Walcott, Giroud, Brighton, and the horrors of an Andre Santos defensive performance.

Brighton 2-3 Arsenal: “Err Boss – can someone get this bloody idiot off my back?”

Afternoon, FA Cup glory hunters.

As the cliché goes, “a win is a win”. There are those that enjoy wallowing in the many defensive blunders on show – it certainly appears even the most innocuous of crosses can cause total panic in our penalty area – and the other reasons for concern. Not me. I shan’t dispute their existence as they tend to be as apparent as daybreak, but given that the eventual result saw us progress, I’ll focus on the good – until I get to Andre Santos.

Olivier Giroud has had plenty of detractors. Replacing someone as skilled and admired as the Dutchman whose name I won’t mention, he was always facing an uphill struggle to endear himself to the Gooner masses. Some still – oddly – view him as a flop, but his first season statistics are impressive (14 goals and numerous assists).

At Brighton he scored two goals even the most ardent of his critics couldn’t fail to be impressed by. As his confidence builds and his familiarity with those around him grows, Grioud is steadily becoming a very good player for Arsenal. He’s big, strong, determined and plays with passion. Best of all; there is more to come from him.

The game itself was a good old fashioned cup tie. Esteem and league placing went out of the window, and Brighton offered up a stern test and played some excellent football. Our winner was a tad fortuitous, and, although I’m certainly glad we avoided one, I wouldn’t have begrudged our opponents earning themselves a replay.

So, onto to Andre Santos,

I often feel it’s pointless to show players – especially our own – angry displeasure. Booing them, or writing pieces that trash them back to the stone-age only truly serves the egos of apoplectic fans and those sharing their opinions whilst hiding in darkened rooms. There is little or no point in lambasting a player for a bad performance. Highlighting mistakes and constructively criticising is one thing, but the abuse – that’s stupid.

Would I say I thought Andre Santos was poor yesterday? Absolutely. He was poor with out question, and I’d go as far as saying I think we need a better option to cover Gibbs. Would I start ranting and frothing at the mouth, claiming him to be the worst footballer since the dawn of time, and call him a useless fat c**t? No. Because that’s pointless.

In short; we won yesterday, and we’re in the draw for the next round. I’ll glean the positives, and take note of the negatives. Arsenal weren’t perfect, but the result matters above everything else. Hopefully we can keep our winning form going and take a result from the upcoming match against Liverpool. Who knows – perhaps we’ll even invest in the transfer matket in the next week. After all, all our problems will magically disappear when there’s a shiny new player to admire…

Thanks for reading today, folks. The comments below await your thoughts on the game. Let me know who stood out for you, and who you’d like to play in the next round.

10 thoughts on “Walcott, Giroud, Brighton, and the horrors of an Andre Santos defensive performance.”

  1. I agree, I hate to overly critise arsenal players but the obvious failings of our defence has now got to a point where it cannot be ignore.
    Can’t Wenger see this? In truth we do not have one single top class defender. they defend badly individually and as a unit. surely, he MUST but defenders now. we got away with it yesterday but against better opposition…where we have to always score a minimum of 2/3 goals to make up for defensive mistakes

  2. We criticize bad player and the same time we give credit and applause thise who plays well. These players are paid good money every week and ought to play good and entertaining football. I do not agree with what you said that we should not sriticize them. Sorry pal

  3. Santos is a f**king disgrace to the game and kinda proves that any magic wenger didnt possess in the transfer market has well and truly vanished.

    If we look at the signings that have turned out to crap buys I know he cant get it right all the time but

    Arshivan 15M didnt work out very bad attitdue and neagative affect on the squad with his poor teamwork ethic ask Clichy.

    Squallaci 3M pure shit a close second to the worst defender ever …cant even give him away cos of the wages he is on.

    Santos 6M worest defender ever just pure shocking

    Chamakh free transfer but why bother not PL material

    Park 3M not sure what this one was about at all just a terrible buy

    Again on all very good money costing the club a fortune in wages on players who dont push the 1st team players and is not that what a squad player is meant to do?????

    We won yesterday so fair play but there’s alot of work for us to start try a challenge again and that means trying to improve the squad by investing rather than selling our top players.

  4. We need defenders ! Any ideas if winning FA cup, or even qualifying for UCL is wishful thinking without a back line that’s can actually defend.
    Santos scares me each time he gets the ball. He needs to go!

  5. Having been a gooner since 1968 I feel fairly confident in saying that this is possibly the worse defence I have seen,, Santos does not merit getting my local pub side,, Mertsesacker all over the place , so slow anyone with pace murders him, and what is this Zonal marking ? Steve Bould is he being used ? On the positive i think all 3 new signings Carzola , Poldolski and Giroud look to have great futures with us,,, and yes I still trust in Arsene,,, but please Arsene we know you never see anything when asked by the media,, but see from your fans the defence is terrible. Gibbs, Vermaelen , and sometimes Kosielny excused

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