Welbeck’s Goals, Sanogo’s Vow and Ramsey’s ‘Injury’.

Sanogo… errr… ‘dances’ through the Bayern defence.

Morning, boys and girls.

Today, unlike those woefully bereft examples that preceded it, brings glorious news, and of the pertinent variety no less. Rest assured, delicious reader; there shall be no tomfoolery today. Nope, none. I’ll get right into the nitty-gritty and discuss some Arsenal stuff.

Having stated my disdain for all things relating to international football, it was a peculiar force that compelled me to watch Switzerland Vs England on Monday night. You might assume that transpired due to a sudden, arbitrary burst of enthusiasm for the fortunes of my national team. You’d be mistaken. The rather simple and puerile reason was to get a look at Danny Welbeck play for 90 minutes and envisage how he’ll settle in at Arsenal.

As it turned out, it wasn’t a bad game at all. I’ve said before that I find Wembley a soulless building. Some years ago, whilst the new Wembley was being built, England travelled to various stadiums across the country to play qualifying fixtures. During that time, the atmosphere at games was noticeably better; more vociferous and buoyant. The ground in Basle was similar.

Welbeck looked good for large periods of the game. He made the odd blunder you’d associate with the eagerness of youth, but his performance on the whole stood out. Along with the 2 goals he scored to ensure victory, he moved intelligently off the ball, frequently made himself available and defended corners and tracked runners when called upon. He may not be the superstar signing so many clamoured for, but as each day passes I become all the more convinced he could turn out to be an inspired bit of business; a young, experienced striker itching to be given the chance to start up front with a point to prove.

His competition at Arsenal for a place, Yaya Sanogo and Lukas Podolski, both have taken it as a given he’ll start ahead of them in the pecking order. Lukas as revealed the manager is relying on his contribution amongst the goals when there was speculation about an impending departure. By some distance, l consider Podolski the best finisher at Arsenal, so he”ll be invaluable to have around if the injuries begin to mount.

Sanogo is a player I like. Yes – he’s raw and probably not quite ready for the Arsenal first team. However, his attitude is commendable and it is unfair – often breathtakingly asinine – the amount of vitriol he is given for his performances.

I can forgive a multitude of sins if a player genuinely puts everything in. When playing, Sanago doesn’t casual lollop around like one or two of his predecessors, he tries to make things happen. Granted, it doesn’t always come off, nor do his blunders cover him in glory, but he’s always there two minutes later; he refuses to hide. There’s potential inside him to be a good player for Arsenal. Certain hate-filled members of our supporters should remember that it’s not his fault he’s out there. I’m more inclined to believe we should get behind him.

Speaking recently he had these words to say about his situation and the signing of Welbeck:

“It’s a big club. The fans know that I’ve scored a lot of goals at youth level, they’re putting me under a little bit of pressure.

“Once I’ve scored my first goal, everything will be fine. It’s their problem if they criticise me. I’ll still be here.

“I’m going to play, improve and score goals. Sooner or later, it’s going to go in.

“At 21, it’s not easy to play as a striker at Arsenal. You have to fight every day to prove your worth. But Wenger just pushes me to continue and my work will eventually pay off.”

And regarding Welbeck:

“He’s going to have to battle for his place in the side. Last season, I didn’t doubt myself. I was more afraid of getting injured. If the coach brought me in, it’s because he has faith in me.”

Many would disagree, especially this loveable scamp pointed out to me by Daniel Cowan, but I feel Sanogo can contribute to Arsenal. He lacks experience and a calm head and is perhaps a little to eager to impress. However, it warrants mention that he started some huge games last season and didn’t let the team done at all – he changed the course of the FA Cup final in our favour when he came on as a substitute.

Only time will tell if he can reach his potential. He has a much better chance of doing that with our support than he does with embittered cretins trashing him at every opportunity.

Lastly today, theres some rumblings on an injury to Aaron Ramsey, the severity of which ranges from a slight knock to a double amputation depending on how bombastic the outlet you’re reading. Playing in Wales’ qualifier with Andorra last night, he was removed late in the game. Manager Chris Coleman had this to say:

“Aaron got a kick and there was a twist in his ankle. It was coming to the end of the game and it was pointless taking a risk with him.

“Hopefully he’ll be OK for Arsenal at the weekend, but we’ll have to see what the next 24 to 48 hours hold.”

Sounds relatively small, doesn’t it. Taking into account our history with small injuries that turn into something far worse, there’s reason for concern. Without any of the facts at hand, there is only speculation. Until we hear something from the powers that be, I shall endeavour to cross every crossable part of my anatomy and await good news.

That’s all for today, folks. Please head towards the comments section and give me your thoughts on Welbeck, Sanogo and the Ramsey injury. I’ll reply to a few a bit later.

As always: thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

9 thoughts on “Welbeck’s Goals, Sanogo’s Vow and Ramsey’s ‘Injury’.”

  1. So the vial fans that once booed Ramsey every time his name was mentioned in the starting line, have now moved their attentions to yet another youth. There was a time when absolutely nothing made me ashamed of being a gooner. How times have changed.

  2. if ozil and ramsey are out then ox welbeck sanchez should be front 3 cazorla just behind and arteta and wiltshire helping out the defence. wud be nice to catch city on the counter with sanchez and ox speeding down flanks welbeck in the middle. i hope we get more numbers in the box bcos when crosses are coming in from the right we usually just have one man in the box everyone else are camping at the edge of the area.

  3. My I enjoy your stuff man! Much Like I enjoy the nail-biting anxiety the Red Manchester faithfuls are showing hoping that their departed ‘Jack Wilshere’ does not become a revelation, else its going to be pay back ‘rvp’ time!!

    Do a favor for me Welbeck, crush every big team we meet and more so, a hat-trick at the dreams theatre!

  4. Well said man, if its true Rambo wont be available. Then its time for Wilshere to start at his preferred position and shun his critics wrong. he just needs to up his guts, he has what it takes to be a legend @ Arsenal.UI would be happy to see a front three of Sanchez- Welbeck -Campbell. Have Carzola behind them as Wilking pulls the string alongside the El Capitan.
    Lets hope Per ups his game too.

  5. “envisage” how he’ll settle in…
    This is only the second time in a week I see this verb used.
    The first time was Danny Welbeck saying that he did “envisage” playing for Arsenal.

  6. I agree completely with you, it’s heartbreaking to see this happen again to yet another player. I’m so tired of the hatefulness, it doesn’t help anyone to improve. Love makes people want to improve, do more. He’s a human and he deserves it be treated better. Thanks again for another wonderful blog, you keep me laughing. Can still see that adorable pic of Santi in my mind’s eye. I’d buy anything he was selling,

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