WAR CHEST! We’ve got £35m in January – will Arsene spend it?

Will he? Won’t he?

Evening beautiful people. It’s an icy Sunday night. Hooray…

If there is one phrase commonly used by journalists and authors of fiction across the football writing world that makes me chuckle, it’s ‘war chest’. “Manager ‘X’ has a war chest of £50m to spend”. I don’t know about you, but I’d imagine a war chest would contain things like Kanashlikovs and the Ebola virus – maybe some of those rocket launchers you see used against American helicopters in every war film post 1998. What I wouldn’t expect one to contain is funding to tempt Demba Ba away from Newcastle. It is a silly phrase.

Supposedly, our good manager has a significant amount of funds to splurge – love that word – on new, shiny recruits once we get into the wintery climes of January. Such information has widely been broadcast by the greater proportion of reputable Arsenal bloggers – including some who could legitimately claim to be ‘ITK’ – so I’m going to assume this tale is coated head to toe in delicious truth.

The question isn’t who we’ll spend it on. No, not at all. The matter of debate is wether or not Arsene will. Personally, I think such things depend entirely upon the state of affairs at the time. If we are looking rosy in the league, short on injuries, and finding the net on a regular basis; I doubt it will happen. However, if proceedings have taken a turn towards the lavatory, if half the squad is injured, and fan outrage is at new, uncharted highs; Arsene could very well be tempted to invest.

That investment is most likely to be in a forward position – especially given the absence of both Gervinho and, presumably, Chamakh to the ACON. The name currently being brandished about is Atletico Madrid’s, Adrian Lopez – a player similar to Walcott in terms of stalling on his contract. With Theo’s future still uncertain, and with the two aforementioned departures, a cut-price deal seems the most likely transfer we’ll see – if any.

I wouldn’t rule out the quick fix of another Henry loan, either. We all know our managers frugality. We can forget about battling it out with Chelsea and Man City for Radamel Falcao’s signature. But I’m okay with that. I love the fact we can pull of a signing like Cazorla for a price like £12m – that’s being intelligent with the cash at your disposal. Any idiot with an oligarch’s backing can throw money around playing real-life Football Manager.

To summarise; I belive we have a significant wedge of cash to spend, but we won’t. We won’t throw money around with joyful abandon. We’ll make moves for the players we want, for the prices we want. It’s not always a policy that works. Not securing a full-back at the same time last year cost us greatly. But it is our way, and we’ll have to hope that the mistakes of the previous campaign won’t be repeated.

That’s all for today, folks. I may not be about tomorrow to post as I’m stuck working all day, but I shall certainly return as soon as I can. The comments are below – let me know your hopes for the January window, and who you’d like to see come in.

Thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

9 thoughts on “WAR CHEST! We’ve got £35m in January – will Arsene spend it?”

  1. I think we will probably see a striker coming in…

    And maybe a DM, especially after Wenger’s comments re:Diady. It doesn’t really look like le coq is gonna cut the mustard. It seems his development had slowed. I would loan him out to a prem team and see how he goes. Frimmy definitely needs another loan cause he simply isn’t going to get enough games. I think of the two frimpong has the bigger upside. He is big strong has a vicious shot and is an excellent tackler with a strong workrate. Just needs to keep it simple passing wise and let that side of his game develop naturally…

    I would love to see Ettiene Capoue. Diady is always an injury worry. Jack is gonna take some time to get back to where he was and if Arteta gets injured then we are in a bit of shit DM wise…

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  3. the truth is we dont know if in jan they need a new striker wenger might be content by then with the team he has now january is a long way away and even if he does i think it will be in the summer wenger doesn’t like to buy when its cold players are harder and more expensive to buy. In the summer you get good discounts such as arteta cazorla and gervino all 3 cost a total of about 33mil wenger saved at least 20mil there! Cazorla nw alone is worth 30+mil in my opinion he seems on the level of david silva if not better and hes better then mata who has been excellent for chelsea but has been left out of spain team because caz is ahead of him.

  4. OK,when you read any story about Arsene having a £xx Million warchest, you must also think to yourself:-
    a) no he hasn’t!
    b) Arsenal wont be buying any players unless we make some room in the budget by selling some!

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