The wonderfully fickle world of the Arsenal supporter.

The bickering was too much for Ian and he finally snapped.

Evening all.

Christmas, aye? This time of the year is a bloody nightmare for those of us entrenched within the hospitality industry. The main reason for my lengthy absence from blogging is working long hours and feeling decidedly under the weather because of this.

However, my return is triumphant – like a majestic bird of prey swooping down onto unsuspecting food beneath it. Kinda… Well… it’s nothing at all like that to be honest. What the f**k am I talking about.

Sunday’s draw against Everton wasn’t what I would describe as a bad result – not by any stretch of the imagination. Roberto Martinez and Everton deserve enormous credit for the way they applied themselves to the game and on the strength of that one showing, I’d say they are the best team we’ve faced at the Emirates; comfortable on the ball, fluid and with genuine threat from both flanks and up front. Along with their intent to press at every available opportunity, Everton put in an extremely impressive display.

You’d think that would mean Arsenal were unbelievably sh*t-awful if you took a moment to glance at some of the reactions. We were not at our best, that’s for sure, but far from our worst. Defensively, it was an outstanding performance. Koscielny and Mertesacker nullified the considerable threat of Lukaku with apparent ease, and for all the opposition’s possession, they created very little. They best chances of the game fell to Arsenal, and were it not for alert goalkeeping from Tim Howard, the game would have been a home victory.

Perhaps it should have been. I certainly understand the feeling of disappointment seeing a winning position squandered so soon after obtaining it. When Ozil eventually found the breakthrough, I was confident we’d safely see out the few remaining minutes and sit pretty at the top of the league with a 7 point buffer. Alas, it was not to be. ‘DAY-U-FLAY-U’ (or whatever the bloody hell his name is),  popped up with an excellent goal, and whilst one might question Szczesny’s attempt to save it – surely if he just stood upright and still it wouldn’t have gone in – sometimes in football you just have to take your medicine and move on.

And here’s what I found the most peculiar of all: when the dust settles and that feeling of having lost out on a higher prize subsides, people still feel the need to have a moan. Whether it be who started the match, who played well, or who was at fault for the goal; certain members of our vast and international fan group simply can’t be happy unless their having a good old fashioned complain about something. And these complaints seem to occur with even the slightest of setbacks these days. If we currently sat bottom of the Premiership having lost every single game and sold Walcott, Ramsey, Cazorla, Wilshere, Koscielny, Gibbs and Rosicky on Auguest 31st, I’d probably understand the #WengerOut hashtag being used.

What I can’t get to grips with is that same silly little addition to tweets making its way back into the public becuase we drew a game, and only sit 5 points clear at the top of the league. It truly baffles me. What exactly do these people want to make them happy? A f**king miracle on the pitch at half time?

Don’t get me wrong here, boys and girls. There was a point when I almost (ALMOST) understood the calls for Arsene to stand down. We have endured a tumultuous road up until this point. Seasons’ past have not been all that fun, and as much as I revere Arsene as a man for all his fabulous work at the club, I have to be honest and admit I feel he made many mistakes during that period. No one person is perfect.

However, my faith was always there. Whether you called for his head during the bad times or not is irrelevant.  Let’s not get ourselves embroiled in one of those petty “I was right and you were wrong” arguments. I hate them. None of that matters one little bit now. What matters is the present. We sit in a good position and I belive the best is still to come from this team. We have a tough run of fixtures heading our way, but isn’t that what we all want? To compete for a prize with the biggest teams around us? It’s certainly what I want.

We are in that place now. Enjoy it. Stop moaning and try to take a few positives from a result that certainly wasn’t even remotely as bad as the doom merchants would have you think. Most of all, take a leaf out of the new book I’ve written for myself today; don’t argue with people on the internet. It is pointless and gets you nowhere.

That’s all for today, folks. Kind of a belated review of the game, isn’t it? Oh well, better late that never I suppose. You all know the drill. i want to read a few of your thoughts so head to the comments section and drop me a line.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

7 thoughts on “The wonderfully fickle world of the Arsenal supporter.”

  1. Well said–couldn’t agree more! Yesterday’s result was a decent one against one of the best teams out there right now (though I did find myself dreaming about Giroud’s last-second strike finding the back of the net). Anyway, signing Messi wouldn’t satisfy some of the perpetual moaners who claim to be fans, so you can see how dropping two points would be seen by them as an utter disaster. The rest of us should just enjoy the fact that we’re doing very well and look forward to some exciting matches in the lead up to Xmas.

  2. Arsenal supporters are spoilt brats most of prem want champ l arsenal morons want tin cup 20000000 to 1. 8 l c arsenal will go on to spite rubbish so called fans

  3. I honestly share your sentiments, i was amazed when i saw that hashtag pop up in some comments and quite upset when i read and heard some comments from some fans,Look at the league this season and you’ll find out that we and everton have been the major consistent team(just that they have more draws), and where we have problems with “little” teams in the past, that is not so this season. I was disappointed that we didn’t win the game, but as majority of us know, you have to really give Everton kudos for the way they played, the result was a fair one. If really one must complain about something(as it seems some people cant do without), fine, complain about Wenger not buying a seasoned striker, but not on the Sunday game. We have to really stand behind this team, they have being outstanding since the early A.villa blip, (excluding the Old Trafford jitters), and still improving and I for one believe in them and I think (and hope that we get) a good striker in January will do wonders for out trophy hunt. Cheers Gunners

    1. Well said, some people are so negative, not only about the team’s performance but life on general. I bet they are very lonely people.

      rformance but

  4. You know James, even Adam Kemp (you should known him) the famous motherfxxker negative fan is turning to be positive this season. He even mentioned that he won’t be mad if Arsenal can’t win this season’s title. He was glad that we are comeback to the title zone contenders and feel that we’ll remain that way in seasons to come. Our complete best is still not shown yet folks, but here we are at the top. If you weren’t satisfied with that, you shouldn’t cheers for Arsenal anymore. Maybe for untouchable Muenchen, I suggest.

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