Wenger out? Lack of a Cesc life, and a club forever in our shadow.

The moment Cesc realised his in-flight move was Twilight.

Morning, lovelies.

The coming 2 fixtures are those that, traditionally around this time of year, are branded by many as “defining”. We’ve a whopper next Tuesday against German behemoth, Bayern Munich, and an important chance for  cup progression tomorrow against Blackburn. Football betting odds have us sitting with a favourable chance of positive results, yet there is still a lot of restless chatter regarding our fair manager.

Those of you that read this blog with regularity will know that I’m neither an Arsene apologist, or a drooling sycophant unable to see even the smallest of errors made by the “Lord Wenger”. As a club, Arsenal have reached uncharted highs under Arsene’s reign, but it’s fair to say things have dried up in recent years.

However, all this talk of sackings, all these banners and statements of indignation seems churlish and pointless to me. Yes, Arsene has made mistakes, and there does appear to be a slight lack of ambition and refusal to change certain policies. The real question isn’t whether or not you think he should leave, it’s who we could get if he did?  My faith in Arsene may not be what it once was, but it still remains.

Elsewhere today, there’s a story about Cesc Fabregas. Many romantic souls amonsgt Arsenal fans one day hope he’ll return to the club in a blaze of nostalgia and glory. I love Cesc, so that’s an appealing notion, but the diminutive Spaniard has taken to the press to rain on that parade.

When talking about Victor Valdes, a player who has spent his career at Barcelona and is now hoping to move abroad, Cesc siad:

“What Victor wants to experience now I went through when I was young and it was fantastic for me,” Fabregas said at a press conference.

“But now I have returned and I want to stay, if I can and if I deserve to, forever.”

Looks like those romantics are shit out of luck, doesn’t it?

Finally today, a special mention must go to last night’s match at White hart Lane. During the interval, Spurs wheeled out Nayim to be presented to the drooling, illiterate masses. It just goes to show you how much they live in our shadow when one of the club’s crowning accomplishments is a goal a former player of their’s scored against Arsenal.

That’s all for today folks. The comments are below and they await your thoughts on Wenger, and your opinions on Cesc Fabregas’ recent words. Would you consider dumping Wenger for a fitter, younger, more spritely model if you had the choice? Would you welcome Cesc back with open arms, or slam the door in his face whilst screaming, “You traitorous little fucker!”? Let me know.

Tomorrow will include a full preview of our potentially tricky FA Cup tie with Blackburn. You can keep up with the latest odds on that game as they change at BetVictor.com, and I’ll be bringing you all the team news and developments in the aforementioned preview.

Thanks for reading today, you beautiful bastards


I did promise to feature the best Valentine’s poem provided yesterday, but with  such a paucity of responses, it wasn’t exactly a competition. Regardless of that, I did enjoy this from Admir, so many thanks to him for making the effort:

??Oh, Arsenal, how I love thee,
with every breath I inhale,
I dive for you on my knee
I dive like ugly monkey Bale.

Oh, Arsenal, how I love thee,
I??ll love you until I??m dead,
I dive for you on my knee,
my love is stronger than Giroud??s head.

Oh, Arsenal, how I love thee,
I love you with my every gland,
more than I??d like to see
Ryan Shawcross beaten by Ramsey??s hand.

Oh, Arsenal, how I love thee,
no matter we win, lose or draw,
more than I??d like to see
Roy Keane facing Vieira??s chain-saw.?

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