Tomas’ contract offers, Robin’s outburst on Monday and bits ‘n’ bobs

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Wednesday Thursday morning greetings, folks.

When Tomas signed his new contract, I was delighted. In the past few weeks, he’s been a revelation. Okay, up until recently his form hasn’t been all that breathtaking, but we’ll forget that…

‘Little Mozart’, as he’s affectionately dubbed amongst football fans, has spoken about his decision to sign on the dotted line, and of a few lucrative offers from the glamourous leagues in… errr… China.

The diminutive little wizard had this to say when quizzed:

“Arsenal let me get to the point where I had just half a year on my contract and could talk to anyone I wanted.

“It started to get interesting because I had very lucrative offers. This turned my head a little, but I have to say that Arsenal were my priority.

“I’m glad I’ll be able to continue at Arsenal.”

In his current resurgence of form, he’s been a frenzy of cunning passes and industrious probing. Most noticeable for me, though, has been his determination. He tracks back, makes tackles and doesn’t stop running. In the space of mere weeks, Tomas has gone from bit-part player, to genuine first-teamer.

There was some fall-out from the RvP incident with Tim Krul. A few of the Newcastle players have attempted to pour a little scorn on our victory by bleating of unfair practices and other such notions. Guys, how about a mention for your kepper’s incessant time-wasting that was the catalyst for the whole debacle? Krul’s pitiful antics would have been understandable with 10 minutes to go, but he was doing it as early as the 50th minute. That’s not only embarrassing, but frustratingly stupid behaviour considering his team weren’t even winning the game.

If I was RvP, I’d have had a pop at him.

Other than those little nuggets of unadulterated intrigue, there few things of any note to discuss. Jack Wilshere managed to send a few (idiotic) Arsenal fans into uncharted realms of anger with this relatively harmless tweet during the Chelsea game last night. Perhaps a bit ill-advised, but hardly worthy of the incandescent blaze of fury that occupied my timeline moments after it’s publication. Some of you Gooners out there need to take it easy. Relax, enjoy a bowl of rice pudding; it’s not only a delicious treat fit for royalty, but I find its creamy texture and heavenly aroma to be a splendid means of soothing the day’s trials and tribulations.

I’ll leave you today with a link to my first article in my new weekly column at Arsenal Vision. I hope you’ll take a moment to have a quick read here.

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6 thoughts on “Tomas’ contract offers, Robin’s outburst on Monday and bits ‘n’ bobs”

  1. I find it ridiculous Newcastle talks abt class . When Joey “douchebag” Barton was doing the same shit,no one commented anything.
    Wilshere is a bit naive with nationalistic fervor and all that ,all AFC fans could’ve said it was not so cool. Abusing him is downright asinine . They can just FO.

  2. Although I understand why AFC fans got angry. Abuse completely over the top and unnecessary. . Jack’s reasoning was that it was the last English team left in the CL. Instead of Chelsea,imagine if that’d have been Spurs? Jack’s logic would apply for that as well..

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