Uber-Podolski, The Maligning Of Giroud And 3 Scrumptious Points.

2 goals and a good display. Lovely.

Morning, Earthlings.

Last night’s match was a very welcome sight; 3 goals, 3 delicious points and, barring a spell of around 4 minutes when West Ham had the lead, mercifully short of reason for concern or palpitations. As if often the case with Arsenal; what should be relatively straight forward invariably turns to nerve-shredding tension and reason to remove enormous clumps of hair in sheer terror. When there’s a quest ahead, it certainly appears that way to those of us who dedicate our spare time to following them.  We have 5 games remaining this season, if they all go in a similar fashion to last night’s we might make it out of this season with our sanity in tact.

There’s a lot to talk about other than the very welcome result. Two players – Podolski and Giroud – stood out on the night for varying reasons. I thought I’d use this opportunity to discuss both.

Doesn’t that make me sound a touch self-important? Let’s be honest here; who the f**k am I anyway, other than a tall dandy with a glorious accent prone to covering himself in jam during moments of ill-advised ‘humour’. Often I’ll read through lengthy posts containing opinion and think to myself, “Really? Do you honestly think anyones cares what you have to say?”. I guess the key to blogging is the realisation that we’re all pretty much irrelevant in the grand scheme of things; just simple folk sharing our thoughts to those that might stumble upon them. 

And now that person is you. Yes, YOU. My delicious reader. I must say you look lovely today. Have you done something different with your hair? I like it, it really suits you. Platitudes aside, I think I ought share that opinion of mine I mentioned earlier, you know; the one that came before 2 paragraphs of me waffling on without purpose.


Lukas Podolski

Without question one of the best finishers I’ve ever seen. Lethally accurate in front of goal – like Colin Farrell in DareDevil, but relating to Football and not a bloody awful movie. He’s the one Arsenal player you’d want a chance in the 89th minute to fall to because, 9 times out of 10, he’ll bury it. If you check out a gambling guide on FIFA World Cup you’d probably find some decent odds on him scoring the most at the upcoming tournament.

However, he does have his lethargic moments. Last night he looked eager to be involved and took both his chances with great aplomb. When he plays like that it’s difficult to put forward a case for his exclusion. When the opposite occurs, when he shambles around looking about as interested as I do at a Dorothy Perkins (Ladieswear store, for those of you not in the UK) you can understand Arsene’s supposed reservations about him.

The man truly is baffling in that respect – his own worst enemy is a lot of respects.

Olivier Giroud

It’s popular to hate on him at the moment. Granted, he’s hardly done himself any favours in recent weeks with lacklustre performances and nailing dubious trollops in seedy hotels, but his return as a centre forward is quite some distance from being bad; 19 goals and 8 assists (I think. It’s something like that…).

I’ve defended him in the past because I feel the scathing criticism he gets in unjust and I stand by that… To an extent. I’d agree with anyone who says he’s a little short of the standard of player we need to sustain a legitimate challenge for the title, but he is a good player. He works hard, has a decent touch and whilst he lacks the blistering pace of Thierry Henry or the skill of that Dutch fella who’s name escapes me, he does play for the team. That fact is very, very important.

What he needs is competition, help with the workload. People will tell you he’s the worst centre forward we’ve ever had, but when you get past those silly statements, it’s hard to really trash someone who simply is a good squad player. It’s not his fault he’s the only ‘proven’ striker at the club.

On that note, I think I shall end things. I’ve a day of ringing estate agents and getting really annoyed ahead of me. I hope you enjoyed the post and will head to the comments to share a few of your thoughts. I’ll endeavour to return as soon as I possibly can.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

13 thoughts on “Uber-Podolski, The Maligning Of Giroud And 3 Scrumptious Points.”

  1. Hullo stoke.let’s not be deluded.giroud is not our standard.to challenge for trophies,especially the league,we need strikers in the class of falcao,Suarez,Diego Costa etc….I say next season,sell giroud and bendtner leave podolski and sanogo,and still add world class center forwards-raul stokes

  2. Thank you for noticing, I agree, I think it really does suit me.
    Its a bugger to maintain and the costs in gel and wax alone would probably match that of a premier league footballers daily allowance but, hey, I’m worth it!

  3. Wenger sgould sell Giroud and use the proceed to buy GLOUCOSE for. The team. Giroud is nt a player Arsenal should field in a 2nd team

  4. very excited with the 3 points but cant ignore the facts about our team.
    1) apart from the goal giroud was giroud. bad touches , no composure , clumsy as usual. i know he is a team player and tries hard to defend but thats not what we need. we need a clinical finisher next season and send giroud to the bench.
    2) arteta is slow and weak. khallstrom showed some good touches but not much to come from him as a 31 year old.flaminis game stops when he gets his customary yellow.
    3) if sagna goes we need a top class replacement and not jenkinson
    4) with fabianski going an experienced goalkeeper is needed

  5. Giroud- worst miss of the season and the best goal of the season for him in the same game. kinda sums his season so far. but we’ve known all along that he’s no suarez or van persie, but he’s isn’t bad really as bad as his critics point out either. and he’s already got 20 goals this season with 5 more games to go. not a bad return at all in my opinion. it’s just a shame that wenger didn’t recruit a new striker in january to help and give competition to giroud. we must but a new striker in the summer, desirably someone better than giroud.

    Podolski- His treatment by wenger is both baffling and understandable at the same time. he’s the best finisher in the club, yet his work ethic and defending is often questioned, sometimes unfairly IMO. but yesterday’s performance should make him a starter in the next game. i think he can be really important for the rest of the season. besides the so called ‘balance’ of the team, i don’t see why he cannot start on the left with ozil and cazorla interchanging the centre and right positions with giroud up top.

    Arteta- Spare some nice thoughts for the lego-haired gentleman. of late he’s been criticized as a slow and sideways passing player who gets overrun in midfield battles by younger opposition. there’s some merit in the criticisms, but i don’t think he should be hung out to dry so cruelly by some critics. yes, he’s had really bad games, but everyone does once in a while. and over the course of the season, he’s been really important to arsenal and will be for the run in. he’s also not been helped by the fact that ramsey was out for so long. of course in the summer, we need a stronger, faster and younger alternative to arteta, but he’s still a really good player to have in the squad.

    Vermaelen and Sagna- Such different trajectories in their arsenal careers. vermaelen started with such promise only to be reduced to what he is today while sagna has been super-consistent throuout his career. Both had solid games yesterday, specially sagna who had played 120 minutes earlier. When it comes to best third-choice CBs in the league, i think vermaelen’s name would feature near the top of the list. in fact he’d get a starting place in many of these teams. i really feel for him, as koscielny and mertesacker have been really superb to relegate him to third choice. but i’d really want wenger to do everything to keep him beyond this season, as he’s still a very good defender to have in the squad.

  6. nijjy – maybe wenger could convert vermaelen into our 1st choice left back and back up for central defence. gibbs always shows promise but has not taken his game to the level of baines or cole (in his prime). monreal has proven to be a bit of a disaster.

  7. I agree with a lot of the comments tonight to varying degrees , agree giroud should not be our first choice striker but his value to the team is undeniable based on his work rate and return. It is the managements responsibility and not his to recruit another striker .
    Was Gibbs injured or vermaelan deliberately chosen to thwart aerial attack if so full credit to selection
    Ramsey showed how much class we are missing from our top players

  8. @lance- i slightly disagree with you on gibbs. he’s played really well this season although injuries still continue to hamper his development. as for vermaelen, well, he himself wouldn’t like to be a LB.

  9. The truth is pretty obvious to anyone with eyes…

    The English game is physical and squad has been spread too thin. Collectively management should take a hard look in the mirror and give themselves several good slaps. We’ve been blighted by injuries and extremely fortunate that we haven’t had more. I stand by our squad – The players have been pretty heroic and shouldn’t shoulder the blame.

    How many more miles can management expect them to go? It isn’t Spain or France out there. Geez! People talk of a need for one or two more players. They need six or seven by my count!

    Heroic, just Heroic…

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