United reaction: Twitter explodes, #WengerOut, plus points and Phil Jones is a hideous creature of the darkness.

Phile Jones: The horror!!! My eyes!!!

Morning, all.

That didn’t exactly go to plan now, did it? I’m genuinely disappointed. United minus the powers of Sir Alex are not the force they once were, and yesterday was a good opportunity to beat them. Alas, we simply didn’t turn up and play our game, and whilst it was a closely fought contest, it’s hard to say United didn’t deserve to take the win.

They pressed and scrapped in the manner I had hoped we would. Neither team showed any huge amount of attacking flair, but Arsenal offered precious little going forward, and succumbed to a simple headed goal from a corner. The biggest shame of all was it had the be that Badger-templed bastard who scored. I’m glad he celebrated the way he did. I’m glad the world can see what a vile ingrate he truly is. Robin van Persie is an arrogant, treacherous bully and a complete and utter piece of sh*t. World class he certainly is, but a thoroughly deplorable human being as well.

Given our two previous victories, I did think fatigue would play a part. It’s not an excuse in any way, but certainly a factor to consider – as is the illness that struck a few of the players and prevented Mertesacker from starting the game. However, those things matter not a jot now. We lost, we had an off day. Many of the team (Flamini, Ozil, Ramsey and Giroud) didn’t play to the heights we know they can. Defensively we looked secure, and Vermaelen and Arteta both had good game.

What’s important is that we take stock and bounce back. Defeat is an inevitable part of football. We have made an excellent start to the season, and can’t allow a simple bump in the road to send us into a downward spiral. Togetherness is what’s important, wether we win or lose.

Of course, a defeat means the WOBs have started to emerge from the dingy corners in which they’ve hidden. I can’t understand why some fans feel the need to demand things of the manager and announce he must be sacked simply because we lost a football match. It baffles me, it truly does. By all means be disappointed and criticise, because those things are what we all do as fans. But there has to be at least an iota of common sense involed. Most of the #WengerOut tweets have little or none of it.

Immediately after the game I was pissed off. Not to the point of directing hate towards the players and manager, but because Arsenal lost and that tends to piss me off. Now that I’ve had a few moments to take stock, I feel immeasurably calmer. Unless of course, I think about Phil Jones.

Could someone explain to me what he needs to do to get booked? It appears to me that the grotesque lump is allowed to saunter around committing fouls with impunity. I’ve a theory: I think Phil Jones is a supervillain. As a teenager, he was bitten by a radioactive herring, and since then has acquired superpowers. His diabolical gift is the ability to look like a professional footballer to referees, when the rest of the world sees a steamroller made of lard. Blatant fouls to the human eye are miraculously transformed into clandestine acts to referees through Phil’s telepathy. Pure evil…

He’s yet to get himself a name like The Mandarin or Red Skull. Perhaps I can be of service and assign him one; ‘Thunder Lump’ has a certain ring to it… (I was simply going to go with ‘Fat C**t, but thought that might be a touch unimaginative and crude, albeit accurate).


Let’s not take defeat badly. It’s the past now, and whilst we sit at the top of the Premiership with a points cushion, I find it hard to be too upset. There’s plenty of matches to be played. Much has been made of the ‘tests’ that we face. We haven’t done badly at all where many assumed we’d falter. We should take heart and continue to press forward. There’s still plenty to come from this team.

That’s all from me today, folks. you know the drill; send me a comment or two with your thoughts on the game and how you think the defeat will affect us. I’ll look forward to reading a few.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

21 thoughts on “United reaction: Twitter explodes, #WengerOut, plus points and Phil Jones is a hideous creature of the darkness.”

  1. What a scrapy goal scored by that pervert we still cant defend set pieces without BFG that tweet wouldnt be able to do that.we also forgot that manu can play with force in first 30 mnts if they dont score you can always pickthem out we didnt turn up better luck next time

  2. That was interesting and well balanced until you got on to Phil Jones. The rest of the world was asking how the hell did Jones get a card for the obviously accidental collision with your goalkeeper. Did you see the game?

  3. we performed really poorly yesterday. per and tomas had a big effect on us , there was no flow.
    this may also be that playin arteta & flamini leaves us 1 short playmaker. we need rosicky cazorla ozil to work their magic so ramsey can get up and support giroud.

    btw when last did Giroud score in the league ?????

  4. re Phil Jones – since he got a yellow card, and one that was completely unjustified in a clash of heads where both parties were going for the ball, it rather undermines your otherwise decent post.

    1. Ian and bb – actually I think you’ll find that yellow card for colliding with our keeper was totally justified. Just ‘going for the ball’ isn’t a get out of jail free card. He was very late, got nowhere near the ball, was not in control of him body, and headbutted our keeper (who did get some of the ball) in the face. Definite yellow. No question.

  5. the problem here is arsenal was getting way 2 ahead of themselves. they are good but not good enough and the biggest joke was bringing on bendtner lol keep in mind man united has hernandez as unused sub – that says alot.
    dont be bitter and make excuses – the 40mil signing seemd to get lost in transit-esp during big games. oh and as for rvp – brilliant what more can u say, the man wanted to win a trophy he left a club that forgot how win a trophy and joined a club were he won hes 1st major trophy in hes 1st season…need i say more?
    get on with it, pray your’ll sign a striker and pray your good team but poor squad will have enough to go all the way
    smile now come Jan your’ll will be back to were your’ll belong and generally are…4th.

    1. one away loss against a team who play like yester-year Stoke but with 2 wc strikers and we are not ‘good enough’??

      we’ve been playing with the same 11 for almost 15 games YET top both the domestic AND european tables..so much for ‘poor squad’

      you’re like a small child who gets whacked by their parent only to run back to them on the sight of candy..make NO mistake bout it..we are in it to win it..as for your squad minus 2 strikers…………………..

  6. ‘beautiful bastards’ poor choice of words, only Jones was a pain in your ass? You are sickening! If I were you, I would concentrate on what would help the team improve not what would make Jones want to prove a point. I think this piece of yours is unnecessary and pointless! Madness! I am an Arsenal supporter but I know talking ill of other players isn’t going to help us win the next game. Get your body busy! Arsenal for life!

    1. @Borniface: Thank you. That was a lovely response. I’m genuinely touched by your kind and enchanting words.

      One thing, however; try not too take what I say too seriously. I would hate for you to look silly and a touch self-important…

  7. RvP celebrates and he’s treacherous. Arsenal fans direct vitriol at him and are angels….take the rough with the smooth. Typical precious Arsenal fans. Can dish it out but can’t take it

    1. Mate… RVP is an utter cunt. The way he left us did he expect anything other than what he got? He’s fully entitled to celebrate however he wants but he should have a bit more class

  8. phil jones the beast.. is the reason your players had an off day… non of your playes could go past him… simply he made ozil… carzola .. ramsey.. look odinary players…. we won without our young messi… CHAMPIONS ARE BACK!!!!!…

  9. this fixture is another matter altogether isn’t it. no victory since 2006 at old trafford, not to mention the 8-2. i know we missed mertesacker and rosicky’s energy, besides being without walcott and podolski. there has been talk about arsenal’s renewed mental strength,which i believe they have acquired, as shown in the tremendous run to nick top 4 last season, and the games against pool and dortmund. but, so many players without any significant impact (cazorla, ozil, ramsey, flamini) in a match is a bit worrying.

    i know everybody can have an off-day. plus the lack of rotation and back to back matches can really drain the players physically and mentally. but why do i still get a sneaky little feeling that the team feels a bit unsure and intimidated against man utd. on one level, it’s understandable that the past results at old traffod do not help in building confidence.

    but on another level, these are professional and highly experienced players. gone are the days when we could advance the ‘lack of experience’ arguments to defend our weaknesses. moreover, there wouldn’t be a better time to beat man u. yes, they had put up a decent run of results prior to the game, but take away that dutch skunk and the orgre, they’re pretty ordinary. i felt, arsenal should’ve done better, at least a draw. they were too meek at the start, possibly overcautious, and just not themselves.

    but besides the negatives,there are some positives to be taken at the end of this weekend. first, the spuds and the arab-citeh bank lost while the russo-portuguese-racist triumvirate somehow got another assist from the ref to rob west brom. secondly, we’re still 2 points clear at the top and negotiated the first set of difficult games not too badly. third, although undesirable in many other respects, the interlull will give time for the likes of walcott and podolski to recover in time for the next game against southampton.

  10. Another good, fair article although I believe more than 2 were sick and played anyway and that might have taken away from our level of play. It’s really hard to ignore idiots that get a wedgie after one down game thom

  11. James
    spot on mate, your one of the few who calls it right about Jones.
    No bloddy way that was an accidental clash on Shezzy, the ball was nowhere near them – Jones committed to the jump – and he deliberately followed through targeting our golaies face.
    He is an evil cunt and no mistake.

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