Welbeck Back, Wenger Loan Moan And Other Stuff And Bits.

Morning, everyone.

It’s pretty much the waiting game at the moment. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Waiting for the next Arsenal game and waiting for something pertinent and intriguing to drop from the skies. I’m off back into work today, which isn’t fun either. Work and waiting – two less-than enjoyable things that begin with the letter ‘W’ and both spell bad news for me.

However, something that is good news beginning with ‘W’ is Welbeck and he’s back in full training getting himself fit.

*Okay, stop.

I’m sorry for the pause in today’s post, but I feel I have to apologise for that segue. In my head, it’s ironically funny… You know, like purposely sh*t, but delivered with a knowing wink of the eye that somehow makes it alright. Reading it back and without the benefit of tone or being able to know the manner in which it’s supposed to be delivered, it comes across as bloody awful. I’m thinking Z-list American celebrity hosting a game show. Or Mrs Brown’s Boys. That level of sh*ttery. 

Or perhaps, the genius of it is how open to interpretation it is. Maybe I meant it, maybe I didn’t. Maybe it’s all just a dream and you’ll wake up when the spinning top on the table finally stops. You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling*

Inception boom.

Moving swiftly on…

The news I did touch upon before packing my bags and heading off to Stupidity Island for a well deserved break was the return of Danny Welbeck. After what feels like an eternity out, he’s back in full training building himself up and could be ready to run out for the first team in a few weeks – maybe as soon as our FA Cup trip to Preston North End.

It is good to have him back. He’s always been a player I’ve liked. We need options up front. Alexis give us pace and a unrelenting enthusiasm, Giroud offers strength and ability in the air. Welbeck offers speed and power. He’s a good finisher and will score goals for Arsenal given the chance. Having a variety of players that we can deploy through the middle makes us unpredictable and not so easy to manage. Often teams know exactly how to snuff our threat a minimise chances created. If we can change our approach to suit the opposition or throw the occasional curve ball then we will become a great deal harder to defend against.

Elsewhere, I read a few reports about Arsene’s views on the current status of loaning players. He said this:

“It is one of the big problems in the modern game.

You’ve invested a lot of money into players because we’re paying more and more money, and then at the age of 20 you don’t usually get much money for any of the players, so the reflex is to stockpile the players. That’s not right.

When you look at the number of loans that happen here and there, the whole system has to be thought about again because we have two kinds of solution in there

The first is to continue developing players, the second step is just to make sure your investment is safe – and that’s not the right way to think about it but it’s the natural reflex for the clubs”

It’s an interesting way to look at it. Over the years, the process of loaning players and the reasoning behind doing so has become, quite frankly, bizarre. Even in our own case, I struggle to see any sense in the frequency with which we loan players – Joel Campbell being a prime example. What possible benefit is there for either party involved? The same applies to Carl Jenkinson’s recent spells at West Ham and Szczesny’s move to Roma. If those players are surplus to requirements at Arsenal then how does it benefit anyone to have them return after a season with another club? I can see certain arguments regarding form and improvement, but find the idea strange. Perhaps I’m just nit-picking.

But the issue of stockpiling players is extreme. Just look at how many players are out on loan from Chelsea or Juventus. Big Clubs buy the most promising players on large contracts and only the smallest of percentage make it to become first team regulars. The rest find them self in a sort of loan purgatory in which they’re on wages other clubs can’t afford, so they can’t move on. They are loaned out across the divisions until those contracts run out or the player takes a drop to get 1st team football.

The whole thing does need to be addressed. Especially with the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City who have owners willing to throw vast amounts of money at the smallest problem. Often I feel either Club buys players purely to stop anyone else having them.

That’s all for today. I’ll leave you guys to post your thoughts in the comments. I shall return soon with more. until that time, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

2 thoughts on “Welbeck Back, Wenger Loan Moan And Other Stuff And Bits.”

  1. It seems to me like these young players don’t really care about playing time or first team football anymore. They’re comfortable with being payed huge wages and as long as they move around on loan and keep getting those wages, they don’t really care. I can remember, if I’m correct, Arteta taking a pay cut just to play for arsenal so why can’t a young player who’s looking for regular first team football take a pay cut? The kind of money coming into football will definitely spoil the game. I wonder what it’ll look like 15 to 20 years from now

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