What’s With Arsenal FC’s Series of Unfortunate Events?

We have all seen how our favorite football club suffered at the hands of its most vicious rival, Liverpool FC. But it’s not just about their devastating 4-0 against Reds, but it’s more of a series of losses – two consecutive failures to be exact.

In fact, it’s not just about the losses but also the blunt draw and humiliating loss they had against Stoke City. It was pretty much a decently good start for Arsenal as their first game in the Premier League was a win over Leicester City.

I can frankly say that as good as Wenger’s players are, they can be seen to be fussing out in the field not knowing what to do. The game was a frenetic series of plays which fortunately resulted in a victory.

The uncontrolled game style was then mirrored in Arsenal’s losing performance against the overwhelming underdog Stoke City that finished in 1-0. The bad times exacerbated the situation as they were relentlessly batted by Klopp’s Liverpool game play.

Let’s examine each game…

Granit Xhaka, one of Arsenal’s midfielder, can’t help but fathom how excruciating the losses were. And so, he went on to blab his thoughts out to the media. The Swiss midfielder doesn’t deny that he had a part in his team’s misfortune.

He must admit it in the first place, as acknowledging one’s weaknesses is the first step to turning these into strengths. Xhaka might have mastered that glorious quote that’s why he went on to talk about it in the media.

The 24-year-old midfielder says that Arsenal’s start this season was pretty good. It was what’s expected from them. He calls the Leicester game as a “crazy” one as goals were flying in all directions.

Xhaka then proudly says that they were the better team despite their loss against Stoke. Arsenal was even the favorite in the matchup with 7/10 odds contrary to Stoke’s 15/4. Despite this, they lost to the lesser popular team. This is why the 2017 betting offers, enhanced odds, and bonuses are sure to be experiencing a turn of events due to the unexpected downturn of Arsenal’s performance.

Xhaka then went on again to change his mood by melancholically saying how bitter of a defeat their game against Leicester was. Imagine 4 unanswered goals by the opposing teams? Perhaps Liverpool’s 11/10 odds and Arsenal’s underdog 11/5 got some roots as to how it transpired from then on.

The Gunners are becoming less and less popular and their chance of improving their standings just hit rock bottom. I must admit that as much as an Arsenal fan I am, I would be the very first to attest to the team’s lack of motivation in their game.

This is why they need to get their bearings up and critically analyze their faults. I tell you, this is the only way they’re going to bring back the hearts of their loyal fan base – if ever they want to!

We still got a long way to go!

Nonetheless, it’s not the end of it all. Take note, fellow mates, that there are still 35 games more to go! This gives us, Arsenal fans, a whole lot of time to hope for the best. And instead of lambasting the team’s players, coaching staff, and overall performance, why not give them support?

A simple constructive criticism is one way of doing that. As long as Arsenal get their bearings right, and they do what they’re best at doing – which is making offense, then there’s no doubt they’re going to rise back up. As what Xhaka says, they’d rather lose a single 4-0 game over four 1-0 losses.

But first, the Gunners need to be more gathered up against their upcoming game against Bournemouth this Sept. 9. The odds are in their favor as Bournemouth has a 7/1 underdog odds against their 4/11 odds.

Wishful thinking that they’ll win it, they’re going to face Chelsea. This is going to be on Sept. 17. However this time, they really need to go full force on it as they’re the underdog. Chelsea has 21/10 while they have a +1.0 handicap that goes along their evens. With all of these being said, all we can do as Arsenal fans is to just wish for the best!

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