We need a transfer. Why aren’t we getting one?

Howdy, ladies and gentleman.

News broke tonight of Newcastle’s success in signing Papiss Cisse for a reported £10m. It’s a good price for a talented and fairly prolific striker, and, worst of all, he was once flirting with the fringes of Arsene Wenger’s radar. At 26, he’s a couple of years away from his prime and he could form a decent partnership with the inform Demba Ba.

So I ask the question, why are we not entering the market? Well, I put it primarily down to the manager’s obtuse and egotistic nature. Chamakh and Park are far from capable deputies for Robin van Persie, but Wenger’s blind faith in his signings has a tendency to go too far; he refuses to accept defeat. You want proof? Look no further than the prolonged Arsenal careers of Denilson or Nicklas Bendtner – both of whom needed in excess of 200 first-team starts before they were deemed surplus to requirements.

Once upon a time, our record in the transfer market was admirable and the envy of many. Plucked from relative obscurity and for a pittance, the likes of Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira went on to become world-class, trophy winning legends. Wenger had an eye for those hovering on the cusp of greatness. Then came his undoing: project youth. Whilst attempting to build a team around his search for talented youngsters, the transfer system he was once so accustomed to changed. What was ultimately an admirable, if slightly conceited, personal project, soon turned into a trophy-less failure.

Thankfully for us, the action we need to take is, in my humble opinion, far from drastic. There is no need for great overhaul or a ruthless culling of the inept – although, some do have to go. What I believe we need is 2 high-class additions. We need an alternative up front in the same class bracket as van Persie and we need a midfield dynamo that can inject some passion and drive. We have exceptional players returning; Wilshere, Sagna and Vermaelen are a loss any team would feel.

We have the starting point of an excellent side, we arguably possess the finest young player in European football. We just need our manager to see the faults and flaws that are so obvious.

Thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards. Comment below; who do you think we should sign? Do you agree Wenger must change his stance?

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10 thoughts on “We need a transfer. Why aren’t we getting one?”

  1. becoze we have ze big squad full of top players.
    andrei is still a quality, aaron is very efficient playere and manuel is ze world classe goalkeeper, thierry can now play ze full 90 minutes. bakary, tomas and jack are coming back from indjouries we should count them as new signings so we don’t need to sign anyone. chu young, alex and ryo will get their chance to play in the summer as marouane will be coming back soon to score beaucoup ze goals i don’t need to play them now becoze ze are not ready.

  2. Wenger doesn’t have any money to spend and board don’t give him.
    I bet Wenger would love to have players like Benzema, Hazard or Goetze.

  3. The most frustrating this is, is that we do have the backbone for a potentially top top team-

    Thats the spine of a team that is genuinly a force to be reckoned with. If Arsene could just wipe the sleep out of his eyes and just make 2 or 3 top signings like Matias Saurez, Thiago and Gotze it would propell us back into Europe’s elite which sadly in recent times we have fallen short of. Another thumping off Man U is maybe whats needed :-/

  4. Good post duckie old boy,
    I could not agree more. But saying it (or writing it in your case) wwill have to be enough for LeBoss will not change his way or his transfer habit…
    Unless of course Man-U beats us 8-2 this Sunday
    (Oy,there’s a thought)

  5. We need to sign a cam who can double as a winger a la eden hazard or mario goetze to give us a real boost. As for the full back options I would say sell Gibbs and bring in a quality un-injury prone option, but let’s be realistic here. I would be happy if we could just bring in some loans there to lessen the tide.

  6. “why are we not entering the market? ”

    Still you don’t understand your club ?
    Ur club is not running a football club, only running a good business. And they are doing good in that. Don’t they ?

    if the club doesn’t have any ambition, why they are spending money?

    Newcastle FC is having more ambition than Arsenal FC. That’s the fact.

    1. I’m totally agreed with you cin.
      Now Arsenal is a sinking boat .
      The members of board are really happy with blood money.
      They don’t want to spend a cent even we cried out loud

  7. We’ll soon build a Statue of over Profits, so fans can appreciate that “Trophy” more. We can make it bigger by sellin the stadium and not replacing it, afterall our trainin pitch has enough experience and magic to see us through..
    I guess profits is all we can brag about nowadays cause we’ve even lost our pride- that’s beautiful football- as Swansea is more entertainin now.

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