Walcott isn’t going to sign a new contract.

Theo’s desperation to play up front started to manifest in threats of violence.

Morning, lovlies.

Having already turned down an increase of up to £75.000-per-week, our little Theo has had a few words to say about that fact – most importantly, he’s keen to make it be known that negotiations have not stalled due to monetary issues.

In an interview with the BBC, he ststaed:

“I’ve been judged, with people saying it’s all about money. It’s never been that with me. Playing up front is important. It’s one of the main factors for me.

“I signed as a striker. I’ve learnt my trade out on the wing.

“Hopefully, I’ll get to play up front in the next few games. It’s frustrating being on the bench, but it’s one of those things I have to deal with.”

Regarding the negotiations, he want on to add:

“It’s been a slow process.

“It’s not going to happen any time soon. My last contract took six months to do. It’s one of those things that is frustrating for me. Hopefully it can be sorted.”

Now, before I begin I’d like to make it clear that I don’t intend to trash Theo back to the stone-age as a means of courting controversy. He simply isn’t what I consider to be an integral part of the team. I wouldn’t seek to dispute anyone who states that he has been good in the past – undeniably so – but those occasions are few and far between. You could comfortably make a case for saying that those good elements are greatly outweighed by the occasions he has you drooling with frustration – perhaps ‘drooling’ is a poor choice of word, but I’d imagine he’s caused that reaction in someone.

As far as I’m concerned, he hasn’t really shown us anything substantial enough to warrant a position up front. His pace can be devastating; as a substitute coming on against tired legs with the opposition chasing the game, he can be extremely effective. Does he have the guile and intelligence to make runs and find space when teams come to the Emirates and park the bus?  I don’t think he does, and he has the first touch of a baby elephant.

Now that he’s come out and stated that his contract signing is based on demands and assurances, I’m all the more certain he won’t be here come January. Like Alex Song, I won’t be all that bothered if he isn’t.

But, hey; that’s just me and my opinions. Do you think he has what it takes to be a main striker? Do you think he’d be a success if we tried it? Do you think the time has come to move on and let him go? Let me know below in the comments.

Thanks for reading, you wonderful units. I shall return with a preview of the Coventry game tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “Walcott isn’t going to sign a new contract.”

  1. For me i’ll suggest we give Theo time to prove himself upfront as a central striker since we are lacking there, who knows he mighty turn to be best striker in the world. Come on lets try him.

  2. Arsenal has had more drama queens than Sadlers Wells and Covent Garden put together and Walcott is just another `drag` to me.

  3. Before Theo makes a mistake of overrating himself, he should talk to Michael Owen. No team can make you a dependable striker when you have few brilliant glimpses, they will simply go no where at least not at the level of Arsenal. Aston villa and the rest you can take your chances, but can they pay 100k?

  4. players have to realise that they can not dictate to the manager, especially a manager like wenger who has consistently developed world class strikers like theo’s hero, TH14. if wenger says u are not ready then bruv, u aint ready. football is no more about running and i don know what theo is thinking trying to bully wenger into making him THE central striker. he just doesnt have what it takes. until such a time as his contract is up, the manger will decide where to play him, even in goal (God forbid).

  5. Not a vital part of the team? Second highest scorer last season, and third most assists would beg to differ. Or finishing 3rd in goals and 4th in assists the season before?

    No player still at the club has finished higher than him in goal or assist stats. He consistently provides something for the team.

    And this is coming from a player who isn’t playing in his first position, average of almost 10/season goals from the wing.

  6. Occasionally he shows glimses of why we signed him, but glimses is not enough to win a title as we all very well know. I’d like Theo to stay as he is a good asset but stropping about not being a striker is not the way to Mr Wengers team sheet. If he goes he will be replaced (hopefully) if he stays the good but more effort needs to be applied to EARN a strikers place

  7. Walcott has the potential but Wenger and Arsenal may no longer have the patience. More so, for a player who, upon becoming fully developed through Wenger’s painstaking nurturing may then do a RvP on us.

    The only way he can realise the potential in Arsenal is to sign the contract before him and trust in Wenger’s development and timing to rotate him to the center….

    Personally, I never could understand a player insisting on an exclusive preference for a position. It shows up such players as one-dimensional or too lazy to be a better rounded player. For God’s sake, CRonaldo is a winger but that doesn’t make him less devastating as an attacker either from the wings or when he swoops down from the central position.

    In terms of player development, I prefer the RvP and THenry attitude who didn’t clamour to be rotated to a new position but trusted the coach enough to challenge themselves by accepting to tryout in the new position and then surprised even themselves by excelling therein!

    Real players like Arteta, carzola, Podloski, Diaby, Santos, Kos, TV5, etc are happy to say that they will play anywhere for the TEAM.

  8. Let him try the central forward position, at this time we don’t have someone like TH14 or RvP, so we need to keep searching, and maybe, Theo could fill that boot

  9. Personally i would be gutted if Theo left i really would I know he can be frustrating at times but he gives us something that with the exception of the Ox we lack real undiluted pace and ability to change a game in an instant

    Remember last year 2-0 down to spurs and Theo turns it on … Game over

    I really can’t see the problem with Theo 11 goals and 10 assists last year, he is an England regular you don’t see Aaron Lennon get nowhere near as much grief from spurs fans as Theo gets from Gooners and i don’t think he is as nowhere near as good as Theo

    If we let him go i really can see it coming back and biting us in the Arse big style i really can

    But Hey thats only my opinion

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