We mostly need a striker in January… mostly.

“Gervinho mostly missed open goals…. mostly”

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Look at that. Two blog posts in quick succession. One yesterday. One today. It’s almost as if I intend to do as I proclaim and publish my deliciously witless content on a daily basis.

Blogging, when you’re a lone soul at least, tends to be a tricky pursuit. I do have a personal life, I do have extra curricular agendas that require my attention. If every spare waking moment could be dedicated to writing then this site might flourish. Alas, my glorious readers, those sweet, fleeting moments are not. Posting whenever the opportunity arises is about the best I have to offer you. I should mention I have a vicious betting predilection, and I do spend many hours on soccer betting lines at Topbet.eu. Damn you, maladies…

I’m whittling, aren’t I…

One of those questions that gets asked a great deal to Daniel and I when we do The Goonersphere Podcast is, “should we buy someone in January?”. That particular query is by some distance the most frequently put to us. We all would unanimously agree the answer is a resounding “YES!!”.

Olivier Giroud, for all the fine form, the assists and the goals, can’t be expected to maintain an entire season alone as the centre forward. In reserve we have the untested Yaya Sanogo and Chuba Akpom who could (could) do a job should the situation arise, or we can turn to the enigmatic, egotistical talents our our Danish samurai.

With all the respect to Sanogo and Akpom, and not so much to Bendtner, none of those options are particularly comforting in the event of Giroud’s devastatingly handsome face becoming sidelined for a period of time. We have many midfield ‘quarterbacks’ capable of providing all the delicious ammunition a striker could wish for. I’m sure plenty of opportunities would be created, but perhaps what is of paramount concern for January is someone with the experience to put them away.

When Anelka left for Madrid, Arsene took the step of securing Davor Suker for the season. At the time, it was considered a bit peculiar, but I believe that’s the type of deal we should be looking at.  The January transfer window is going to come with limited options. The big clubs, especially those still very much in their respective competitions, will be hugely unlikely to sell their prize assets.

Names like Suarez and Lewandowski regularly get mentioned. The former we have absolutely no chance of signing in January. Liverpool won’t sell him then. A deal involving our diving Polish friend does have a lot of potential, but he appears certain to move to Bayern. Getting someone who can cover until the summer would be the best bet. A loan deal perhaps.

Adebayor, anyone? (joke).

It’ll be interesting to see what happen. I’m sure The Boss can see we are a little lacking in the striking position, and I expect something to be done. I do not belive he will make a huge signing. If the team are still in good form and scoring goals, he’ll see no reason to spend big with limited options available.

Those are just my thoughts. What are yours?. Leave me a comment below and tell me what you think. I’m going to finish up today with a mention for @AFC_GLEN  who lost a friend to Cancer and is raising money for awareness and charity. He’s partaking in this years ‘Movember’ to do so. It’s an incredibly worthy cause to fight a disease that statistically is likely to affect most of us in some way during our lives. So please take a  moment to donate a little amount.


I shall endeavour to return tomorrow with more. As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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  1. I think it a serious matter arsenal a sharp striker & aright back & a strong holding midfielder to flamini incase of injury.

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