Vermaelen, M’Vila, van Persie, Ahmedov, and a maddening lack of news.

Brad Friedel paused to see if Spurs had signed anyone...

Good morning, fellow lifeforms.

Today is Saturday. Today is criminally bereft of anything resembling a news story. There’s nothing substantial; no meaty and informative news bagel to get our choppers of intrigue into. There are scraps. A few tid-bits here and there, and us bloggers are the internet equivalent of a pack of hungry wolves; I imagine we’ll start tearing each other apart for even the smallest of morsels before long.

Luckily, I’m tall and rangey, so should I be forced to drop-kick Tim Stillman for an ‘exclusive’, I think it’s something in which I could show proficiency. Let that be a warning to the rest of you, too. If things get desperate, I’ll not be afraid to resort to violence. Just don’t hit me in the face…

In the news I have found, I shall first begin by addressing those delicious “I’ll never want a transfer” quotes from Thomas Vermaelen. How refreshing was it? As Mr Kipling regularly exclaims; “exceedingly”. Sometimes I wish players would simply just come out and say things like that, or at least not keep us fans in the dark for so long- yes, Robin van Persie, the last part is aimed at you.

If somebody isn’t going to sign a contract, or they want a fresh start elsewhere; say so.  Why not? Why not simply come out with a clear statement and be honest? We don’t want to hear any of this “I’m waiting until the summer to discuss a contract, I want to concentrate on my football” nonsense. That’s just a cop-out. Football is increasingly becoming a playground for spoilt money-grabbers and whiney, petulant egomaniacs with only themselves in mind – yes, Eden Hazard, that last part is aimed at you.

I loved Thomas Vermaelen before those quotes, I now love him that little bit more.

In transfer news, Uzbekistan midfielder Odil Ahmedov is hankering for a move to Arsenal. Currently he  plies his trade in Russia for that team with the ridiculous name; Anzhi Mackachakclakcalackaflackamacka…. you know the one I mean. He was, I recall, the hugely-unknown player we were linked with last year that caused great uproar on Twitter. He has allegedly aquitted himself well in Russia, and he still hopes for Arsene Wenger to come calling. He said in a recent interview:

“I’d like to try out playing football in England, and the team I favour the most is Arsenal.

“I’m satisfied with my own performance in the Russian league but if there is an offer from Spain or England then I won’t say no”

He plays as a defensive midfielder, which has lead the various press outlets to immediately assume our reported deal for Yann M’Vila has collapsed. With that deal looking more and more unlikely as the days go by – it’s surely dropped considerably from the “99% done” category into less favourable realms – I wouldn’t rule out Wenger weighing up different options.

I can’t pretend to know huge amounts about Ahmedov, such is my limited knowledge of Uzbekistan’s great football exports, but it is worth mentioning he was awarded his club side’s player-of-the-season award ahead of superstars like Samuel Eto’o.

And that, my friends, is about that.

Thanks for taking a few moments of your time to read, you beautiful so-and-sos. There are comment below which await your thoughts, and my Twitter account which awaits (and appreciates) your follows – @_ArmchairGooner


2 thoughts on “Vermaelen, M’Vila, van Persie, Ahmedov, and a maddening lack of news.”

  1. Just saying, sometimes they delay it and say they’ll decide in the summer because of their agents. They are the ones playing games. Also because it is a long process, they would not want to fall out during the season cos of disagreements

  2. Wat is wrng wit mister wenger,is like wenger is decivin we arsenal fans,he is just a scouter 4 gud player witout signing dem

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