Those Pesky Foreign Fans Are Ruining Arsenal’s Atmosphere At The Emirates…

Evening, folks.

Apologies for the absence of a post yesterday, but I wasn’t really in the mood to be honest. I’d like to offer you a plethora of acceptable reasons for missing entires, but I’d be offering mendacious words. I could spin a lengthy yarn about how I single-handedly fought off an invasion of militant badgers with only a lego tomahawk, but it wouldn’t be true. Not this time.

Procrastination is my greatest enemy and with the interminable break for international games upon us, it’s difficult to find something of any particular note to ramble about. So, I figured what better place to look than social media, and especially the home of all things Twittery Tweet related…

One of the things in great debate at the moment is the atmosphere at the Emirates. If you’re a regular user of Twitter and part of Arsenal’s online community, chances are you’ll know the offending incident that has inspired me to write this plop. Without naming names or posting screenshots, the short version is this; someone took a picture of two Asian fans taking a selfie a tagged it alongside the words “This is modern football. Soulless” – that’s not verbatim, but not too far off.

As you might imagine, I strongly disagree with that statement.

Technically, I’m a foreign fan. I was born in Bristol (around 120 miles from London, if you’re not from the UK) and I’ve lived in the South West all my life. I can’t tell you stories of how generations of my family grew up within a brisk walk of Highbury. When I was younger, I used to attend my local team’s (City) games at Ashton Gate but it never stuck with me. Arsenal aren’t a team through my choice; rather they chose me. We just fit as often the best things do.

But, as I said, an argument could be put forward that claims my allegiances aren’t correct. I don’t support my local team. I’m not a Londoner. I’m not a season ticket holder and I wasn’t in the away end at Anfield in 1989. I’m just a guy from Bristol who supports a team in London. Maybe that makes me a “glory supporter”… Maybe, but I’ve been around during the sh*tty times just as much.

I find it very odd when people question from where fans come. It’s not a concept I’ve ever understood at all. Why does anyone feel the need to critique people in the same stadium, supporting the same team? Regardless of colour, creed, distance travelled or country of birth; if you’re at the Emirates, you’ve invested time and considerable amounts of money to support Arsenal.

And to should be as simple as that. Football is global. Football is multicultural and remains a great leveller. Places like mean it’s not so difficult to get tickets these days. For 90 minutes, petty squabbles can be put aside as folks from a multitude of paths and backgrounds unite to swear at an opposing team and a lonesome man in black. When I see a couple from abroad in the stadium, I don’t see “what’s wrong with modern football”. I see two people who are probably living a dream that’s cost them a small fortune. Two people who’ve moved Hell and Earth to watch Arsenal play in the flesh and soak up the match day atmosphere.

Those two people shouldn’t have to suffer some inconsiderate prick making them a means to fuel his/her incessant stupidity. Because those two fans have as much right to be in the stadium and he\she does.


That’s me done for today. With the break between Arsenal games, I might only return to posting if a suitable topic rears its head, but rest assured; I shall return. The comments await your thoughts below, so please drop me a line.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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2 thoughts on “Those Pesky Foreign Fans Are Ruining Arsenal’s Atmosphere At The Emirates…”

  1. Bravo. Unfortunately, this nonsense still prevails in football. (However, I reside in Spain and can tell you I am sick to the back fucking teeth of Madrid fans that exist all over the peninsula!!).

  2. Good post,Fans are Fans no matter where they come from,I have been supporting The Arsenal from 17 long years now and i have been no where near London yet,I do have the same feelings of joy and sorrow when the Team wins or loses.

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