The Utter Beauty Of Kolasinac

Morning, folks.

When you commit to producing content as regularly as humanly possible – I work a job that occasionally has crazy hours – there are moments when you have the time, the inclination but, alas, sorely lack a juicy subject. This is one of those occasions. There’s always a lull between games in which nothing of any note happens, almost like a state of purgatory, but in footballing terms…. Not sure if that makes sense.

Moving on.

An idea I’ve used before in instances such as this is simply throwing the question out to all those beautiful people on Twitter, allowing the first eager beaver to respond to my bleating the dubious honour of being responsible for today’s post. This is what happened.

I’m a man of my word, so I’d have blogged about whatever the first response had been. It could have been a request to type 500 words about my favourite poo of 2013. It might have been something catastrophically inappropriate that would lead to both of my regular readers disowning me and vowing never to return. Mercifully, it was neither and it’s a lovely topic to write about because we’ve all taken Sead Kolasinac into our hearts.

‘Big Sead’, as he’s affectionately referred to in some circles, is a f**king unit. I apologise for the unnecessary use of profanity, but it is the most accurate way to describe our Bosnian friend. Kolasinac is a tank and he’s hard as nails to match. Whilst that appears to be his most remarked upon attribute, I don’t believe it’s his most formidable. Undoubtedly, when playing in a defensive area, strength isn’t a bad thing to possess, but Kolasinac is quick, skillfull and committed – 3 more important abilities.

Since he made his debut, and especially now he’s played regularly in his preferred role at LWB, our defence has looked more sturdy. I don’t think it’s any coincidence our poorest performance in defence thus far came when he was on the bench. His defensive proficiency is matched by his contributions going forward. He’s already notched a couple of important goals and I don’t doubt he’s going to provide plenty of assists for our forwards when he marauding down the left flank.

Every so often, a player comes to Arsenal that just fits and beds in immediately. Sead Kolasinac has done exactly that. The fans have taken to him, he looks comfortable with his teammates and surroundings and he’s only going to improve as things move ahead. Of course, this is a ridiculously premature thing to say given we’re only in September, but should Kolasinac remain injury free and continue to perform as he has done, then he could be a decent shout for our player of the season.

Perhaps. We shall see. Long may the excellent contributions continue. The only thing left for him to do now is score the winner against Spurs and then put Dele Alli into row Z.

Right, that’s all for today, folks. Leave me a comment below with your thoughts on Sead Kolasinac.

I shall return tomorrow with a preview of the Europa League – ahh, there’s nothing quite as exciting as a 6pm kick-off in Belarus on a Thursday evening…

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

Oh yeah! I forgot yesterday…. The indulgent, irrelevant bit where I share with you what music I listened to whilst writing.

Metro Area – ‘Rainy Street Feeling’

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