Why did Arsenal sign Kallstrom?? Why, why, why??

The mystery man revealed himself to fans.

Morning, folks.

You ever watch old detective movies? One of my all-time favourites – oddly enough – is a yarn in that mould but from the genre of science fiction. Alex Proyas’ Dark City is a brilliant, brilliant film and one I’ve loved for some years. It’s greatest strength is it so beautifully merged two genres and kept what is important from both.

I watched it again last night and halfway through I found myself wandering mentally from the images onscreen to Arsenal matters.  Kim Kallstrom’s addition to the squad baffles me. It has done since the day it was annouced. Like a good old detective yarn, I cannot stop thinking about why it’s happened and whether or not there might be some uncovered plot none of us are aware of.

Note: (I’m tired. I don’t really know what I’m talking about)

When we signed Mr Kallstrom it was to cover – presumably – for the current absentees in our midfield. That is at least how I understood it. Then the bombshell of his injury was dropped on us. Not only did he arrive at the club with a back problem, Arsene knew about it. Perhaps he was unaware of the severity of Kim’s ailment. Perhaps. Yet he saw fit to take the risk on someone who wouldn’t be able to play whilst Flamini is suspended and Ramsey and Wilshere injured.

That I do not understand. We hardly have a paucity of options in midfield when all are present and correct. Far from it, as a matter of fact. A short-term loan for an experienced player was for cover. Right? Why bring him in at a point where he would be unable to do that? With a fully fit midfield, I don’t really see him getting many games when he returns.

It’s bothering me now as I write this. I assume there’s more. Perhaps there’s a shady figure lurking in the background, an as-yet unmasked individual, concocting a devious master plan that involves deploying Kallstrom at the most opportune of moments. We’re all being kept in the dark, scratching our heads whilst the pieces fall into place around us.

It could be a disgruntled wife, a rabidly enthusiastic fan or a long-lost relative of Ivan Gazidis using Arsene, under duress, as a puppet in his devious scheme. It could be someone hiding in plain sight – the last person we’d expect to be cunning. Perhaps Stan Kroenke is Keyser Soze. I just don’t know, boys ‘n’ girls. What I am certain of is that there is plenty more of this story to come. Revelations and such. When that day comes, like any good detective flick, we’ll probably all be taken aback at just how easily we were fooled and sucked it by it all.

That’s just the enthusiast for detective movies in me talking. The Gooner in me is now telling that side of my personality to be quiet. There’s bound to be a logical, football reason for this – one which we may not know but Arsene does. The Manager does like to have a wild punt from time to time and the risk, given the fact Spartak Moscow still pay his wages for the first 6 weeks, is minimal. Maybe it makes sense to everyone but me. I’m currently scribing this in some bizarre state of somnambulism which isn’t known to aid one’s thought process.

Note: (I’m that tired, I’ve actually nodded off sat in front of my Mac midway through this)

Time to finish up. You’ll have to excuse this post. I like to write whatever comes off the top of my head when it’s a slow news day. As the hours edge toward Saturday’s big game at Anfield, things will begin to get a little more interesting. Until then, those of you that frequent this site might have to endure a few more posts like today. God bless those of you that keep coming back.

That’s all for now. The comments are below. Tell me what exactly you think of the Arsenal/Kallstrom situation. Are you as baffled as me  or do you think you know the reasons behind the deal? Let me know.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

Note: (I’m going back to bed now)

23 thoughts on “Why did Arsenal sign Kallstrom?? Why, why, why??”

  1. I think the media overhyped this saying he was “2 to 3 Months out” to make arsene look bad… If he returns @ d end of the month as wenger says, I think its ok

  2. i believe we signed him because of the long run we are going to have in the champions league, to combat the mental fatigue we could experiance in the midfield positions and of course injuries. he is experienced and that will be important when it comes to being able to understand and implement the tactics of the manager.

  3. Perhaps Wenger meant for Kallstrom to be a short term Arteta backup.
    Flamini is a different kind of player altogether though they are both classed as “DM”.

  4. the transfer window is open for 31 days. i think wenger was really after draxler. besides that, no one else. whether he didn’t want to pay 37 m or whether some other factor was responsible, that didn’t come off. other than that, i have no idea who wenger was after.

    but i think, he was not serious at all about bringing cover for giroud because he thought bendtner and maybe podolski were good enough. ramsey’s injury, wilshere’s unreliable ankle, flamini’s ankle combined with the tough schedules forced his hand in bringing in kallstrom.

    but the million dollar question is- why was he signed if wenger knew about his injury? possible explanations: 1. wenger came to know of the injury only after the signing; 2. wenger thought the injury wasn’t that serious, that he could be back in a week or two; 3. wenger completely screwed up the transfer window. whichever way you look at it, this window was far far from ideal.

  5. Time and Again, I keep saying Wenger has made a mistake by not signing any big Names( Ozil excluded ). And time and again I have found that I was wrong. As was the case of Arteta, Flamini and so on. Fans, don’t shout at me for naming Arteta and Flamini, coz now they are the among the midfield pillars.

    I hope i am proven wrong this time when I crib about signing Kallstrom to be a big mistake. Watching his goals on some of the sites looks amazing.

    Only time will tell.

    1. Small point someone once said to keep doing the same mistake over and over again and expecting a different result is a sign of madness. Mug you might give Wenger the benefit of the doubt with the Kallstrom signing.

  6. Aside from the obvious Kallstrom debacle where everyone I know still has their mouths agog at the mere mention of his name, you really do live in the most fantastical of imaginative worlds James! You should be writing a novel
    and I for one would be your first customer!
    Keep up the good/great/crazy work 😉

  7. When we’re back to playing 3 games a week, there will be injuries and there will be tired players. The bigger the squad, the better the options as with other teams.
    He’s cost us nothing, and you’ve never seen him play, so why criticise?

    I’m fed up with all the fucking moaning minnies.

  8. We know that Wenger had several targets. When it was clear towards the end of the window that none of them would come to fruition, he brought in an experienced midfielder on loan to add depth for the title run-in. When the extent of the injury became apparent during the medical, it was either Kallstrom or no-one.

    I think that Kallstrom will be back from injury by the end of this month, and wil assist in the title run-in. We’ll be glad of him.

  9. I think Wenger has actually bought draxler but really hoped he would be coming in this window, but schalke either wanted more money to let him go now or they wanted replacement. Spurs wouldn’t let Holton go there and podolski wasn’t interested either.

    The champions league squad tells the story in order to add one player to our a list we had to either sign an association trained player or delist someone. The fall guy for kallstrom is Ryo who has now been left out of the squad.

    If we had signed another we would have to leave another player out —–who? Well the only option could have been Viviano but that would have left us short in goal

  10. How about if Kim was passed 100% fit in his medical and then got injured in the Palace game and so would be out till end of Feb or early March? Would that make all of you fantasy football managers feel better? This is a realistic possibility just like the chance that he could have been injured playing beach soccer just before the loan deal.

    Will you guys please remain faithful fans and let Wenger do his job? He has shown what a phenomenal manager he is, one of the best in the world – Please support the team and stop going on about things you clearly know almost nothing about!

    What must Wenger do to earn your trust, if Wenger felt it was a good decision then it is because he’s in a better position to tell, what most of you know alls have is a computer and maybe a video game.

  11. He is going to do for us what the aging Gary McAllister did for Liverpool. I can feel it in me water.

    I think we have plenty of options in Midfield to deal with the coming fixtures. I can’t see what the fuss is about to be honest. I would prefer Flamini back off course because our improved defence is largely down to the Flamster, but we have plenty of muscle to stand in and with Rosicky/Arteta we have experience and technical ability enough to match any of the teams.

    Also in the league all our rivals play the same games, it doesn’t matter what order they are played in …. take it one game at a time and no problem.

  12. if the injury is expected to be healed in 3-4 weeks then its fyn….then draxler i dnt think they would have let him leave without a replacement…..so it would not be as easy as people may think

  13. James, love your sleep deprived wanderings, adds even more character to your blogs. I’m with the other positives on here. I think AW has Arsenal’s best interest at heart and knows more about what’s going on so I will trust him to do what he thinks is right. We’ve made it this far so why not just take it one game at a time and see what we can accomplish. Keep up the good work.

  14. Hear, hear.
    What’s to be baffled about . Everything was stated in the presser and in one shot cleared up all the misinformation and disinformation planted in peoples minds by the agents of the Uzbek ,who will take advantage of any situation to stoke the fire of discontent to find a way back into the boardroom. He is so checkmated this is his only way and outlet back into position of power. KIM is a LOANER brought in on the last day to cover for AARON & to some extent THEO. he told everyone at his medical before he signed that he tweaked his back two days before playing beach football.
    Since there was no more time in the window AW made a calculated decision to stay with him and help with his rehabilitation. AND WE DON’T PAY HIM FOR SIX MORE WEEKS. win ,win win. case closed. Gather up the troops gooners. Some big tests coming up ahead and the club needs the fans behind it 100% . It will take them every ounce of guts and determination they can muster. This team is as good or better than everyone else put together at twenty to thirty times the cost. Lets get behind them and be a positive force for the struggle.
    I’m more baffled by Swansea and the sacking of laudarp to be honest.
    Bring on the pool. One game at a time.
    I miss JOY. I wonder why she stopped posting.

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