a draw to secure 4th!
    And being really optimistic they loose to Chelsea and draw with toke away and only 1 victory over Wigan would see us uncatchable!
    The pressure is all on spurs now we can just sit back and watch them bottle it again chelsea have all but confirmed 3rd if they win Wednesday .

  2. spurs beat chelshit, win the remaining matches, we go to Europa. we then go ahead to win Europa next season.

  3. If only sagna doesn’t have short term memory lost, and he didn’t send that beautiful pass to rival’s main striker, if only after that momment he didn’t make that horrible tackle, may the ball still in our hans, now for the 1st time, i’m afraid taht we won’t be in UCL next season, spuds just have that luck charm….

  4. Great Article as usual James
    Love the comment about “Feeling Dirty All Over”
    I think we will just about do it on goal difference but i’m sure there are gunna be a few 5p/10p moments before 17.45 on the 19th

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