Theo packs his bags, Usmanov ups the ante and Robin.

“Don’t leave me Robin. I’m coming with you!”

Howdy, partners!

It’s not much fun writing about the Arsenal at the moment. With Robin’s bombshell, news is now floating around about little Theo. Allegedly (not ‘apparently’) our speedy winger is ready to pack his bags too. His contract and the signing of was hugely dependent on the outcome of Robin’s negotiations. Now that our captain has sullied his once-good name with a statement so ill-advised it makes casting Keira Knightly in Domino appear positively inspired, it’s widely expected that Walcott won’t sign either.


To be brutally honest; if Walcott leaves, I won’t lose any sleep. Sure, on his day he’s a good player capable of tearing defences to shreds. Trouble is, those days tend to be few and far between. The rest of the time we’re left to scream in frustration as he aims for the corner flag, shows the first touch of a baby elephant and scurries about the pitch like a stabbed rat. To compound matters, he seems to think season after season of unfulfilled promise warrants a pay rise reportedly to be in the region of £100k.

I know many of you will strongly disagree with what I’ve just said, and, of course, you are more than entitled to do so. I wouldn’t seek to discount your opinions simply because they differ from mine – regardless of what tetchy commenters might have you believe. If you feel I’m off the mark with that assessment, then please feel free to put me right.

Yesterday also saw Alishar Usmanov’s Red & White Holdings release comfortably the most opportunistic statement I’ve read in a while, but also one that contains a great deal it’s difficult to argue with. For  sometime, they’ve been itching to oust ‘Silent’ Stan Kroenke, and what better way to garner some support from us fans than to tug at our heartstrings and aim for our current anathema. Here’s a few choice exerts from the open letter in question:

??Yet again we are faced with losing our true marquee player at the club because we cannot assure him of the future direction and give confidence that we can win trophies. Where are the safeguards to ensure the this doesn??t happen again and again in the future???

??It doesn??t help to turn a blind eye to the reality of the situation and keep thinking of ourselves as being in the same league as Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester City and Barcelona. To have a fighting chance of success, which means winning trophies, we need to match them in every aspect, including, if not first and foremost, financial.??

Those are the two points that struck me the most, and I’d agree with them totally. In all honesty; I’d be making false claims if I told you I was well informed about the conduct of our board members and the apparent feud. If you’d like to read a more thorough account of the letter by folks who know immeasurably more than I ever could, you can do so here and here.

The letter itself was quite obviously released the day after Robin’s statement to ensure it had maximum impact. I don’t particuarly agree with the timing, or it’s intentions to unsettle and create the flase position of  a ‘shining knight’ for Red & White Holdings, but it’s very difficult to disagree with some of the points made. The letter in its entirey is available for your perusal here at Le Grove. (Pedro doesn’t mind me stealing his stuff, I give him %90 of his traffic…)

It would appear we ought be thinking about strapping ourselves in from the long run, folks – I don’t see the current shit storm relenting any time soon. Arsenal are going to be the focal point for as much speculative garbage as the media can muster. Words like ‘crisis’ and ‘upheaval’ will be brandished with careless disregard wherever  we cast our eyes. It’s important we stay together, that we remain the one constant at the club.

Thanks for reading today, you wonderful people. The comments are below. Use ’em!

Lastly, and as a special treat for those Spurs fans crawling out of their dungeons to gloat, I thought I’d remind you of these idiots the last time you predicted our downfall;

“Don’t worry lads, we won’t regret this or look at all foolish”

I shall return tomorrow.

35 thoughts on “Theo packs his bags, Usmanov ups the ante and Robin.”

  1. Theo and Robin can go anywhere they want,…but i’m pretty sure they won’t be as great as they are now at Arsenal…can’t believe this players are saying they want trophies only to find out they’re gonna go after the money…when henry left for barcelona he truly regret it..he wasn’t happy like he was at Arsenal…so persie and walcott u can both rot in hell..who cares …we have prinz poldi and handsome giroud to fire the guns for us gooners….

    1. No player is bigger than the club… The players and management win trophies, if certain players want to try their luck elsewhere-so be it, RVP and Walcott will not be remembered as legends at our club-true legends stay through tough times and help their club succeed, they don’t quit and try to join another club…

  2. like a stabbed rat haha lmfao thats exactly whats hes like. I for one completely agree let him go hes not worth 100 k a week. we need a world class winger like valencia he never has a bad game for united hencd they so consistent. sell and reinvest simple!!

  3. nice post,
    agree about theo, six years of rabbit in the headlights is enough, even at 18 we all prefer the Ox. RVP c’est la vie, I can’t wait for the season to start and prove everyone in the media wrong. Remember this fat russian is a convicted fraudster so don’t be surprised when the pyramid scheme doesn’t pay out.

  4. they can leave who cares rvp probably wont be fit next season anyways..if he thinks leaving is the right thing he is dead wrong

  5. Theo played well last season. I mean 11 goals and 12 assists or so for a winger is not bad. How many other wingers had such record last season? We expect too much from him because he was formerly a striker. Let’s support him!

  6. That is just the real fact.. Players like Henry, Pires, Jlunberg, Veira, Flamini left when he was at his best, same as Fabregas still we remain the gooners.. If RVP wanna leave, let him leave, we gat more to think about. As for Theo, I didn’t even notice his existence. We’ve gat Chamberlin.

  7. I couldn’t provide a better analysis on Walcotts worth if I tried. I’m still laughing.

    If he goes to another club he’ll get found out. He’ll lose his England place in double quick time and eventually bluff his way at his 4th or 5th club that’ll probably be Blackburn, Everton, or maybe QPR.

    As for Van Persie, not really contributed much to Arsenal until last season – pretty much on a par with Rosicky as regards appearances and out … definitely not even close to being a legend.

    1. Is anyone else out there tiring of this? These are less than rumours, ill-founded or not…they are pure baseless BS speculation. Why are we focusing on players who seem unhappy when we have an entire squad of 25 who are eager to wear the jersey. Giroud and Podolski are positively ebullient about playing for the Gunners, have 40 League goals between them last year and I am sure we’ll have more top class signings before the window closes. Look at who we brought in last year: Benayoun, Arteta, Mertesacker, the OX, Gervinho, and Jenkinson, all of whom helped lead AFC to the CL and 3rd….despite Park & Chamakh(?) rarely playing.
      I personally saw Podolski play in Germany and he is a beast in front of the net….I hear that Giroud is also a great finisher….and Aw has just started to bring new faces in!
      Lets stop whining and moaning about what we can’t influence and start enjoying our beautiful Football like we were meant to do!

      1. well said sir…

        sorry for not mentioning the Ox in my post below cause he also seems a kid with his head switched on!!

  8. The Ox is already a better played than Walcott and Theo’s agents know this – hence the latest headline about Chelsea wanting Theo. Really? With all their millions? RVP said it’s not about the money! Let’s see if he signs a contract at the same rate he’s on at the moment! Go if you want Robin but don’t take the piss out of the people paying your wages these last few years (even when you were continually injured!)

  9. Its not as big of a deal as everyone is making it out to be. We’ve brought in 2 new attackers, and the Ox is better than Walcott anyway. I imagine the straw that broke RVP’s back was the news that Wenger planned to play him a little deeper next year. The thought must have concerned RVP a great deal and given him anxiety about whether his ankles would hold up. I personally would like the club to cash in on both of them, and bring in the Midfielder and fullback we will need to compete for real in the coming year. As for Usmanov, he can jog on. Does anyone really care what this clown thinks? I tend to care what the people making the decisions think, not some bit part investor who wants to turn the club into some sort of circus.

  10. On theo i am gonna reserve my judgement until its really neccessary. I still hope he resigns. As we all know he can frustrate and he can de absolutely deadly…so much so that if often occurs in the same match..

    as for our classless “EX”-captain, he can go ASAP preferably to Italy and 2ndly to spain, but if not go to filthy Man $ity cause more in fighting, and King Kozzer will break the F#*kers leg…

    too harsh…probably…

    but the last few days has just left me so disillusioned with the modern footballer. Lets hope Theo shows some class (but honestly i got a feeling he won’t)

      1. It was a tongue in cheek comment. I really don’t want that to happen…I retract the statement if it offends…

  11. p.s. Although its frightfully hard to tell (as we can clearly see with the RvP situation. we all truely thought he had changed and was the captain we needed…bollocks to that) it seems Arsene is trying to bring in a different type of player in the last 2 years. Determination and smaller ego’s being the key with some success

    1. Kozzer…had a lot to learn but he looks like the one player least likely to do anything like this (and as you may already my main man at the gunners)

    2. Arteta…pretty much as stand up a guy as possible. Stays out of the media, plays with heart and determination. True pro

    3. Yossi…He deserves a real pat on the back for the way he handled himself last season. I don’t think we needed to sign him but he did a great job.

    4. Poldi…proven professional. youngest ever European to reach 100 caps and has nearly 50 international goals.

    5. Giroud…he is a fine looking man, but best mates with kozzer speaks a lot. Seems more interested in doing his work than showing off and talking about himself.

    6. Mertesacker…he did a really good job for us last seaon and will be better with a year under his belt. Probably not a starter in truth but he seems like such a pro he will deal with this and there will be injuries…it wouldn’t be arsenal without them

    my preference for who we need to bring in is 1. Capoue/M’Vila (notice the changed order. 2. Dempsey (determined Mo Fo) 3. A (technical) striker: this is the hard one and there will be a 1000 names put forward…i’ll trust wenger on that one

  12. Agree and support the reminder that this is the times we should stick together and focus on what we have. At least this time we have been active in the market and time is still on our side. The initial shock is always most painful especially when it is disrespectful backstabbing. Let’s hope Juve dishes out enough soon to take RVP and as for Walcott…I wouldn’t even worry or think much one way or the other.

  13. After RVP statement better to sell him with as high s possible price and use the fund to buy Klass Jan Huntelar from SChalke, Huntelaar has a has a hidden ambition to show to KNVB that he can do better than RVP, he was always side lined by Dutch coach because of RVP. So he may be good for Arsenal.

  14. Klaas is a doubt especially after Wengers comment afte the Euros. In his ill-fated attempt to pacify and refusal to accept the truth that RVP had a tournament to forget, the proffesor publicly stated that RVP is better than KJH.
    Unless he calls KJH personally and expalins the statement, (if I were KJH), I wouldnt want to play for a manager who thinks I am a cheaper version of his departing striker

  15. These players need to get a real job . If the average person spent as much time under performing in the real world they would have been sacked long ago. It always makes me laugh when a player says the club has no ambition and yet these are the people who get paid insane amounts of money to do their job on the pitch, and have for the most part cruised along for the last seven years ( or should that be 4 1/2 RVP) just to turn around and put the blame of not achieving trophies soley on the club. So instead of blaming the club and saying they have no ambition why don’t they shut the f up and do what they are paid to do. Go warm a bench somewhere else.

  16. Gunners, we need to stick 2geda now than ever. We also need to focus on what we av got and what we can possibly bring in realistically. As 4 RVP, trust me he will regret his move away frm AFC. He is a good player no doubt, but he shines bcos of the style of play @ AFC. As for Theo, we will forget him so fast as soon as we get the Ox in d field regularly. AFC is bigger than any one player. No one will turn us to Chelsky or Man?ity. Up Gunners.

  17. somebody needs to tell walcot that hes no pires or overmars and sit him down,make him watch videos of how they use to play…i think theo might get promoted to stricker if he stays.

  18. Let them go but we do need to replace we all know robin has a bad streak in him so why keep him he will wreck team spirit and we can still get sumtin 4 him as for Theo who reply cares of he goes he got 13 goals that can be replaced if ox plays a full season he will be around double figures its not the end they are both injury prone robin had 1 full season includin euros don’t he will put in another season like that once he leaves his performances will be like the Dutch teams he won’t be the main man wereever he goes out of everybody that leaves cesc was the only success so let them go they will suffer not us gooners .

  19. I agree with yoyu mate 100%. I have also been looking for how to describe him on the Emirate’s pitch; now I know and thanks to you! And here it is,”scurries about the pitch like a stabbed rat” Love it!! He can go take a £20M jump to City or even Spuds as if I cared.

  20. Let us not be harsh on RVP. He scored more than any other in the EPL but the Arsenal defenders did not prevent the leakage and he consequently won nothing.Nasri , Clichy , Fabs , etc scored fewer but earned more money and won some trophies. Why would a top scorer stay in a club where he works more to get ” virtually nothing”? I am a fan of Arsenal but I understand his situation and probably I would have done the same ( Leaving for greater things) if I were him. Arsenal should show more ambition by buying World class and not average players.

  21. Great post (nice to see that ‘normal service’ has been resumed again James)… I loved the ‘the first touch of a baby elephant’ comment… Keep ’em coming fella.

  22. I think RVP has been very badly advised here in terms of the statement that he made on his website earlier this week.. What he should have perhaps said is that he was prepared to see out his final year on his existing contract, and continue to fight for the cause and to hopefully win a trophy next year with Arsenal, and that he is hoping to emulate his achievements of last season again, and to leave the door open on a possible contract extension later in the year, depending on how the team performs.. He could have then gone on to say that it was up to the club to decide whether they want him to stay for the rest of his contract, but if they decided to cash in on him now, he would understand that and respect their decision? I think if he had done it this way, it would not have provoked quite the reaction amongst the fans that it has done? Unfortunately for RVP, he has made his bed now and has to lie in it.
    I personally would like to see Arsenal hold on to him for another year (more out of principle than anything else) as I think RVP has too much personal pride to just run his contract down playing for the reserves.. He will need to keep himself firmly in the ‘shop window’ to secure a good ‘free transfer’ next summer to a top club who could afford to pay him a massive signing on fee and a competitive wage.. If this does happen (which is probably unlikely) then he must know that he’s going to get slaughtered by the fans, but if he’s big enough to rise above this and play the way he did last season, then I think the fans would soon forgive him (let’s be honest we are a fickle bunch at the best of times).. If he did this then perhaps he could walk away with his head held high next summer and his Arsenal reputation intact… As I said above I think this is unlikely to happen (based on what happened with Nasri last year) and Arsenal (or should I say Kroenke) will want to cash in on him while he can, but I hope they only let him go to a club in Europe for the highest bidder, I don’t think I could stomach seeing him in a Man City shirt.
    As for Walcott, as we talked about on this board earlier in the week, he’s not worth 100K a week, and all he really has is speed, and if that’s all we want then what about Miyachi and the Ox ?… I’d let Walcott go if that’s what he wants to do, he just too inconsistent for my liking, and I don’t think he will get any better in the future.

  23. Actually I agree with you about Walcott, he’s only a good player to have if we are using a counter-attack strategy other than that he’s totally useless, so I say get as much money now while the hype is still there.

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