We don’t need Julio Cesar, Vietnam trips and Wenger is still the man for the job.

The Arsenal players weren’t happy with their transportation….

Morning, folks.

Today I came across an article where the club have announced they’ll be travelling to Vietnam to play their national side in a friendly taking place on July 17th. Doubtless to say, it’s a marketing ploy to raise our profile with our Asian friends in Hanoi. However, if you’re anything like me, and you’ve watched far, far too many movies, it immediately brings a few scenarios to mind.

Currently, my juvenile brainbox is swirling with images of Gervinho taking heavy machine gun fire and attempting to throw himself on a grenade to save his teammates. He misses by a good 5 yards, and Per Mertesacker looses both his legs. I can vividly picture Arsene Wenger as the grizzled veteran screaming, “we need a f**king medic” and ordering the rescue chopper to put down in the “hot LZ”.

As you may have already assumed, I’m a big child at heart. Silliness aside, the trip is a good move for the club, and anything that might extend our reach in the vast global markets can only be a good thing. I doubt we’ll send a full strength squad over there, but I hope we at least include a few recognisable players for the sake of the Vietnamese fans.

One of the rumours I keep hearing at the moment is a move for Brazilian, Julio Cesar. With QPR and Harry Redknapp hilariously doomed to relegation, some of their players luxuriating on big contracts are being touted to move on in the summer. Our need for another keeper is often documented in the press. I guess journalists and sports reporters are putting 2 and 2 together, and coming up with an assumption.

I know a great deal of my fellow Gooners out there really like Cesar as an option, but I’m not in agreement with those folks. I personally don’t rate him at all; he’s a decent enough shot stopper, but he’s as prone to wild flaps at thin air as the current keepers we have. Plus, he’s ludicrously overpaid at QPR, and borders alarmingly on fitting the bill of a mercenary footballer. Given the choice, I’d be saying a big, “no thank you” and looking at someone younger and hungrier.

As we trundle toward the end of another fruitless campaign, it’s the time when many start to question Arsene. I’ve always been somewhere between the two camps. I’m neither his greatest advocate, or harshest critic. One person who’s certain he’s still the right man for the job is our old friend and king of the annoying diagonal pass, Alex Song.

“He’s the right man.

“I spent eight years with him and he’s just unbelievable. I still keep in touch with him and the last time I met him he was very happy. Hopefully he’ll stay longer at Arsenal because if they lose him today then they won’t be the same”

Cheers for the input, Alex. That’s very nice of you. There’s obviously plenty of free time at your new home whilst you’re sitting on the bench. I often upset people when I mention how much I was glad we sold Song. He wasn’t the type of player we needed at Arsenal. He was an attacking/defensive midfield hybrid that wasn’t especially good at either, as his positional play left a lot to be desired.

That said, I do kinda agree with him. Arsenal wouldn’t be the same without Arsene. At the very least, I’d like to see him invest in the team in a big way this summer, and then see how our fortunes pan out. If we find ourselves amidst similar circumstances in a years time, then perhaps it might just be the time for a change.

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That’s yer lot for today, folks. I’ve a busy day or work planned and must leave you for the time being. Until I return with more tomorrow, I hope you’ll take this opportunity to post a comment or two. I always enjoy reading them. Do you rate Julio Cesar? Do you still have unwavering faith in our manager? Let me know.

As always, thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

7 thoughts on “We don’t need Julio Cesar, Vietnam trips and Wenger is still the man for the job.”

  1. In your opening paragraph you incorrectly pointed out that Gervinho tried to hurl himself on top of a grenade to save his team mates. . . .in reality he was saving himself 🙂

  2. Hello Armchair Gooner

    I agree with you about Cesar. He isn’t good enough for Arsenal.

    We should look at younger goalies in Germany like Adler.

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