Walcott is “Signing da Ting”, Ba-less, transfer gossip, and delicious newsy bits.

John Terry was the first to welcome Demba Ba to Chelsea.

Morning folks.

Welcome to my new daily time. From this day forth I intend to post at 9am every day, without fail. Okay – I say “without fail”, but in all likelihood it will be very much with fail. Consider this merely a heads-up for my intentions – intentions that I shall do my upmost to keep.

It’s a mixed bag of news to report today. First up is little Theo, and the many reports of his advisors reaching an agreement with Arsenal, and a new 4-year contract worth a whopping £90k-per-week being signed sometime soon. I’m glad he’s (supposedly) staying with Arsenal, even if I do think his wages don’t truly reflect his ability.

The Theo against Newcastle – yes, he does warrant such a hike in pay. However, the Theo against Southampton and Wigan deserves a pack of wine gums and a kick in the testicles. Hopefully we’ll be paying such a hefty sum to the former.

If the reports – they’re pretty widespread, but as-yet unconfirmed – do turn out to be true, then at the very least we can put one contract saga to bed safe in the knowledge the outcome had been favourable for a change. Theo has shown serious signs of improvement, and it’s good to know (assume) he’ll be continuing to do so at Arsenal.

Not heading to the Emirates is Demba Ba. Chelsea have struck to get their racist paws into him and  he’ll be officially announced sometime today. I can’t say I’m that bothered. He’s good, but I’ve not seen anything from him that’s excellent. There are better options out there.

One player who looks likely to move on in January is Wesley Sneijder. The Dutch international is a player I’ve long been a fan of, and his playing time has dropped drastically with Inter. At 28-years-old, he is in the prime of his footballing life, and I’d bloody love to see him pull on a red and white shirt. However, most clubs around Europe are baulking at his wages. Sneijder earns an astronomic £200k-per-week in Italy, and that figure certainly ends any chance of Arsene making a bid for him.

The main rumours surround Spanish duo David Villa and Adrian Lopez. Barcelona have consistantly declared their intent to keep Villa, so I don’t see that happening. Adrian Lopez, on the other hand, has potential truth to it. Having already (allegedly) opened formal talks with his club, the stumbling block appears to be his release clause fee of £14m – an amount Arsenal are reluctant to pay.

Perhaps with a bit of Arsene’s expert haggling, that figure can be dropped to something suitably bargain-like, and if Adrian is a success, our manager will be able to bask in the glory of the assembled press branding him a genius for finding such a player for so cheap. Sometimes I swear that’s the main reason we dispute prices with other clubs.

And that’s all there is to report. For now we play the waiting game, patiently waiting to do our business as others around us plunge straight in. Liverpool and Chelsea have already moved to strengthen their forward lines, and others are sure to follow. It’s only the 3rd day of 2013, so I’m not going to start blindly panicking just yet. But I would rather deals are done sooner rather than later.

That’s all for today folks. Today is my last glorious day off until the horrors of working life are cruelly put on me once again. Maybe, just maybe, Arsenal have a special treat in store to put me in a good mood when I do go back. Fingers crossed…

I shall return with more tomorrow. Thanks for reading.

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  2. Thanks for the heads up. Excuse me while I add a note my Filofax.

    It will be good to get M’Vila because this will enable Arteta to play more forward where his talent will no longer be wasted.

    James, are you coming round later for a glass of Pimms? 🙂

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