“Wenger out! Wenger out! WENGER OUT!!” Okay…. That’s constructive.

“Lets protest!”

Morning all.

I would appear there’s a lot of animosity floating about at the present time. Whilst it’s understandable to feel a degree of frustration with the way transfers are being conducted at Arsenal – God knows I do – calling for the manager to step down 2 weeks before the season starts is ludicrous.

Sacking Arsene won’t happen. He will leave Arsenal when the time is right for him to do so, and the decision will be his. No amount of protesting will force the Board’s hand, and then only thing such acts will accomplish will be an element of disharmony.

I often think supporters groups fail to gauge the negative effects their protests have. Whilst I wouldn’t think to cast aspersions over anyone who feels the need to be heard  – In fact, I admire such people greatly – there has to come a time where they realise it’s counter productive.

By all means, vent frustrations towards the Board, as they deserve it 100%. But Arsene Wenger, unless undeniably culpable of anything that drastically and negatively effects Arsenal, doesn’t warrant to be questioned with such veracity.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no AKB.  I’m no Wenger apologist and you won’t hear me defending each,  every and anything he does. He has made mistakes, and is perhaps still in the same mentality of 10 years ago.

But to call for his head now is absurd. The season starts in 2 weeks. Sacking a manager now would do far greater damage than good. He may yet to invest in the team, but there is still plenty of time for him to do so.

In short; there’s no point moaning until we have something to moan about. If we get to September 2nd without any notable additions, then we certainly will have.

That’s all for today, folks. Just a quick post to get down what’s tumbling about my head. I’ve more pressing concerns to deal with, so please feel free to carry on the discussion in the comments between yourselves.

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As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

50 thoughts on ““Wenger out! Wenger out! WENGER OUT!!” Okay…. That’s constructive.”

  1. Great post. I think most are in agreement. But its certainly very difficult for a football crowd to get a point across. You can’t ask a crowd to chant….

    “please spend a good amount of money on world class players, in particular a striker and a defensive midfielder, can I suggest Fellani as a start?”

    …Rather than “Spend some fucking money”.

    I do feel like AW and the board just think we’re a bunch of loony-raving-geordies. Really we’re not (well, in some cases…). We don’t really want AW to go crazy and throw cash at any random player willy nilly. But “Spend some money wisely” doesn’t really get the point across 🙂

    1. What Wenger OUT means at this particular time is ,,,,, ” Wenger has failed – for us many many fans – over the last several years and is still obsessed with his own discredited game plan. He is a control freak who has made too many mistakes … and is also useless at playing the transfer market ” (or something similar)

    2. Wenger should join in protests to demand what the fans wish,trensfers why is he not putting his feet down and demand improvements of the squad, unless he is colluding with the f….g board

  2. It’s absolutely wrong to separate Arsene actions from that of the board as he is fully involve in whatever decisions made by the board so any attempt to separate the two only raise eye brows to the tricks and deceptions that have been going on for years.There is no denying Arsene has done a good job over the years i render no regrets if he is chased out NOW,i mean NOW because he is not bigger than Arsenal football club,So to say he will never be sacked and he will only go on his own accord is quite frankly insulting.I wish i could tell him right to his face to go NOW,NOT ONE MINUTE LATER,BUT NOW.You guys ain’t got a clue how we feel when others keep winning while we continue to fail and crumble. Stop defending Arsene Wenger as he is part of the board!

    1. Look lets a get a few thing straight Arsenal FC is a football club, its board, to the best of my knowledge, are not creaming off money into their own bank accounts.lts share holders do not take any form of dividend from profits, the only way they make money is if their share prices rise therefore they want a successful team to ensure this happens.
      So wish poorly informed “fans” would stop keep going on about “tricks an deceptions”. As the above article says throwing money around without a thought is senseless and if it was to fail these “fans” would then be screaming “wenger yr a fool u wasted our money on crap buys”
      Stop going on that other clubs have bought already, we are not City or Chelski with their money no object approach, we cant just ask how much an then pay it we need to negotiate to get the player at a fee we can afford an that takes time.
      So, as the writer says lets wait til theres something to moan about before we start moaning an stop shouting from in front of yr telly that u knw an speak for the fans of this club because “you dont have a clue how we feel”

    2. You sir are a fool, and so you tell him to go now and he goes who do we replace him with Mr genius or are you so busy frothing at the mouth for Wenger to leave you’ve not thought any further.

  3. Surely you not forgetting what happened 3 seasons ago when the man you say you don’t defend yet that’s what you clealy doin atm. He made the same mistake his about to do now by not adding anyone to his squad instead splashed 12+ million on an untested championship prospect = AOC aka the OX. Don’t get me wrong the kid has a bright future ahead of him but it was clear we needed morethan just him then we went in the new season and got 8-2 humiliation at the hands of Utd. What happened next was a influx of panic buys on the very last day. So forgive some of us for panicking now I for one is not calling for his head but somethings gotta give he knows his squad needs @ least 4 additions we very short especially with injuries but yet he sits on transfer war chest like it’s his father’s money and that is the plain ignorance of the man. I have never managed football but anyone with any knowledge of football and how the game has evolved you would know that wenger speaks from his arse! Out of last seasons top 5 out squad is the worst last season strong ending was a chance for Arsene to add to this highly potential squad but yet his fed himself and those around bs that his got this amazing title credintial team which l highly doubt. We are miles away unless he adds to this squad and we don’t need panic buys!

    1. Cartel87.. you sir are right! .. u can not just ignore the activities of our rivals..we are going to a war where our competitors are well armed with the latest weapons and all we have is a wooden sword! football has changed, you have to strengthen so as to b able to compete… we just needed 3 singings, just 3! a DMF, a Striker and a keeper to make that position competitive…

  4. I don’t think things could be worse than to have a manager in place who knows we have a weak team with no depth that has barely scraped a top 4 finish for 2 years running while watching our biggest and closest competitor strengthen with world class talent and to do nothing to remedy that.

    Anyone can make low bids that they know won’t be accepted.

    Was that the plan? I think it was…

  5. Yeah your right lets keep quiet and just let him do what he wants. He knows so much more than all the journalists football pundits and fans. He did win some trophies a few years back but we can all see now that David Dein was the driving force of Arsenals success. But yeah what right have the paying fans got to criticize a man who has failed for 9 years and insists a squad that barely scrapped 4th last year is good enough for a title challenge? Are you related to Wenger ?


    1. Being a football fan is at times a labour of love… You pick a team when you are a kid and you then start that lifelong journey of unconditional SUPPORT… It’s like a marriage vow… “For better or for worse”.
      You rejoice in the times of success and cry in your beer when things go wrong… If you have supported Arsenal for as long as I have (45 years) you will have experienced both ends of the spectrum… It seems to me from what I’ve seen and heard at games and the various watering holes around the Emirates that the vast majority of the currentt disgruntled fan base are (and I’m generalizing here a bit) those that are a bit younger than some of the ‘old farts’ like me, and have perhaps only been following the club since Wenger has been at the helm… His success in the late 90’s and early millennia has to some degree ‘spoilt’ some of the ‘new blood’ in our ever growing fan base… My advice (for what it’s worth) is to look back at our club history, you will see much longer periods than 8 years without a trophy, in fact if you were there living and breathing it at the time, it was bloody awful… Whether the passage of time has dulled my memory I don’t know, but I don’t recall the level of hysteria that seems to be evident today among the fans that want Wenger out and to vilify the board in the way they do, perhaps I’m completely wrong here and this is what the modern game has become, where instant success is the vogue… I believe the club are still moving forward (perhaps not at the speed that some would like) just look at our stadium, look at our training ground, look at our financial stability, look at our youth development program, and look at our team (it ain’t that bad)…. Success and unbridled joy WILL return to Arsenal of that I’ve never been more certain, it might happen this season, but if it doesn’t there is always the season after… So kick back relax enjoy the Emirates Cup and let’s get behind the team we have NOW not the one that some of you have fantasized about for the last few years…. COYG. !

      1. So your suggestion is to lapse into mediocrity because we have had years of not winning anything in the past and just enjoy our beautiful stadium while other teams win the trophies every year.

        I’m sure that Chelsea, Man U and Man City have had periods in their history when they won nothing for years but you don’t see them stopping from improving their teams yearly by buying players that will ensure they win trophies.

        With all due respect, yours is one of the most asinine reasons I have seen in this debate. Sit still while other teams improve will only lead to mid-table mediocrity. If you want mid-table mediocrity I’m sure you will find plenty of teams to root for but I hope Arsenal will not be one those.

        1. Not sure where in my earlier post I suggested that we ‘lapse in to mediocrity’ nor did I say that I wanted it .. If you care to read it again, you will see that I believed the club was ‘moving forward’ perhaps not as fast as some would like (you are obviously one of those fans that want’s instant success)… You are absolutely right Chelsea, Man U and Man City have had long periods in their history of not winning anything, and in Chelsea and Man City’s case it was a very long period, that no doubt would still be going on without the intervention of mega rich owners. Man U are different in so much as they have built success through a long period of continued development and a strong stable management structure, a bit like Arsenal are trying to do… Would you like to see Arsenal become another Chelsea or Man City, were money is no object and thrown around irresponsibly, piling up huge debts ?… Perhaps that would bring instant success, but would it last ?… I very much doubt it.
          Don’t forget that the FIFA Financial Fair Play rules come in to effect soon, this will have a big impact on the likes of Chelsea and Man City… I’m glad Arsenal Football Club are in good financial shape and are moving forward in a healthy and responsible way (even if it slower than some would like), as this is undoubtedly the road to long term and sustainable success.. Like any fan I hope we bring in some good players this season, that can increase our chances of winning, but as I also said, if it isn’t this year, then there is always the following year… Good things will ALWAYS come to those that are prepared to wait… If you feel that is an asinine opinion, then I put it you that perhaps you are the one supporting the wrong club ?… Enjoy the coming season.

  7. We waiting till September 2nd before reacting is like saying you will not do anything to the man with knife behind you until you look for your head…what are we going to achieve when we react after the window is closed?He is saying we are going to build on our strong finish last season..if I can recall we did same the upper season.We overhauled spurs to 3rd.Why didn’t we build on it?Let us call a spade a spade Wenger has lost touch with reality,get rid of him and get in Dortmund coach b4 Arsene ruins us.Remember Nottingham Forest and Wenger at Monaco.If we fail to read history…U know what to do!

  8. This is a fucking liberty. How long are we supposed to have this argument? There’s always someone, somewhere, too blind or naive to state the profoundly obvious- we’re not winning anything. Nothing. We’re fighting with the scum for 4th place- Wenger said that was equal to a TROPHY. Is he utterly senile? I pay over a grand a year to the club and the person who is really in charge- the Board have fuckall to say over Wenger, he picked his boss in Gazidis and Stan loves him as an accountant who makes him money- thinks that scraping into the Champions League is the equivalent of an honour!

    What an absolute laughing stock we have become. I started blaming the Board, now the failure cannot possibly be placed anywhere other than Wenger’s door. So, sit back, wallow in the glory of panic for 4th place every season whilst our traditional rivals get better and better – OR, like me, make your voice heard. Where has our Arsenal gone???

  9. What difference does 2 weeks before the season make? We have no chance of competing whatsoever with the current squad and manager. Might as well bite the bullet and try something different for once.

  10. If Wenger doesn’t sign at least one £20M+ player this window he should go. I would love to see what Jurgen Klopp of Dortmund could do at Arsenal. The most frustrating thing is we probably only need this major investment this year. With the number of quality kids coming through such as Jack Webb, Gnarby, Eisfeld, Akpom, Cambell etc we would only need to add the odd marque signing every now and then IF we buy right this window. We need a DM and striker desperately and a reliable extra GK would be handy. Fellani, Gastavo, Toulalan, Capoue even M’villa have all either been available or are available this window. As for striker, with Liverpool asking silly money for Suarez we should put £30M down on Dortmunds desk to test them on Lewandowski. Surely they would rather have £30M now than lose him to Bayern for nothing next year?

  11. I agree with u K, 2 seasons bac AW believed he hd a gud enuf team n after the 8-3 humiliation realised we were rite n went out n bought players. Shld we wait 4 anther humiliation again? If we wernt close 2 challenging 4 any silverware last season, wat makes hm thnk ths time arnd we r gud enuf? All da teams we r competing with are bringing in re-enforcemnt n we rnt.

    1. You have to understand the philosophy of this club. The profit line comes before trophies and achieving 4th spot with the minimum of outlay suits them just fine. Wenger is still regarded as a success for over-achieving in the league and getting into the CL without spending big money. I believe that he does not have the confidence to make big money signings, as he would then be expected to start bringing in trophies and some of his previous transfers have been very suspect. In my view, there was never any intention of signing Suarez, it is simply a PR smokescreen to give (us mugs) something to bite on. AW is the manager, he runs the club and a very influential one with the board. All the transfer dealings are his decision and the board would certainly back him. If you are looking at who’s to blame, look no further than AW. If you keep supporting him, you will only be able to look back on a successful past, but with little hope for future success. Most managers strengthen their teams, our one continually weakens ours. Sad innit?

  12. Wenger a retard nd should be sacked..a foolish man that does not realise football as moved on to the level, the board full of shit and keep deceiving the supporters on investing in the team every season that goes bye..I find it onbelievable wen the manager says the current team can compete, Swansea, stoke & Aston villa can compete aswel dick head, it’s not all about competing its about winning…wringer should freaking leave the club.. Sick and tired

  13. I think wengers glory days is far gone. A.F.C needs a new boss who will come with fresh ideas and strong will mentality to win trophies. But,there’s no way he can leave now! Although he needs to be advised that it’ll be much better to leave soonest while the remains of the glory he acquired as Arsenal coach is still intact..,it’s very clear wenger is not buying anyone and it’s not even planning to buy. And i sure said this before the start of the transfer window..,that wenger will believe that in reaching top 4,we have a strong team.That’s exactly what he’s playing out now. The hope of lifting any trophy is now as elusive as signing quality players.

  14. Aw is a ass I hate the way the arsenal do there transfers it’s time the people voices were herd ri g it out at the emirates spend some f###/!# money or boycott all game

  15. It’s quite obvious that our board (Arsenal board) is practically characterized by men whose ideas are passe and arguably have lost their sense of competition. They as humans, would “wither away”, but Arsenal FC would continue. Until the right step is being taken towards ensuring the happiness of the club’s fans and supporters – in return for their spendings on tickets and above all, their loyalty to a backward, once English giant, protest remains a grade I option. Bye pals.

  16. the fan divisions here clear show how pathetic we are from the board straight down to the fans. For all those with kids how do you really feel about getting your kids to support such a lost cause that is arsenal?

  17. We/Arsenal are not Chelsea or Man city, we are not money bags, we are run ethically, and personally I believe like many arsenal fans it is the right way to run a club. However, I do believe that we need additions. There is no doubt about that. We are short up front, and at the back, and could even do with a hard man in the midfield.

    But lets be honest, fans are pretty fickle, and so easily misguided/deluded. The papers link everyone in world football with Arsenal, and when we don’t sign them, fans moan. It is ridiculous, if signed every player we are ever linked every summer, we could 4 or 5 full starting 11’s.

    We have agreed personal terms with everyone?!. Really? You believe the projectile vomit being printed all over the back of newspapers? Come on, get real Gooners, they are just trying to sell papers, and make money from advertising revenue by directing your web traffic over to their websites. This is why there are so many sensational headlines and stories and so many players being linked all too often and then nothing ever materialising. Coz it is all cold turtle turd.

    And some fan sites/blogs are just pursuing personal agenda’s, proclaiming to have inside knowledge. Honestly, some fan sites sound they are being run by a Grinch, an old lonely miserable alone in the dark, sodomised by satin’s little helpers grumpy old Grinch.

    Now, why I love Arsenal football club, is because it feels like a community. A friendly family experience, we do not have an abundance of chav’s and scum supporters i.e. Chelsea, Man U, Tottenham etc. etc. We actually have civilised and well articulated supporters. This is what separates us from the shit. Lets keep it this way. Throwing bad comments around and talking cheap about our club is not right, bad mouthing our manager, especially right before the start of the season is not right either.

    Lastly, our squad appears to have some excellent team spirit going on. Lets not ruin it, lets help it flourish, lets show our support which in turn will give them confidence, as footballers so desperately crave, it is their fuel. And lets hope that we get those extra additions. After all, nothing good has ever come from being negative.

    Be positive and smile. Lets keep the Grinch’s away.

    Peace fellow Gooners.

    1. It is only you who think Arsenal fans are up in arms because of news papers. All the comments i have read here non is talking about players being linked with Arsenal through the news papers. All fans are crying for is serious additions that can be deemed fit to help the club challenge for the title! And while the fans are able to sport the limitations, the board & Wenger by extension have stack in their past records with his usual lines that have become boring every season without success! Its only plastic fans like you who are missing the point dude, if you love something, fight for it.

    2. “our squad appears to have some excellent team spirit going on”

      Yet, they are asking the club to bring in world class players.

      Maybe they themselves are tired of the 4th place “trophy” and actually want to win a real trophy and realize that more help is needed to do so.

  18. If we don’t protest how else do we let Wenger and the board know how strongly we feel about what they are doing. There’s no point protesting after the Window shuts it’ll be too late then. Wenger’s latest comments point to him contemplating making no new signings he’s already putting his excuses out there. He has to be told in no uncertain terms that this is unacceptable. Protesting is not nearly as counter productive as going into the new season with no new signings that really would be counter productive.

    1) Celebrate 4th trophy like winning the league.
    2) Declare reinforcements to improve to team to challenge for title.
    3) Announce that the club is financially stable / healthy and have 70 million transfer funds available.
    4) Boast can afford 200k per week salary for key players.
    5) Bid frivolously at rumored targets for publicity.
    6) Reassure fans the current team is good enough.
    7) Celebrate 4th place trophy again.

    Arsenal fans are idiots, they have been doing this for years. What is the saying “fool me once…” how many times has the above happened? Its better to do something now than wait until the season starts when there will be little that can be done.

  20. Better don’t go to watch,and stop buy their ticket.thats only we can do.Their money their club their hand what can we do.Don’t waste your time and money on greedy owner.They are not gonna listen to anyone or club diehards fans.They know how to make fool arsena fan,they are doing same things since 4, 5 years.

  21. After everything that was said before the transfer window opened it amazes me that we haven’t brought anyone in yes. We must be (we have to be for the sake of the God that is DB10!) doing some spectacular deals that will be unveiled before the season starts.
    We do have a very good team, it just needs strengthening here and there. We have all of the youth / promising players we need, what we need is not the Sanogos of the world, rather world class players who can come straight into the first team. If that is Rooney or Suarez then so be it. Personally I don’t like either of those players, I would have much preferred Higuain or Jovetic, saying that both Rooney and Suarez are world class and would get into any teams starting eleven.
    I believe the current team to be good enough to get us 4th place without any additions. 4th place is not good enough anymore, and to be honest it never really was for a team of the Arsenals calibre.
    I will be gobsmacked if we don’t sign anyone before the end of the window, if we don’t then I think this will be Wengers last season.

    1. Actually the current team will not be good enough for 4th place if the Spuds keep buying good players. We nearly lost 4th place to them last season. If they get serious money for Bale and then plow it back into buying more players, goodbye 4th place.

      1. Can you tell me what the lottery numbers will be for saturday as you seem to predict the future quite well.

        And we have been predicted to fall out the top 4 since 2006 but you keep up the yearly predictions that were gonna fall out the top 4.

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