Welbz, Ramsey And A Extraordinarily Merry Christmas To Everyone.

Morning, folks.

I’m up early. Preposterously early in fact. I’m writing at 5am and scheduling for later. Given the time, you might think I’m anticipating my Christmas presents with wide-eyed delirium and unable to sleep, but the truth is I don’t really sleep for more than 6 hours. Any more than that leaves me a groggy mess.

Okay…. I can’t lie to you. A small percentage of my reasoning could be the fact I’m eager to open my Christmas presents. Even in my thirties I’m still a huge child. Plus, had to say good morning to our new bunnies. Look at those furry little rascals speed about the living room floor!

Anyway, I’m digressing hugely and there’s supposed to be a point to this; something Arsenal related. Otherwise, this is just me writing about relatively inane things occurring in my personal life and my sleeping habits. Whilst I think that’s all perfectly entertaining, others may not.

The Arsenal news I have seen isn’t exactly Earth-shattering. The only little nugget of news that perked my attention was about the freshness of Ramsey and Welbeck. By that I don’t mean either smells like a spring meadow or cinnamon rain, but their trials and tribulations with injuries seem to be coming to an end. You’d certainly hope so for the sake of both. And for the the sake of the team over the coming months. Arsenal invariably get struck by at least one calamitous, season-ending injury around about this time of year. To stand any hope of pushing those above us for title glory, we’ll need important faces like Welbeck and Ramsey back to give that little boost.

Welbeck has the versatility to make an impact in our attack, but it’s Ramsey’s deployment I often question. I’m sure Arsene has good reasons for the scattergun approach to his positions, but mere mortal that I am, I’m f*cked if I can understand playing him anywhere other than centrally alongside Xhaka or Coquelin. Ramsey needs consistency to flourish, both from himself and his management. Many people feel that the future of our ‘central pivot’ (I do hate that description) is Ramsey alongside the aggression of Xhaka. As a pair they compliment each other well.

I think that’s going to be all for today folks. Alongside the delight of opening presents, I’ve a luxurious Christmas feast to prepare for my girlfriend and family. All that remains is for me to point you toward the comments section and wish all of you that celebrate this time of year a very merry Christmas Day, and I hope those of you that don’t celebrate Christmas have a wonderful day regardless.

I’ll be back to preview the West From game tomorrow. Until that time, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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