The signings Arsenal need to make; keeper, midfielder, striker.

“You want us to spend this all on new players??”

Afternoon, folks.

As today is another spectacularly slow news day, I thought I’d use it as an opportunity to share a few of my hopes and dreams for the coming months. Until we get down to the proper business of competitive football, all that remains in it’s prolonged absence is good old fashioned talk of who we may bring into the wonderful world of Arsenal.

We obviously won’t be signing Falcao or Neymar as both have moved onto lucrative contracts in pastures new – Falcao bizarrely choosing to move to the sunny, tax-free climes of Monaco. Although that piece of business is yet to be officially confirmed, it looks a certainty. I can’t say I’m not surprised that arguably the best striker in Europe has opted to move to France when he could have had his pick of Europe’s elite.

As far as Arsenal are concerned, I’m still possessed by the feeling this summer is going to be different. I’ve made that statement before only to be disappointed with the new faces that materialised. What makes the difference is we will enter the close season without the burden of speculation surrounding our greatest asset.

So, who do I think we should sign? Well, I don’t have any particular players in mind, but I know the areas of the team that need strengthening…

This is usually the part of any blog relating to signings that I feel the need to put a disclaimer of sorts up. I’m not a professional football manager. If given the opportunity to manage a Premiership club, I would probably make an enormous mess and be hunted down and flayed by its supporters. Part of me feels a bit ridiculous talking about who Arsenal should sign. I’m just a humble fan with an opinion.

So don’t take any of this too seriously, folks.


There is a very interesting piece about our training methods featured in today’s Arseblog. In no way do I intend to disrespect its author, but I do disagree with it to an extent. I think Arsenal lack an established, top-class shot stopper. That has been our  problem since Lehmann left, and not necessarily how we train the ones we have. Above all others, goalkeeper is the position that requires experience. Over the summer, I’d personally opt to securing the services of a No1 with plenty of games under his belt, and pay the money for a world-class one.


It has long been a point amongst Arsenal fans that we need a defensive midfielder – someone built like the proverbial house of shit bricks that can sit ahead of the defence and repel attacks. Not wishing to in any way undermine Mikel Arteta’s excellence in the position, I can’t help but feel it doesn’t suit him.

When discussing the Invincibles, often folks overlook the contribution of Gilberto Silva. For all the wonderful finesse of our approach play, the Brazilian quietly went about his business and with great effect. Without his positional discipline, that team wouldn’t have been so difficult to beat. The defensive/holding midfielder midfielder may not be a position used as much in today’s game, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need one. With our defence showing great improvement recently, deploying a rock in the midfield would only add to that.


I’d say this one will be universally agreed with.

Olivier Giroud will only get better in his second season, and he deserves a great deal more credit than he gets for an impressive tally of goals an assists accumulated in his first. However, he can’t lead the line by himself. Yaya Sanogo looks like he’s coming our way, but an unproven French youngster with past injury troubles sounds a little too familiar with regard to success rates. This is the area I’d throw some cash at.

Call me a dreamer, but I’d love to enter next season buzzing about how our new top-class centre forward is going to do. We’d certainly have to break our record transfer fee to get a really good one, but there are plenty out there who could drastically improve the way our frontline looks.

And that’s what I’d like to see us do. Another creative minded soul to operate in midfield with cunning wouldn’t go amiss, but above all else those are the areas I’d hope we recruit. Of course; it is not for me to decide. I can only offer the views of a fan – views that are certainly open to being disagreed with and critiqued.

The comments below are available for exactly that. Do you disagree or agree with me? Where in the team would you like to see Arsene improve with new faces? Do you have any particular players in mind? Let me know what you think.

As always: thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

13 thoughts on “The signings Arsenal need to make; keeper, midfielder, striker.”

    1. Higuain can finish but lacks mobility/pace. That’s the reason he’s had issues at Madrid. I don’t know what happened to him but he seems to have lost a step or two. Right now, he wouldn’t add anything significant to giroud and would lose the link up/aerial play. Now isco is a player we could use and a player of that likeness would do wonders for us

  1. We need as a DM
    Pogba or Capoue or Wanyama.

    As a striker I would get Benteke. He is the rising star and make me think of our great Thierry Henry. I’m sure AW would get him to the next level and this guy can become a true Arsenal Legend. On top of that I’m certain he will pair excellently with Giroud and Cazorla!!!!!

    In defense I think we should get Williams. We need experience and physical presence, which both Williams have.

    And as a Goalkeeper: Begovic is the only one suitable as he did an amazing job with Stoke.

    Hear me Arsene.

    Good day Gunners!

  2. Goalkeeper is a spot where we could improve on for sure. I also agree with the need for a defensive minded midfielder. Like you said, Arteta’s performances have been effective but he lacks real mobility. The fight is there.. the speed is not. I don’t think we need a Walcott in the middle but when our midfield loses the ball and there’s noone fast enough to get back, we end up in real trouble. Extremely susceptible to counters. I honestly believe we need a quality attacking wing type midfielder to unlock defenders and provide for our strikers. We have people who can finish but I feel we lack that extra control out wide. What made that team of 2009/2010 I believe (nasri- rvp-Walcott) dangerous was that mix of creative talent and attacking intent with a hint of pace provided by nasri. Wenger tried to recreate that with the benayoun loan and this year cazorla was put there once wilshire a fitness became an issue. Cazorla is better suited in the center. His control is immaculate and he’s not slow either but the role doesn’t suit him. The ox wants to be more central, gervinho is more useful when our midfield is in control and can release him, Walcott isn’t the greatest in possession(an understatement) and podolski can be efficient but lacks both pace and creativity to beat a man with skill. You fix our middle and add that creativity out wide(with some pace) and you can maximize the effectiveness of the strikers we actually have. Our strike force isn’t as bad as people really think.

  3. Until fabianski and mannone’s futures are decided I cannot see that wenger will bring a keeper in. As for a striker well we didn’t get one in january when we really needed one and even allowed chamakh to.leave. since then walcott giroud and podolski have all bagged quite a few goals and even more assists. The signing of sanogo has surely dented that need even further and the impending return of bendtner chamakh and park will push the need for a striker even further to the back of wengers priorities. I am certain his first major signing will be a midfielder mainly because he loves midfielders and his prodigal son diaby is injured whilst the futures of coquelin and frimpong are up in the air.
    I think until some of these 22 are moved on he will not be too much activity in the transfer market


    That for me is wengers first and 2nd choice teams. Let’s not forget that this little lot are not even included

    yennaris /bellerin

    That is just the professionals I can think of from the top of my head!!

  4. My fellow gunner, the summer is here again and as usual all we get are rumours! rumours!! and rumours!!! At the end we are left disappointed and hearth broken. It has started again this season. And, I’m afraid all Arsenal fans are going to be disappointed at the end. The signs are begining to show that Wenger will not make any serious signing at the end of the season.

  5. We really need defencr badly also. We are the second highest team with individual ddwfensive errors leading to goal. If we fix defence, we will br so tough to score against. Chico and fagner will do.

  6. Higuain
    or Benteke if we can’t get Higuain
    Don’t understand all the fuss about Jovetic (13 goals in serie A). The new Van Persie he is certainly not
    Big error letting Spurs get Villa. Bet he scores more than anyone at Arsenal score next season. Should have bought him

  7. Assuming we can off load our older squad players; Squillaci, Arshavin, Chamakh, Bendtner, Denilson, Santos, Park and maybe Djourou and Gervinho.
    We need to keep our starting XI+subs in order to improve. Buy 2-3 top class players who will get a starting spot in our team. We don´t need 5-6 mediocre players. Promote youngsters to make up the numbers.

  8. Some of the ‘off-load’ players you mention are at the end of their contract, so they are already ‘off-loaded’

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