Transfer targets identified. Action imminent?

“This is Luiz Gustavo. He’s available at a reasonable price…”

Morning folks.

Since I’ve been gone, we haven’t signed anyone. I can’t say I’m all that surprised. There was a part of me that occasionally clicked onto the news in hope of coming across an enormous announcement, or to have the arrival of marquee player brought to my attention by dancing in the streets, singing and general rejoicing.

But, as is the Arsenal way, we appear to be intent on doing business at the last available moment. Criticising such a modus operandi is perfectly cromulent. God only knows why we didn’t set out as early as possible to recruit, and have the fruits of our labour embedded into the team for a flashy pre-season display. That would have been the smart thing to do.

As it stands, we are 3 days away from the glorious return of football that matters (I do not count internationals in that) and our ranks are yet to be considerably bolstered. It’s not ideal at all. However, the wheels of motion finally appear to be turning, and perhaps this might actually be the week we see something happen.

Bayern’s Luiz Gustavo, a player I really like, could (COULD) be heading our way, and he’ll be making a statement about his future tomorrow at some point. Deployed primarily as a defensive midfielder, Gustavo is capable of filling in at centre back and left full back. With a bid in excess of £17m already lodged, and interest admitted by the player himself, things are looking quite favourable on this one.

Perhaps that’s the part that worries me. It’s all a little too simple and too logical. All the ingredients are there for an excellent signing, and I can just imagine Arsene musing to himself , “No body will call me a genius if I pull this off”. Time will tell how this one goes, but I do have faith we’ll see him at Arsenal.

Elsewhere, amongst the interminable Suarez saga, other names are being branded about. Yoann Gourcuff of Lyon is said to be very eager to strut his stuff on the hallowed Emirates turf to such an extent, he’d be willing to drop his salary to do so. At 27-years-old, he’s a good player that would offer us a little more guile in the attacking third.

The rest of the names are fairly unlikey. Rafinha of Bayern, and Juve’s Stephan Lichensteiner have been mentioned as possible targets, but only in the most egregious and speculative fashion. Hardly an iota of truth…

So we continue to wait. Time is at a premium, and Arsene’s fate hangs in the balance. If no moves are made by the close of the window, then even his staunchest of advocates will have trouble defending him, and things could get nasty if the results don’t come. Hopefully, there’s a plan in action and it won’t come to that. Hopefully…

That’s all for today, folks. I’ll finish with a big thanks for all your kind words and your continued support. It’s greatly appreciated. All that remains is to direct you toward the comments and await your thoughts.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

20 thoughts on “Transfer targets identified. Action imminent?”

  1. I’m not sure Arsene will ever sign any player of note as those mentioned. He’ll go for his usual talented but flopping kids

  2. Luis Gustavo could be our Ramires but i have this sinking feeling that it is a fabrication and that he will end up at Wolfsburg instead.

  3. Gustavo won’t happen. Wenger will be worried about hindering Ramsey’s development. He’s considering the conclusion to last season and won’t see the need to reinforce here.

    Suarez won’t happen either. Liverpool simply won’t allow it at any price, so it’s stupid to even pursue. And there are no top level striker targets left. Available ones that is. Anyone can lowball bid for players that aren’t available.

    Wenger won’t bring himself to signing any any other midfield or forward reinforcements and will settle for more young talent coming through. The problem is that these kids can’t cover for extended periods where starting players are injured. The fact that we’ve had to lodge a 16-yr old on our CL squad list should tell you something.

    And how we haven’t managed to sign an experienced keeper, particularly Cesar, is a real worry. To suggest we can win silverware with the Polish kids alone is just ridiculous.

  4. well said. I am a fan of AW but am at the end of my rope with him. I applaud smart spending but applaud louder for a few superbuys that are more than sorely needed. The time for procrastination and penny pinching are done and if he is incapable of changing his spots in this regard then he HAS to go. We will not make top 4 without a supermarket sweep as all competitors have strengthened and we have cleaned out 25 professionals from our books. No matter how shite some of them were we have 17 left and ala Everton, come the hard yards of teh season will be found wanting.

    This – if we dont spend before the window closes – is culpable to a dereliction of duty and the end of AW as far as I and a lot of others are concerned.

  5. Luis Gustavo would be a great signing for us. Those other targets are worse than the players we’ve let go. Clearly just paper talk.
    Personally I think we need an experienced goalkeeper like Cesar and a Centre back like Mamadou Sakho. Then we can worry about a striker. Giroud is going to have a great season

  6. I can’t take it anymore…

    I really thought we will have a very strong team this season with quality additions (Suarez/Rooney, Gustavo/Bender, Williams/Sakho, Cesar) but non have materialized and I am really really worried, if we don’t at least get a DM and cover for CB and ST positions then I fear bye bye CL, and no trophy for 9th year, and if that happens then I will truly hate a man I used to LOVE and will finally say “AW MUST GO”

  7. Xcellent article. As we all anxoiusly follow developments, it is my sincere hope that d bunny will still be there when Arsene Wizard (AW) dips his hand into the hat in full view of all. Though some may be amazed, if he disappears into d hat after d bunny, most, may not appreciate the display as they came 2c him perform d “pull d bunny out of the hat trick”.

    By this, ‘am simply referring to d position by our Club on the need to make a marquee signing in order to improve our chances towards a push for the EPL as well as other titles. D foregoing is a declaration of intent and needs 2b supported by appropriate action. Anything other than this, may nt go down well with most faithfuls. Therefore, my appeal remains; AW just perform the trick u assured all that u will carry-out. While you prepare for the show, kindly note that at this juncture, nothing but ‘the promised’ may suffice.

    In parting, I say: break a leg as you do the needful.

    Long live Gooners!

  8. Welcome back you beautiful bastard. Hopefully after the preseason interlull we will have some positive transfer news with regards to incomings. Looking at the u21’s we need to strengthen across the whole club. Gatting OUT!

  9. We are too slow in the transfer market, if not how many top players would we have signed, that is if we were ever going to sign anyone that wasn’t available at the pound shop. Whoever is dealing with transfers should be removed along with Gazidis and another proactive board would not put up with AW, very few players outside of the Emirates are confident in him as the footballing world has not only caught him up but have now passed him, I’m sorry to say but its time for a change, nothing lasts forever even Fergie and he was successful.

  10. Does anyone else think the reason we dont actually sign anyone is because our board,wenger and everyone else in the know, knows they can get away with it when it comes to the fans.
    EIGHT years we have been put through the mill and the one season they have an opportunity to do things different we are still sweating over getting anyone days before the season starts???

  11. Firstly let me just say yet again thy we won’t make any signings it’s so plain and simple to see .. How easy is it for us to sign Gustavo !? He has stated he wants to play for us so what’s the hold up ? A big name transfer doesn’t come any easier than that so where is he ? It’s actually harder for Wenger to not make the signing , he is just waiting for an excuse not to and at the moment he hasn’t got one .. If we lose out to Napoli on this one then we are not the big club we claim to be. And how have we not signed fellaini ? the man would transform our team !! I bet Wenger thinks Flamini will do a job and anyway he is FREE.
    Spuds have strengthened city have majorly strengthened and Chelsea have the Mourinho effect yet all we get is a guy who was nearly a postman. Secondly , we have zero depth at the back , if kos and Gibbs get injured (which is inevitable) then we are royally fucked , and I will put my house on it that he will not address this lack of depth , the proof is the trying out of Sagna at CB …. Wenger in my opinion is a complete weirdo , every other manager strengthens were they need to strengthen and top teams get top players , but not us . 4th place every year and nothing to show for it pretty much puts us on par with Malaga and at a push maybe Schalke .. We need a manager that puts the success of our team first and not the success of our profitable business model . I’ll give Wenger until the close of the window to prove me wrong and if he doesn’t then I’m sorry but it’s WENGER OUT for me .. As much as I love some of the players in our first team , there’s absolutely no way we will finish top 4 this season.

    1. “We need a manager that puts the success of our team first and not the success of our profitable business model”??? Anyone who thinks thiswise must be an idiot, short and simple!

      You can only build a good, strong and successful team through a solid, profitable business model. You just don’t throw away millions like those-you-know, getting entangled in the unpleasantness of huge unpayable debts only because you want to win a trophy or two in a particular season. No, you don’t. You must first build a good model (and this takes time, particularly when you have to contend with money launderers who just love to throw money around in the process of laundering).

  12. How annoying has Wenger has become.
    Treating fans like mushroom by keeping us in the
    dark and feed us bullshit. He better have something
    worthwhile up his sleeves coz our antipathy will make
    flee the country.

  13. Glad to see you back you beautiful bastard
    Life will no longer be the same James but things will get easier

    On to things that are a lot less important ………….

    I am beginning to lose the faith somewhat in AW not as a football coach/manager but surely he must see that with 2/3 genuine top class players we will be right in the mixer come May when the trophies are handed out

    I haven’t got the fucking foggiest idea what AW is up to but what worries me is that he doesn’t seem too either, we seem to stumble from one fiasco to another apart from the well documented 40 million + £1 pound bid for the buck toothed horrible little racist Suarez I really don’t think we have tabled a genuine bid for any other player…….. All we seem to hear is speculation & rumours about this player or that player but nothing ever materialises

    Surely it can’t be that that hard to identify the player you want/need get round the table and strike the deal, every other club seems to fucking manage it

    Maybe I will have to eat my words and I really do hope that I do, but I think that what we’ve got now will be what we have until at least January and we are gunna have to like it or lump it and that is a little bit scary

  14. He is not buying anyone … accept it , move on. He had plenty of time, didn’t do it, what makes us believe he is going to now… wake up…

    its going to be another average season, we will be fighting for CL football again.. his excuse would be too many injuries…

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