Wenger resigns in wake of QPR defeat.


FA Premiership, March 31st; QPR 2-1 Arsenal

Morning, not-as-happy-as-yesterday-but-with-no-reason-for-ridiculous-anger Gooners.

That didn’t really go according to plan, did it? I’ve always got this really peculiar sense of what’s coming before games. I’m hardly trying to portray myself as some all-knowing prophet or psychic medium capable of gleaning information by stroking your palms. No, sir. However, I can sometimes just see an Arsenal defeat coming a mile away.

Yesterday I felt a blunder on the horizon. We lost, we dropped three points. That’s the end of it as far as I’m concerned. Yes, is was a lethargic and hapless performance, aided in no small meaure by the usually reliable Thomas Vermaelen having a Weston Super (mare) – the Belgian was all over the place and at fault for both goals against us.

One thing I can’t get my head round is just how fickle some fans can be. If you frequent Twitter, you’ll see joyous, euphoric baiting of rivals one minute, and incandescent threats of violence and buggery directed toward anything with an Arsenal logo emblazoned across it the next. All because we lost. Is the hugely impressive 7 game winning streak we went on that easily forgotten?

As for the game itself, I don’t really think we deserved to lose – or win, for that matter. That’s a moot point, though. We did lose and were the architects of our own downfall. I was slightly baffled with Ramsay’s inclusion ahead of Gervinho on the left-side, as he’s obviously not comfortable there and his natural inclination is to head toward the centre. Decisions like that affect the balance of the team.

Once Theo had cancelled out Taraabt’s opener (had to score against us…) with a impressive one-two off the post, I figured the curious feeling in my stomach I mentioned earlier was simply a reaction to my supper the night before. As the second half played out, we showed a level of superiority in possession without ever looking to have the cutting edge to make something happen. Robin van Persie had a couple of reasonable chances, but in the end QPR’s endeavour saw them the eventual victor. I’d offer them credit, but I don’t particularly want to. They’re shite-bags.

Losing was far from ideal, but I’m not going to view it as anything other than a minor blip on what is excellent form in recent weeks. The fight for 3rd place remains in our hands, the damage sustained is minimal. We have a huge fixture with Man City in next weekend. What better place to regain our winning ways?

Oh, incase your one for taking things a little too much on face-value, or you’re from a culture unfamiliar with the hilarity of ‘April fools day’; please don’t take the title of this post seriously. Like Arsenal’s performance yesterday, my attempts at humour need to be filed under the category ‘must do better next time’.

Thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards. Keep your eyes peeled for Big Ted’s player of the month award for March, which will be up for your perusal in a few hours. Until then, take a moment to comment, let me know your thoughts on the game and don’t forget to join my growing army of fans, revellers and arch-nemisi on Twitter – @_ArmchairGooner. 

One thought on “Wenger resigns in wake of QPR defeat.”

  1. Your attempt at humour never ceases to amaze! I shall continue to read these here daily attempts at trying to amuse the masses in the vain attempt that you might actually succeed! I’m a slave to hope … maybe that is why I’m a Gooner! Happy All Fools Day you beautiful bastard!

    Today I shall mostly be being Welsh … in the vain hope that the Welsh can beat the Tiny Totts of Totteringham!

    Now go away and try to been more funnier!

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