West Brom (a): Thoughts, team news and potential starting XI

“Yep – that’s my career disappearing over the horizon”

Morning, you rowdy lot.

To your average Arsenal fan, Nicklas Bendtner is an anathema. He certainly possess a degree of talent, that is hard to deny. When the mood takes him, the lumbering Dane can be a handful for even the more cultured and capable of defenders. However, these days it’s his antics and behaviour off the field of play that grab the attention.

Let’s not beat about the bush – he’s a tw*t. Anyone who requests his shirt number to be in line with the wages of his new deal – 52 – shouldn’t be described as anything else – even if he did deny it…

I never thought we’d see him an Arsenal shirt again. He most probably thought the same. But as the “interested parties” soon realised Nicklas couldn’t possibly drop a penny below his current wages to play regular football elsewhere, it soon became apparent we’d be stuck with him. Couple that with our inability to secure the services of a forward to lighten Giroud’s workload, and you have tonight’s scenario; Nicklas Bendter will put on an Arsenal shirt.

Or so it’s alleged across the media.

For the trip to the Hawthornes, we’ll see the usual farrago of selection for the Capital One Cup. I expect to see the odd sprinkling of first team regulars that could use some competitive football along with a few of our talented youngsters on the periphery of things.  And Bendtner. Bloody Bendtner.

Guessing what Arsene will do in these games is very tricky. Were we playing a Premiership game, predicting the starting 11 wouldn’t be too difficult – easy in fact given the current paucity of available players. That’s a list you can now add Theo Walcott to for the next few weeks.

So, here’s my very best guess at how we will line up:

Nicklas’ triumphant return?

As for the game itself, it’s certainly a potentially tricky one. I’d expectWest Brom to field a relatively strong team, but use it as an opportunity to give minutes to certain players in the same manner we will.  Given the lack of options, our bench could very well be stronger that recent weeks tonight, and contain the likes of Ramsey, Ozil and Giroud should we need to chase the game in the second half.

Of course, Arsene may even spring a surprise on us. For some time I’ve had a sneaky feeling he might start with Ozil today – if only to give our new German friend another opportunity to become familiar with the rigours of away games in the Premiership.  I’d also hoped he’d start with young Chuba Akpom up front, as he is immeasurably more deserving of the role than Bendtner, plus he appears to have a future at Arsenal.

All shall be revealed in due course.

I think we’ll win tonight, but I’m far from super-confident. The team has performed well recently and gathered some good momentum. The team that takes part tonight is likely to be a disjointed version, and it’s hard to say how they’ll perform. If they hit the ground running, I’ve no doubt of progression. But, it could be one of those nights. It certainly has the ingredients.

I shall predict a 1-2 win.

That’s all for today, folks. What do you think the team should be? There’s been a great deal of debate surrounding our selection, so don’t be shy – drop your thoughts in the comments.

I’ll be back tomorrow. For now, I’m off to have some breakfast, a mug of tea and plot further to take over the world….. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

8 thoughts on “West Brom (a): Thoughts, team news and potential starting XI”

  1. I don’t have too big an issue with NikB being back. Yes he’s a bit of a twat and has acted accordingly over the past year or two but it also must be remembered that he was always decent for us and chipped in with his fair share of goals. I think it was only when Wenger insisted in shifting him out on the wings that his performances really dropped. We mightn’t like him and his attitude may be lacking but he is an effective option and I’m much rather have a fit and raving to go Bendtner on the bench that Sango or with all due respect Akpom.
    Fact is Bendtner is an international striker who has a respectable goals to games ratio both at club and international level. We need to get over our perceived slight and accept that he can do some good for the club. Because if Giroud picks up a knock Nicky B is all we’ll have!

    1. There are two big problems with Bendtner starting; He hasn’t played much football recently; and the fans reaction.
      Today I would go with Akpom(and Ozil) every time. Give NB23 the final twenty minutes to prove his commitment, and his fitness, and see what the future holds?

  2. I’m disappointed with Eisfeld’s progress. From being rated as the better option to Gotze to being the poor man’s Gotze. I fear for his progress if Wilshere is to be a number 10 and we manage to keep Ozil for a few years.

    Regarding Bendtner, he never slacked off when he got the chance to play for Arsenal, even when he was pushed to the wing. Here’s hoping he sees this as an opportunity to get back in the Danish team too.
    Lastly, let’s hope he’s nothing like the lazy previous owner of shirt number 23.

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