The Tuesday Club, no transfer solutions, Arsenal apathy, and the wonder of a comfy dressing gown.

“Is that a woman’s dressing gown?”

Morning folks.

You may be wondering why a dressing gown takes it’s place in today’s title. It’s because, for the first time in my 30 years, I’ve bought myself one. It’s deliciously comfortable, warming and adorned with the type of patterns mere mortal eyes cannot contend with. I feel like a complete man now. Yes, it’s colourful, but it’s certainly not a ladies garment. It’s pure testosterone, this. I look splendid – regal even. I daren’t post a picture of me wearing it for fear of sending you all into a sex-crazed rampage.

Anyway, enough of that. I probably should talk Arse, even if wittering on about my pre-bed nightwear does seem a more enjoyable pursuit at this stage. Slippers, anyone? Shut up, James…

As I am scribing this, Alan and Tayo are discussing Arsenal’s fortunes on The Tuesday Club podcast. It’s hard to listen to. I’m not the one to opt for fluffy and buoyant broadcasts where the speakers do their best to convince us all is well. I prefer honest opinion. What makes this tough is how true it is. Arsenal are deteriorating season after season becuase we lose quality players, and replace them with ones not as good. That’s fact, and I challenge any one to dispute it.

On such a downward spiral, it’s difficult to know what happens next. Do we crack open the cheque book and throw a small fortune at new recruits? Sounds like the simplest option, doesn’t it? It’s one fraught with peril, however. Even if we do spend, given Arsene’s good/bad average in the market isn’t at it’s best, there’s no guarantee of sccuess. We all know there’s no hope of him buying at the top end – regardless of alleged ‘war chests’.

Is a change needed? Is it time to replace a man who, regardless of your current opinion, has revolutionised our football club? I’d say no, but I’d be lying if I said that answer is set in concrete. Sometimes even the greatest managers run their course. He’ll have to leave sometime, and I’d rather it wasn’t on the back of a tainted legacy.

Truth be told, there’s an apathy sweeping over me. Where once joyous optimism lived, there now resides a miserly soul who’s looking at our fixture list with poe-faced indifference. I shouldn’t be looking at the upcoming games and suppressing concern. I should be hoping for positive outcomes and a resurgance. Instead I’m considering avoiding the game. It’s all somehow gotten so predictable.

It should be noted that I’m writing late last night on the back of a 15 hour shift at work, and I’m cream crackered. Come the morning, I may think to myself, “Jesus Christ! That post is a bunch of miserable tosh”. If that happens, I shall fight the urge to delete it, as I believe in writing what you feel, when you feel it – it’s part of being an honest fan. We all have our slumps and moments of doubt. This is one of mine.

I love the Arsenal. I hate where things are going. We’ve right to expect better from our players and those that run the club, because they’re all capable of it. There would be no better tonic than to hammer QPR at the weekend,. Tomorrow I’ll post a preview of the game, trying my best to use the phrase, “please don’t do that shit” as little as possible.

Right. I’m finishing up. Thanks for reading, you lovely creatures. Forgive my indulgent ramblings, and let’s be having a few of your comments. Are you pissed off with being pissed off? Do you share my concern, or do you think I’m talking directly from my rectum? Let me know.

I shall return tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “The Tuesday Club, no transfer solutions, Arsenal apathy, and the wonder of a comfy dressing gown.”

  1. Yeah, how right you are!! I am totally fed up with all the talk AW,and the rest of them come out with. It’s about time we saw a run of good results, get the bloody guy’s really fit,for a start!! And, instead of talking about it, get out there and Fxxxing well do it!!

  2. You hit the nail right on the head James i am totally feckin pissed off with being “Pissed Off” about the club and the direction we seem to be heading
    I seem to be continually being let down by the club i have supported for the last 30 years
    I don’t expect us to win everything but some success would at least restore some belief even if all it gets us is some release of the “7 seasons without a trophy bollox” which every journalist seems to write in every column they scribe now that really feckin PISSES ME OFF

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